Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 315 – Intruding into the Moonlight Square

Chapter 314 – Defeating Sid

Translator: Xaiomoge

The black light was suddenly ejected. In a split second, a black super gravity ball slammed into the 3-headed golden dragon midair.

Sid, who was only a step away from being completely transformed into a 3-headed golden dragon, heavily dropped to the ground. With a resounding rumble, the golden light shield shattered, and the 3-headed golden dragon spat out a mouthful of blood mixed with viscera.

Dumbstruck, Seyssins exclaimed “What happened?!”

Leaning forward and staring at Yang Fengs right hand, Reylos eyes were filled with incredulity: “What is that?”

A strange light flickered deep in Cicérons eyes.

Kafalenas beautiful eyes flashed with a peculiar glint as she stared at the umbrella-shaped super gravity gun in Yang Fengs right hand: “What is that? How can it have such a horrifying power!!”

Staring at the super gravity gun, Faldinas pretty eyes glittered with an extraordinary light and the corners of her mouth rose: “He really has a lot of trump cards!! The power of this treasure is heaven-defying!”

The more she interacted with Yang Feng, the more Faldina felt that Yang Feng was incomprehensible and left nothing to chance. Since he was unwilling to admit defeat, he certainly had to have a terrifying trump card.

“What treasure is this? Is it a god rank secret treasure?!” Even when Sid had performed atavistic transformation and turned into a 3-headed golden dragon, Esramia was only moved a bit. Now, however, her pretty complexion changed and her beautiful eyes sparkled, staring at the umbrella-shaped super gravity gun in Yang Fengs right hand.

Karina clapped and smiled sweetly: “What a terrific treasure!”

When Yang Fengs strike succeeded, he flicked his wrist, and the super gravity gun disappeared. His figure blurred, and he appeared on the head of the 3-headed golden dragon, mercilessly stabbing at the dragons head with his sword.

“I admit defeat!” A voice full of anger and unwillingness emerged from the maw of the 3-headed golden dragon.

The brilliant moonlight around the 3-headed golden dragon condensed into a moonlight barrier and blocked Yang Fengs deadly strike.

“What a pity!” A look of regret in his eyes, Yang Fengs figure flashed, and he took a few steps back.

The 3-headed golden dragon that Sid had transformed into trembled a few times, then opened its maw and spat out a large amount of blood mixed with crushed bones and viscera.

After performing the atavistic transformation, Sid received a heavy blow from Yang Fengs super gravity gun and was hit by a frightening backlash. He was badly injured from top to bottom. It was very difficult for him to restore his humanoid form.

The complexions of Sids subordinates changed greatly. They went to the center of the hall, then took out vials of potions and poured them into Sids mouth.

However, the backlash Sid suffered was too serious. As soon as the vials of potions entered his mouth, they flowed out. His breathing was irregular and his life force was constantly draining.

Watching as Sid approached death, a strange light fleshed deep in the eyes of Seyssins and the others. They all had first-rate healing potions on them, yet none of them was willing to use their potions on Sid.

When Sids underlings saw this, their faces twisted, then they knelt on the ground and kowtowed toward Esramia, imploring: “Your Majesty Esramia, please save our master, Sir Sid! We beg you!”

“He is my guest. Naturally, I will save him. You can rest assured.” Esramia sweetly smiled and waved her lily-white hand. Resplendent moonlight dropped from above and landed on Sid.

Bathed in the resplendent moonlight, Sids injuries gradually healed and, after coughing up a few mouthfuls of blood, his eyes recovered their glimmer. Then, brilliant golden light shrouded him and forcibly healed him.

“Thank you for the help, Your Majesty.” Sid staggered onto his feet, stuffed his face with quite a few vials of potions, and saluted Esramia. He gave Yang Feng a venomous look, then gritted his teeth and returned to his seat.

Esramia spoke with a graceful smile: “In this case, Ian is the candidate for Karinas suitor. You guys can stay in the St. Moonlight City for 2 days. Afterwards, you must leave.”

The St. Moonlight City was a place where the elves dwelt. Without an invitation, people of other races would never be able to appear in the city. And even if they got an invitation, they would still not be able to stay here for long.

Only Legend powerhouses who were dead set on relying on the elves would be able to reside in the St. Moonlight City long-term.

Elves were very good-looking and had a 1:9 male to female ratio. Thus, the St. Moonlight City, which was populated by beautiful elves, was the paradise for countless men.

Dim looks in their eyes, Seyssins and the other 3 geniuses could only get up and follow beautiful elven woman to their residences.

Only Yang Feng and his party remained in the hall.

Esramia sweetly smiled and said: “Congratulations on passing the first test, Ian! Now, lets talk about the second test.”

Yang Feng faintly smiled and directly refused, saying: “Im sorry, Your Majesty Esramia, but I only participated in this competition to help out my friend Karina. I have no interest in taking the next test.”

The first test, which was to fight against the most outstanding geniuses of the Feisuo Plane, had already forced Yang Feng to expose his formidable trump card, the super gravity gun. He didnt want to continue to take part in such tests, which were not only very risky, but also yielded little to no reward.

Esramia stared daggers at Karina with her mesmerizing eyes.

Karina hugged an arm of Esramia and spoke adorably: “Mother, I really dont want to be around them. They are really annoying. Besides, they dont really like me. They are just after the identity of the son-in-law of Great Elven Monarch Esramia. They are only interested in my body and identity! They cannot compare with Ian, a fellow who is obsessed with money!”

The identity of the son-in-law of Great Elven Monarch Esramia was exceedingly respectable. Once you became the son-in-law of the great elven monarch, you would not only be able to monopolize a major chunk of the business of the elves, but would also be able to freely travel within the elven empire and forge an alliance with the elves. Even Yang Feng was somewhat tempted.

However, when he thought of completing the harsh tests of the elves, Yang Feng gave up on the idea.

At the time, the human god who had taken a member of the Krossdale Family as his wife was terribly tormented by this custom. If he wasnt strong enough, he would have died.

Since that god, there have been only 3 people of other races who have been able to marry members of the Krossdale Family, all of whom were demigod rank powerhouses.

Yang Feng was currently an insignificant level-3 Warlock. As such, he didnt want to complete the test that demigod rank powerhouses could hardly complete.

Esramia gracefully smiled, looking as if her beautiful eyes could see through a persons heart: “Ian, dont you want to reconsider? If you can become my son-in-law, 30% of the business of the elves can be handed over to you.”

“30% of the business!” Yang Fengs was tempted slightly.

30% of the business of the elves was not a small amount. As long as the 30% of the business was properly managed, the resulting wealth could rival that of a state. By then, Yang Feng could develop the Red Earth Wasteland and Funes Province to a great extent. Similarly, the city of half blood beastmen could get a great boost, improving the lives of the people living there.

Esramia suddenly looked at Yang Feng with a smile that wasnt a smile and stated: “Ian, the moonlight bow is a treasure of our race. Give it back to Kafalena.”

“Yes! Your Majesty!” Yang Fengs heart shook slightly, and, with a flick of his wrist, the moonlight bow appeared in his hand. With a wave of his hand, the moonlight bow was sent toward Kafalena.

The moonlight bow was a pinnacle Legend rank bow, just a little short of a demigod rank bow. Even Yang Feng was tempted by this treasure. But since Esramia had spoken out, he knew that he couldnt possibly keep it.

Kafalena reached out and grabbed the moonlight bow. After putting the moonlight bow behind her back in a cool and graceful manner, she fiercely stared at Yang Feng.

Esramia uttered with a light smile: “Think it over! Karina, take Ian to have fun in the St. Moonlight City.”

When she finished speaking, moonlight shone on Esramia, and she disappeared.

As if a deer, Karina jumped up cheerfully: “Lets go! Lets go for a stroll, Ian!”

“Okay!” Yang Feng was very interested in the beautiful St. Moonlight City, so he swiftly walked up to Karina and went outside with her.

Yang Feng followed Karina on a stroll through the St. Moonlight City for an entire day and saw countless scenery rarely seen in the outside world before returning to the moonlight tree to have a rest in a beautiful tree house.

At night, darkness enveloped the land.

Inside the moonlight tree, in a tree house, Cicéron lying in bed suddenly opened his eyes. A demonic light glimmered deep in his eyes.

The door of the tree house silently opened, and Cicéron and his 8 men slowly walked out of the tree house.

Within the moonlight tree, moonlight descended and covered everything. The resplendent moonlight inside the moonlight tree had the function of detection, and under its light, elven powerhouses would get wind of anything suspicious taking place inside the moonlight tree.

Cicéron held a silver stone, which emitted brilliant silver light. Covered by the brilliant light, he and his men seemed to merge with the moonlight.

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