Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 319 – Suppressing Cicéron

Chapter 318 – Meeting Cicéron Again

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Clearly, powerhouses of many planes who thirsted to become gods colluded with Abyssal Fiend Duke Droard, rushing into the Feisuo Plane the moment the planar screen crumbled.

The gods of the Feisuo Plane had set up an extremely formidable barrier over the entire Feisuo Plane. Once a powerhouse whose cultivation base exceeded the Legend rank went through the barrier, the gods would discover them and send their subordinated experts to kill the intruder.

The Cangzhi Planes Demonic Fighting Sect had concealed a planar passageway on the Feisuo Place, which enabled them to travel freely between the 2 planes. Even so, the powerhouses of the Demonic Fighting Sect didnt dare to use the planar passageway to carry out planar trade, worried about alerting the gods of the Feisuo Plane.

On the Feisuo Plane, human Warlocks of the Cangzhi Plane didnt dare to easily reveal their identity. Otherwise, only death would await them.

When Fiend Duke Droard took advantage of the planar tide to strike at and crush the planar screen, the foreign powerhouses biding their time were given the opportunity to descend onto the Feisuo Plane.

God knows how many powerhouses of other planes descended onto the Feisuo Plane to seek out an chance to ascend to godhood by taking advantage of the planar tide.

When the planar tide arrived was the time when gods and their divine countries in the starry sky were at their weakest and when god knows how many formidable beings choose to attack and kill gods of the Feisuo Plane to take their place.

Gods were the most formidable beings in their divine countries. Once a strong divine power rank god entered the divine country of an intermediate divine power rank god, they may be defeated by the other party. The importance of divine countries for gods could thus be imagined.

A divine country was the dwelling a god constructed using a semi-plane as the foundation, the Feisuo Planes laws as the core, and faith power of life forms as the source of energy. In their divine country, gods grasp over the laws was upgraded to a terrifying realm.

Without the planar tide, the position of gods on the Feisuo Plane was rock-solid, and anyone who tried to enter their divine country to slay them would only die in vain. Only heaven-defying powerhouses like the Warlock emperors of the Cangzhi Planes 8 Warlock Dynasties could ignore all laws and lead countless powerhouses into divine countries of gods to slay them.

Now that the planar tide arrived, the cores of divine countries built by gods were greatly weakened, and the power of divine countries was weakened to the extreme. This was the chance powerhouses of other planes were waiting for.

The planar tide was also known as the dusk of the gods as many powerhouses of different planes would take advantage of this chance to hunt gods who lost the protection of their divine countries. Whenever there was a planar tide, powerhouses hiding in all kinds of places would act, and many gods would die. This was the meaning behind the term dusk of the gods. Even strong divine power rank gods may not necessarily be able to resist the siege of the most terrifying powerhouses of other planes

Booming sounds of spells came from the moonlight tree.

“Its Faldina!” Yang Feng flicked his wrist, took out the demigod armament black dragon armor and donned it in a split second, and blurred into motion, shooting toward the depths of the moonlight tree.

A dozen breaths later, Yang Feng arrived at a tree house.

Inside the tree house, 6 advanced abyssal fiends besieged Faldina.

Abyssal fiends were divided into junior (level-1 Warlock), intermediate (level-2 Warlock), and advanced (level-3 Warlock). Advanced abyssal fiends were frightening existences comparable to level-3 extraordinary life forms, and were well versed in darkness-attributed spells.

Darkness attributed spells released by the 6 advanced abyssal fiends barreled towards Faldina.

At this critical juncture, Faldina finally displayed all her hidden strength. Crystals circled her, then sparkled, and shields flickered into being, resisting the onslaught of the 6 advanced abyssal fiends. At the same time, as if drifting in the wind, her petite body shuttled back and forth to evade the 6 advanced abyssal fiends.

When Yang Feng rushed into the tree house, he blurred into motion. He appeared in front of an advanced abyssal fiend and slammed a fist carrying frightening dragon force onto the head of the other party.

The head of the advanced abyssal fiend burst open, blood sprayed about. The advanced abyssal fiend collapsed to the ground, dead.

When he killed the advanced abyssal fiend, Yang Feng blurred into motion again and appeared in front of another advanced abyssal fiend. He pierced the advanced abyssal fiend through the chest and dug out its heart.

The complexion of an advanced fiend changed dramatically. It spat out blood, then pointed at yang Feng and suddenly unleashed the level-3 spell Fiendish Gaze.

A huge eye radiating scary fluctuations of darkness power abruptly appeared from the void and locked onto Yang Feng.

Once the level-3 spell Fiendish Gaze was successfully conjured, then even a Legend rank powerhouse would be stopped for a split second and have their mind invaded by evil. If their willpower was lacking, they would degenerate and demonize into a demonman.

“Dispel!” Faldina raised her hand, then a stream of magic light fell on the huge eye midair and the huge eyes disintegrated.

Yang Feng flipped his hands, pierced 2 advanced fiends in the chest, and dug out their hearts.

The complexions of the remaining 2 advanced fiends changed greatly. They silently recited incantations, conjured the level-3 spell Darkness Mistification, turned into black mist, and escaped toward the rear.

Darkness Mistification was a life-saving spell of the fiends as well as a headache for many human Sacred Swordsmen. Once fiends cast Darkness Mistification, many Sacred Swordsmen would be incapable of preventing them from escaping.

“Fire Snake!” Faldina pointed with her finger. Suddenly, a long fire snake appeared, opened its bloody maw, and swallowed the black mist.

The 2 tracts of black mist issued miserable screams at once, then reverted to their original forms of advanced fiends and burned to cinders.

The magical mechanical cloak on Yang Fengs back shook slightly and extended transparent threads that pierced into the advanced fiend corpses, quietly sucking them dry.

Her big, innocent eyes expressing grief and a moving weakness, Faldina said pitifully: “Youre late! If you were any later, I would have been torn to shreds by those fugly bastards. Is this how you treat your woman?”

Yang Feng looked at the captivating Faldina and responded with a faint smile: “When have you become my woman? How come I didnt get the memo?”

Faldina said with a grievous look of her face: “Youre so shameless! You clearly got me, yet you still play dumb!”

“Alright, stop joking around! Things look rather bad! We seem to got involved in a storm! Do you have any clues about whats happening?” Yang Feng raised his eyebrows slightly, then strode toward the tree house where the Cassius and the other two were.

Faldina reigned in her seductive demeanor and made a very capable analysis, saying: “Theres not enough information! I can only confirm that the elves are in big trouble! Since these freaks have appeared so openly, democalypse seems not to be far away.”

Democalypse, when the Abyssal Plane invaded the Feisuo Plane, was a disaster that covered virtually all of the mainland of the Feisuo Plane

Fiends that gushed out of the Abyssal Plane would kill all living beings that their eyes met. Their mission seemingly was carnage, without any room for negotiations, and leaving no captives.

Yang Fengs thoughts revolved and he uttered faintly: “Democalypse? The price of foodstuff and weapons on the mainland should be on the rise soon, right?”

Faldinas pretty eyes flickered with a peculiar radiance and she spoke with a smile: “Yes, once this news is spread, the price of foodstuff and weapons on the entire mainland will soar. We can make a fortune with this news.”

Yang Feng smiled faintly, declining to comment.

When they arrived in front of the tree house where Cassius and the other two resided, they saw dozens of corpses ranging from junior to advanced fiends scattered around the the tree houses

The dozens of fiends were no match for the 3 Sacred Swordsmen.

When Cassius and the other 2 Sacred Swordsmen saw Yang Feng, they bowed in salute and said: “Greetings, Lord!”

“Ian, Ian, its me, Karina!” Just then, Karina jumped down from the tree house like a vivacious deer and landed on the ground in front of Yang Feng. She spoke with a flustered look on her face: “Its bad, Ian, the Moonlight Square was occupied by abyssal fiends. I beg you, please help us elves.”

Yang Feng wrinkled his eyebrows slightly upon hearing that. He mused for a while before asking, puzzled: “There is Her Majesty Great Monarch Esramia as well as many powerhouses of the elven divine system in the moonlight tree, so why do you want my help?”

Karina looked pitifully at Yang Feng as if a helpless puppy and pleaded softly, her big, beautiful eyes were tearing up: “My mother has already gone to the Moonlight Square to fight the fiends. The aunts, however, were sealed in their residences. Now I can think of only you. I implore you, Ian, please help me!”

Yang Feng pondered for a while, his thoughts revolving lightning fast. Finally, he looked at the helpless expression in Karinas and said solemnly: “Okay! Ill help you!”

Karina immediately bloomed into a resplendent smile: “Thank you! Thank you so much!!”

Under Karinas guidance, Yang Feng and his party moved in the direction of the Moonlight Square.

Along the way, any abyssal fiends that appeared were were directly instakilled by Faldina and the 3 Sacred Swordsmen.

Inside a broad hall, Cicéron came face-to-face with Yang Fengs party. When he saw them, his eyes lit up and he burst into laughter: “Here we meet again, Ian, how amusing! Looks like its fate! Fate had us meet again. Last time, due to the big picture, I had no choice but to get defeated by you. Now I finally have a chance to get revenge. And thank you very much for bringing 2 beauties here with you. After I break your limbs, Ill let you enjoy a good show as I have fun with them. Ha-ha!!”

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