Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 318 – Meeting Cicéron Again

Chapter 317 – Planar Tide

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After the fiends emerged from the portals, they quickly arranged simple altars.

Humans, elves, half blood beastmen, beastmen, demonic beasts, and other life forms were driven out of the portals as if cattle.

After all the life forms were driven out, the fiends pounced at them and tore them to shreds, turning the altars into hell on earth. A strong smell of blood pervaded the altars.

Streams of blood-colored light rose into the sky.

In the center of the bloody light, the St. Moonlight City no longer shone as before. Instead, it shot pitch-black light into the sky.

The weather above the Elven Woods changed, the sky became heavily clouded, virtually all sunlight was concealed, and a huge whirlpool that stirred up the vigor of heaven and earth of the entire Feisuo Plane was formed.

The stars hanging over the Feisuo Plane appeared a little deem.

“What happened?” Yang Feng opened his eyes at once. His keen, level-3 Warlock rank intuition made him feel a little uneasy. He got up, blurred into motion, and shot outside.

When he exited his residence, Yang Feng detected the bleakness inside the moonlight tree. There was no longer any moonlight. His expression flickered, and he raised his speed to the limit. After several turns, he came out of the moonlight tree.

“Whats going on?” Yang Feng watched the black pillar of light soar into the sky and form a huge whirlpool in the sky, and he was immediately alarmed. He had an ominous premonition.

Suddenly, a vast, unparalleled, terrifying divine might arrived from above. Exposed to the terrifying divine might, Yang Feng trembled all over. This was instinctual fear an inferior intelligent life form felt towards a superior intelligent life form.

Yang Fengs complexion changed slightly: “A god, this is god rank pressure. Didnt the gods of the Feisuo Plane sign a treaty of no interference in the secular world? Why has a god come?”

Golden light fell down from above, breaking through the layers of dark clouds with difficulty.

Carrying divine might capable of destroying everything, golden arrows fell from the sky and shot towards the altars.

“Truly shameless! Didnt you sign a treaty that stipulates no interference on your part in any and all meters of the secular world? How come youre interfering now?” Following eerie laughter, a horrifying, giant claw covered in black scales that looked like it could cover the sky unhurriedly emerged from a crack. Boundless dark demonic qi enshrouded the horrifying, giant claw.

When Yang Feng saw the horrifying claw in the distance, homicidal, bloodthirsty, tyrannical, and various other wicked impulses washed over him. His eyes gradually turned red, and he released beast-like roars.

A notification echoed in Yang Fengs sea of knowledge, and a sharp pain spreads through his sea of knowledge, making him sober up.

“What a dreadful wicked existence!” Yang Feng was slightly alarmed. Operating a secret method, he barely withstood the wicked power emanating from the terrifying claw.

Among the countless planes, there were many terrifying existences, many of which could decimate level-3 Warlocks with a glance. The power unconsciously emanated from these terrifying existences could kill countless inferior life forms.

The terrifying claw grabbed at the countless golden arrows midair.

The golden arrows hit the terrifying claw at once. In a flash, the arrows burst out with horrifying divine might and pierced through the giant claw.

Black blood dropped down to the ground from the giant hand.

The area where the blood landed was enveloped by dense, frightening demonic qi, which altered the environment of the area completely.

“The elven secret method Moon Gods Arrow is indeed powerful! Despite the distance, you were still able to injure me, Mofeceraja. Unfortunately, you are too late!! The planar tide has already begun. And once it begins, there is no way to stop it. The twilight of gods is nigh!! I look forward to adding you to my harem collection!!”

A sinister and licentious voice came from the crack the giant claw appeared from, and the claw made a grasping motion at the sky.

Following a bizarre sound of tearing cloth, a huge hole seemed to be ripped open in the sky. Meteors shot out of the huge hole and scattered all over the Feisuo Plane.

A tyrannical spear of light came down from the sky, pierced through the giant claw, and erupted with boundless divine power in a flash, purifying the giant claw.

“Prados, you dare to destroy my right hand. Ill watch from the Abyss as your divine country falls and your believers turn into food for my followers.” An anguished roar came from the crack the giant had claw appeared from.

“Fiend Duke Droard, after the planar tide is over, I will go to the Abyss, cut off your head, and hang it in front of my divine country!” An awe-inspiring and domineering voice came from above and reverberated in the world.

After hearing this voice, apart from intelligent life forms with official Warlock rank cultivation base and upwards, all other life forms prostrated themselves on the ground, their hearts filled with trepidation.

Fiend Duke Droard smiled wickedly: “After the planar tide is over, you may no longer be alive. Anyway, Im waiting for you on the 93rd floor of the Abyss.”

The huge crack disappeared. Following which, the boundless divine might retreated alike a tide.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a burning light, his heart full of excitement: “Planar tide, this is my chance!”

Planar tide was a unique phenomenon in worlds where gods existed, and it took place every few 10,000 years.

In the course of a planar tide, god rank powerhouses would be greatly suppressed and reduced to Legend or demigod rank existences.

According to the speculations of the Cangzhi Planes Warlocks, planar tide might be a self-protection mechanism of the planes.

As the Cangzhi Planes Wizards saw it, gods were parasites of their respective planes. They were far stronger and lived far longer – millions to tens of millions of years – than powerhouses of the same rank. And as long as they stayed in their divine countries, it was very difficult to kill them.

Inside their divine country, even a feeble divine power rank god might kill an intermediate divine power rank god. Outside, however, a feeble divine power rank god was not the opponent of an intermediate divine power rank god.

In theory, Moonlight Warlocks were in the same realm as feeble divine power rank gods, but in reality, Moonlight Warlocks stood no chance against feeble divine power rank gods for the most part. Furthermore, if a feeble divine power rank god was proficient in fighting, they could even contend against 3 Moonlight Warlocks at the same time.

The long lifespan and formidable fighting strength were the reason why many human Warlocks were eager to set foot on the god path.

Of course, because the resources gods had to consume were tremendous, each plane could accommodate a limited number of gods. It was for this reason that elves met resistance from the gods of the Feisuo Plane when they arrived at the Feisuo Plane,

The more gods there were on a given plane, the more frequent the planar tide was. Among the treaties that the gods of the Feisuo Plane signed, it was stipulated that foreign powerhouses who wanted to ascend to godhood on the Feisuo Plane had to be suppressed. Thus, it was extremely difficult to ascend to godhood on the Feisuo Plane. Only extremely lucky and gifted individuals might have a chance to ascend to godhood.

In many planes, planar tide was also known as twilight of the gods. It was the time when the control gods held over the secular world was at its weakest.

When the planar tide was in full swing, the gods among the stars could not interfere with the secular world. They could only do preparations beforehand, by either going in person or sending powerful angels and holy spirits to the secular world.

During the planar tide, gods suffered extreme suppression. If their true bodies went to the secular world, they could be killed by heroes among ordinary people.

Many of the god rank secret treasures circulating in the secular world were legacies the gods who were killed in planar tides left behind.

Ambitious gods would descend into the secular world with their true bodies in an attempt to integrate secular forces and upgrade their godhead. The strength of a gods true body was far greater than that of their clones. Those who pursued stability would use their clones to descend into the secular world, while those who wanted to take a step further would use their true bodies.

Whenever a planar tide took place, the Feisuo Plane would fall into a terrible mess.

The meteors dropping from above stood for Legend and demigod rank powerhouses of other planes who entered the Feisuo Plane. Some were even god rank powerhouses who braved the danger of being suppressed, and charged into the Feisuo Plane.

As one of the 36 primary material planes, the Feisuo Plane could hold a large number of gods. Apart from primary material planes, very few planes could accommodate 100 gods. Many planes couldnt even accommodate a single god.

The Cangzhi Planes Warlocks divided planes into nine grades. Grade 1 was comprised of the Cangzhi Plane, and could accommodate the birth of 1 million gods.

Grade 2 was comprised of the 36 primary material planes, and could accommodate the birth of upwards of 10,000 gods.

Grade 3 planes could hold no more than 1,000 gods.

Grade 4 planes could hold no more than 100 gods.

Grade 5 planes could hold no more than 36 gods.

Grade 6 planes could hold no more than 10 gods.

Grade 7 planes could hold no more than 1 god.

Grade 8 planes could only give birth to demigods.

Grade 9 planes could only give rise to Legend rank powerhouses.

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