Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 317 – Planar Tide

Chapter 316 – Glicedar and Dolores

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“In that case, let me find you an opponent, Your Majesty Elven Monarch Esramia!” Cicéron sneered and clapped his hands.

The merfolk powerhouse next to the crystal mountain suddenly exploded into pieces, and copious amounts of blood flew into the pitch-black crystal mountain.

A pitch-black gate suddenly formed on the crystal mountain and slowly opened.

A tall, gorgeous woman with sharp ears specific to elves and big breasts and wide hips slowly walked out of the gate. The woman was dressed in a pitch-black leaf armor, which only covered her ample bosom and crotch area. Her slender and beautiful legs were covered in pitch-black leather stockings and her hands wore black gloves. The contrast of snow-white skin and the pitch-black leaf armor and stockings formed a strangely seductive and mesmerizing picture, to which any man would succumb.

Although the gorgeous, seductive woman was slightly inferior to Esramia in terms of looks, but when confronted with the 2 gorgeous beauties at the same time, virtually 90% of all men would prefer the seductive to the bone beauty.

Standing in the Moonlight Square, augmenting each others radiance and beauty, the 2 peerless beauties made up a mesmerizing scenery. If Great Elven Monarch Esramia was described as a peerless beauty who shines as brightly as the sun, then the gorgeous beauty who stepped out of the black gate was like a deep black hole that could swallow the souls of all men.

Esramias eyes constricted slightly, and she uttered coolly: “Dolores, its you!”

Dolores was the great matriarch of dark elves of the Feisuo Planes underground world as well as the nominal great matriarch of dark elves in general.

Over the time, dark elves left the Feisuo Plane with formidable beings that invaded the Feisuo Plane and spread to many planes, establishing there their branches. Nevertheless, the Feisuo Plane was the base of all dark elves.

The true body of Goddess Lolth, the ruler of dark elves, was also on the Feisuo Plane. She was a member of the darkness gods and held an exceedingly high position.

For Dolores to be able to become the great matriarch of dark elves of the Feisuo Planes underground world, her strength could not be underestimated.

Dolores smiled brightly, and her seductive and charming laughter echoed in the area: “Yes, its me! Esramia, we are tired of living in the underground world. We want to have fun in the surface world as well. Why dont you let us live in your Elven Woods? Anyway, we are all elves and should help each other!”

All of a sudden, Cicérons gaze was attracted by Dolores and a heat rose inside him. He reacted at once. Alarmed, he broke out in cold sweat: “How scary! This woman is terrifying, just her voice is so intoxicating.”

Cicéron turned to look at his men, only to see them stare at Dolores with vacant eyes, completely infatuated by her bewitching voice.

Esramia scanned Dolores and Cicéron with her eyes and spoke coldly: “With only you and Cicéron as my opponents, only death awaits you! You came to die in vain!”

Dolores gave an exceedingly fascinating and charming smile: “Esramia, you are one of the most powerful great elven monarchs in history, so how could I come look for you by myself? Our pope, Glicedar, has come as well. The two of us should barely be able to tie you down.”

With two contrasting temperaments about her, one chaste and one lewd, and a sensual beauty mark at the corner of her mouth, a tall and sensual, first-rate beautiful lady dressed in bright black pope rob imprinted with the image of a strange creature – upper body that of an elven beauty, lower body that of a spider – walked out of the black gate. This great beauty was Glicedar, the pope of the Dark Elven Church.

Long ago, the great matriarch of dark elves concurrently held the post of the pope of the Dark Elven Church. But over time, the leading position of dark elves of the Feisuo Plane was divided into two – the great matriarch and pope. The great matriarch was in charge of secular affairs. The pope was responsible for spreading faith among dark elves.

Glicedar held a scepter with the carving of a strange creature – upper body that of a beautiful woman, lower body that of a spider. Shrouded by black divine light, her aura rose steadily and frenziedly promoted to the pinnacle intermediate demigod rank from junior demigod rank before stopping.

The pope of a church had the ability to communicate with their god that dwelt among the stars. By means of secret methods, they could draw support from their god in the starry sky.

Dolores smiled charmingly, and horrifying advanced demigod rank aura spread from her enticing body and enveloped the Moonlight Square.

Esramias pupils constricted slightly and she spoke frigidly: “There are plenty of experts on my side. Just with the few of you, you cannot rival us!”

Glicedar and Dolores, when the 2 most powerful dark elven powerhouses joined forces, they could fight Esramia. But the moonlight tree was the base of elves. There were countless elven experts in the moonlight tree and there was no shortage of demigod rank powerhouses.

Elves had an elven divine system with more than 10 gods. Similarly, there were more than 10 popes. With the support from their god, even the weakest of popes could promote their cultivation base to the demigod rank.

So long as the experts in the moonlight tree gathered in the Moonlight Plaza, the Glicedar and Dolores would meet their doom here.

Dolores smiled sweetly and took out the pitch-black demigod rank secret treasure dark elven edge. Streams of darkness force emerged from the dark elven edge and condensed on her delicate body, forming a set of pitch-black armor.

Glicedar silently chanted an incantation and pointed at Dolores with her scepter. Black divine light dropped from above and landed on Dolores, blessing her with one strengthening spell after another.

Clenching her teeth, Esramia forcibly stimulated the power within her and instantly erupted with pinnacle demigod rank aura. Hit by the spatial backlash power again, her skin split open and her blood sprayed about. Her injuries werent light.

With a flick of her wrist, the demigod rank secret treasure elven sword suddenly appeared in Esramias hand. In the blink of an eye, she disappeared from where she stood, then appeared in front of Dolores and stabbed in a shooting-star-like sword strike at the other party.

Ding! Dolores held up her blade to parry. Terrifying power burst out in a flash and frenzied shock waves spread in all directions, blowing the clothing of Cicéron and the other spectators about.

Under Esramias all out strike, Dolores was forced 5 steps back before stopping.

“So strong, worthy of one of the strongest elven monarchs!” Dolores beautiful eyes flashed with a strange glint, then she smiled sweetly and rushed toward Esramia, producing one afterimage after another.

As the 3 powerhouses fought in the Moonlight Square, frightening fluctuations of power scattered about.

Great Warlock rank great fiends continuously emerged from the dark gate.

When the great fiends emerged from the dark gate, they arrived before the corroded crystal mountain. They silently recited incantations and pointed at the crystal mountain, and black demonic light entered the crystal mountain.

There was a bleakness and black demonic light enveloped the moonlight tree, sealing off the tree houses the elven powerhouses dwelt in.

“Whats going on?”

“Shit! Theres a problem in the Moonlight Square!”


The complexions of the elven powerhouses changed dramatically, and they launched frenzied attacks against the tree houses they lived in. Violent forces permeated the moonlight tree.

One after another, Great Warlock rank abyssal great fiends emerged from the portal and rushed at Poliana and the other 3 Legend rank powerhouses.

“You guys have fun, Ill take my leave first!” Cicéron smiled faintly, then turned around and walked away.

Esramias strength was astonishing, and even though Glicedar and Dolores had joined forces, they were still beaten back by her. Even if Cicéron joined the fight, he would at most help preserve the status quo. Anyway, he had no intention of giving Dolores and Glicedar a hand.

Poliana and other 3 Legend rank powerhouses could only anxiously watch Cicéron leave; there was nothing they could do.

Now that the demigod rank powerhouses inside the moonlight tree have been temporarily sealed off, there was no one who could block Cicéron.

Esramias pretty face changed slightly, and she retreated briskly. She raised a green bow and, while employing Moon Gods Arrow, shot a resplendent moonlight arrow at Cicéron.

Cicérons face changed dramatically. With a flick of his wrist, the black shield engraved with the fiend baron head blocked in front of him.

When the moonlight arrow landed on the shield with the fiend baron head, the shield burst into pieces with a rumble. The remnant moonlight pierced through Cicérons abdomen. Copious amounts of blood sprayed out of his abdomen and scattered on the ground.

With just a single arrow, Cicéron, who had been insufferably arrogant just a moment ago, was severely injured by Esramia.

“Your Majesty Esramia, your reputation is really well deserved! I will go look for your daughter and pay her back for this arrow!!” Cicéron smiled malevolently, then he blurred into movement, and shot outside. At the same time, he took out vials of potions and downed them.

Esramia sighed lightly, then abruptly sprung up and thrust the elven sword at Dolores.

At the same time as the frenzied fighting took place in the Moonlight Square, pitch-black portals sprung up in various places of the Elven Woods.

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