Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 316 – Glicedar and Dolores

Chapter 315 – Intruding into the Moonlight Square

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As it blossomed with silver light, the silver stone in Cicérons hand shrank rapidly.

After crossing a winding corridor, a dozen elven fighters on patrol appeared in front of him at once.

Cicéron suddenly launched an attack. His figure flashed, and, as if he had turned into a black shadow, he swept toward the dozen elven warriors on patrol.

Suddenly, fist-sized cavities appeared on the chests of the dozen elven fighters on patrol, and copious amounts of blood gushed out, scattering on the ground.

Cicéron flicked his finger, and silver light entered the chests of the elven fighters. A lifeless look in their eyes, the team of elves quietly stood in place.

“Hurry up! This trick wont last long!” Cicéron snapped in a low voice. Eyes glimmering with cold light, his figure blurred, and he briskly shot toward the lower part of the moonlight tree.

His men followed closely behind him.

Inside the moonlight tree, the lower you went, the more elven warriors you would meet. Just that, whenever the elven warriors came across Cicéron, they would be instakilled and turned into zombie-like existence, standing in place.

In the deepest part of the moonlight tree, there was a square 3 kilometers in length formed by countless spatial spells. In the middle of the square, there was a silver crystal mountain that looked like a pile of silver crystals.

The silver crystal crystal mountain was limpid and transparent. Inside the crystal mountain, you could see a suspended hexahedron, looking like it was surrounded by gentle moonlight.

Numerous veins extend out of the hexahedron and spread in various directions along the crystal mountain.

At the entrance of the square, there were 4 tree houses. On the balcony of one of the tree houses sat an exceedingly beautiful elf reading a knight novel written by a novelist of the Morrince Empire with great interest.

“Unexpectedly, we have guests.” The beautiful elf threw the knight novel aside and grabbed a delicate and luxurious bow from next to her. Suddenly, she burst out with terrifying peak Legend rank fluctuations of power, and resplendent moonlight rays shrouded the bow. In the twinkling of an eye, moonlight shot toward the entrance from the elven bow.

The beautiful elf displayed the secret archery technique Moon Gods Arrow in a flash and released a moonlight arrow. Once hit by the moonlight arrow, even a demigod rank powerhouse would be seriously injured.

Boundless demigod rank fluctuations of power were instantly transmitted from the entrance and a black shield with a fiend baron head engraved on the surface suddenly appeared.

As if it came to life, the eyes of the fiend baron head engraved on the surface of the black shield glimmered malevolently. It opened its bloody maw and swallowed the moonlight arrow.

“Moon Gods Arrow, one of the three major secret archery techniques of the elves, its really incredible! Elder Poliana, you are still as powerful as ever.”

Shrouded by demonic qi, Cicéron had changed into a tall, muscular abyssal fiend baron with ox horns, demonic runes engraved on the face, and a pair of fiend wings on the back, radiating an abyssal aura. He had a faint smile on his face as he stepped through the entrance.

Poliana raised her eyebrows and said coldly: “I smell the stench of an abyssal fiend from you. Have you been eroded by an abyssal fiend or sold your soul to a fiend lord from the deepest part of the Abyss?”

The infinite Abyss was said to be a place where evil power of the primary material planes converged, nurturing innumerable evil and formidable existences, and it was connected to the 36 primary material planes.

Even the 8 Great Warlock Emperors of the Cangzhi Plane could not really conquer the endless Abyss. At their strongest, they only managed to extend their influence into the Abyss, where they plundered treasures and enslaved abyssal life forms, turning them into their battle implements.

Once the strength of the Warlock Dynasties waned, the first to rebel were the various evil and formidable freaks of the endless Abyss, of which abyssal fiends were part of. Abyssal fiend lords were as powerful as gods.

The abyssal forces were among the most dreadful forces in many planes. If it werent for the fact that abyssal life forms endlessly fought among themselves, then even if they received the suppression from many planes, few planes would be able to withstand the offensive of a virtually infinite number of abyssal life forms.

As Cicéron moved forward step by step, he spoke with a look of regret: “The great Abyssal Fiend Earl Bavlicana is my master! I offered my soul to my mighty master. Originally, I was planning to become Esramias son-in-law, and then look for a way to infiltrate the Moonlight Square. Its a pity that Ian foiled my plan, forcing my hand.”

“Abyssal fiend earl!” Polianas heart shivered a little and her eyes flashed with dignity. Abyssal fiend earls of the Abyssal Plane were powerhouses comparable to weak divine power rank gods. Moreover, fiends were proficient in all kinds of darkness-attributed and evil-attributed spells, they could never be underestimated.

“Very well. Now that I talked to you so much, you can go and die!” Cicéron sneered. In a split second, a black snow storm burst out of his hand, then transformed into black streams of frigid air and swept towards Poliana from above.

3 frightening Legend rank auras burst out from the other 3 tree houses.

Following the sounds of chanting, 2 fire dragons swept towards the black frigid air from above.

The 2 fire dragons were completely extinguished by the black frigid air soon after.

Poliana gritted her teeth and unleashed the secret archery technique Moon Gods Arrow, shooting a moonlight arrow at Cicérons heart.

Frowning slightly, Cicéron was forced to raise his shield.

When the moonlight hit the shield, it was swallowed by the fiend baron head engraving.

Taking advantage of that split second, Poliana parted her lips and uttered a magic sentence.

Numerous alarms echoed throughout the moonlight tree.

“Whats going on?”

“What happened?”

“Someone intruded into the Moonlight Square!”


In an instant, the whole moonlight tree fell into chaos, and a large number of top sun elven and moonlight elven powerhouses were alarmed and rushed toward the Moonlight Square.

Cicéron spoke with a light smile: “Alarms? Unfortunately, youre a step too late!”

Poliana was shocked. As if she understood something, she turned her head and looked at the crystal mountain.

Next to the crystal mountain, she saw a merfolk powerhouse take out a pitch-black pearl that looked like it contained countless streams of corrupt and darkness power and throw it at the crystal mountain

Polianas pretty face contorted and she uttered a miserable scream: “No, dont!”

When the black pearl hit the crystal mountain, it burst open. Countless streams of darkness power gushed out of the crystal pearl and enveloped the crystal mountain.

The darkness power quickly began eroding the silver crystal mountain, turning it black.

The tendrils of the silver hexahedron crystal inside the crystal mountain speedily wilted and withered.

The moonlight that covered the entire moonlight tree began to collapse rapidly.

Cicéron uttered with a faint smile: “This is a corrosive magic ball that Lolth, the ruler of dark elves, forged. It can easily destroy the core of the moonlight tree. Otherwise, not even Abyssal Fiend Earl Bavlicana would be able to destroy the moonlight tree that easily!”

Suddenly, the space was in disorder, and Esramia stepped out of the void. Face pale, she spat out a big mouthful of blood once she appeared, painting a poignant picture.

Using the power of the moonlight tree, Esramia could freely travel inside the moonlight tree. Since the moonlight tree was seriously damaged as she traveled, she suffered a backlash, and was heavily injured.

Despite this, terrifying pinnacle demigod rank pressure slowly diffused from her delicate body and enshrouded the Moonlight Square.

As one of the strongest great elven monarchs in history, Esramias strength had reached the terrifying boundary of pinnacle demigod rank.

After his demonization, Cicéron had merely the strength of a junior demigod. He was no match for Esramia.

Just that, spatial power surged inside Esramia, cutting her skin and flesh to pieces, making it momentarily impossible for her to take Cicéron on.

Her pretty face was overcome with a frosty expression, her beautiful eyes surged with killing intent, and her heart filled with resentment. Esramia uttered frigidly: “Youre screwed, Cicéron! No one can help you now!”

Cicéron gave a leisurely smile, saying: “Your Majesty Esramia, my father is the emperor of the Empire of the Deep. If you kill me, the Empire of the Deep wont take this lying down. Now that you lost the shelter of the moonlight tree, does the elven empire still have the strength to cope with the Empire of the Deep?”

She gloomily clenched her white teeth, and her beautiful eyes were overcome with killing intent. Blood dripped from her cherry lips. Wounds emerged on her snow-white skin and blood spilled everywhere. Esramia enunciated each word: “The Empire of the Deep can send as many people as it wants, none will return alive. You degenerates, you dare to destroy the foundation of us elves? The enmity between the elven empire and the Empire of the Deep is irreconcilable!!”

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