Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 32 – Eudorax

Chapter 31 – Scouter Glasses

Translator: Xaiomoge

While possessing Robot Bonney, 3796 handed Yang Feng a pair of silver glasses:

Yang Feng put on the silver glasses and thought: “Make a data analysis of me!”

The silver glasses flashed brightly and quickly listed a series of words.

Yang Feng muttered somewhat gloomily: “Level-0 life form, its really awful.

After adjusting his frame of mind, he looked at Shi Xue sitting beside him and started the scanning ability of the silver glasses again, scanning Shi Xue.

Yang Fengs eyes erupted with scorching light, and he mused excitedly: “Superior level-8 soul aptitude! So terrifying! This is a freak-level cultivation talent! Sure enough, my luck isnt bad!”

In the Turandot Subcontinent, cultivators with level-7 soul aptitude were as rare as a feather of a phoenix or a horn of a unicorn. Cultivators with superior level-8 soul aptitude, even during the times of the Eight Warlock Dynasties, would be peak existences, the darlings of those times.

Shi Xue seemed to sense Yang Feng scanning her status. She turned towards him and smiled sweetly, brimming with charm. His heart stirred slightly, and he had difficulty controlling himself.

By relying on his strong willpower, Yang Feng tore his gaze away from Shi Xue. His mind was in turmoil: “That want do, the status of an earthling waste is really awful! Things cant go on like this. Otherwise, if an enchantress casually cast a charm spell on me, I will be reduced to the other partys slave.”

After he got the scouter glasses, under Robot Bonneys guidance, Yang Feng began to practice the most basic cultivation method to advance to an Apprentice Warlock – body-tempering.

Apprentice Warlocks were the lowest existences among Warlocks. However, becoming an Apprentice Warlock wasnt so simple either. The physical constitution of an Apprentice Warlock had to reach the level of a Knight rank powerhouse before they could begin learning Apprentice Warlock knowledge.

Without a strong body, it was impossible to bear the burden from the high-intensity learning that was characteristic of Apprentice Warlock knowledge. As for Bloodline Warlocks who had to transplant the bloodline from formidable life forms, it was impossible to bear the impact that came with the transplant without a sturdy body. Ordinary people who transplanted the bloodline of a too powerful life form would explode and die.

Based on earthling wastes attributes, it was practically impossible for him to promote to a Knight rank powerhouse on the merit of his own hard work. However, the means of an official level-1 Warlock were exceedingly frightening. Everyday, Robot Bonney would squander large amounts of resources without hesitation in order to refine some of the most basic body strengthening elixirs, and slowly strengthen Yang Fengs body.

3 days later, an enormous griffin flew towards the Black City. There were two people sitting on the griffin, the level-2 Warlock Eudorax and Allen.

A level-4 bladed robot at the gate raised its head and roared in a synthetic voice.

The anti-aircraft cannons quickly adjusted and began to lock on the griffin in the sky.

Eudorax suddenly had a premonition of danger. He creased his eyebrows and pulled the reins, and the griffin went down.

Eudorax sized the level-4 bladed robots guarding the gate up and quickly found a series of shortcomings: “These are the golems of the Steel Lord Yang Ye? The workmanship is very crude, the dynamical system is far from the standard of the 6th Warlock Dynasty, and the style is very different.”

Level-4 bladed robots were intentionally simplified crude versions in order to pursue production volume and speed, so the level-4 bladed robots had a lot of shortcomings. However, using them to crash ordinary people below the Knight rank was not an issue. But they had a hard even when dealing with a level-1 Apprentice Warlock.

Allen walked out from behind Eudorax and said towards the eight bladed robots guarding the gate: “I am Allan, the emissary that was sent on a diplomatic mission towards the Warlock College Antalya! This is the esteemed emissary of the Warlock College Antalya, the level-2 Warlock Sir Eudorax! Please let us in!”

The level-4 bladed robot pointed towards a passage covered with all kinds of scanning equipment, saying:

Allen turned around and uttered apologetically: “Sir Eudorax, Im very sorry. Because we entered a state of was with the Fernandro Principality not long ago, we have no choice but to be cautious. Please come with me!”

Eudorax was displeased, yet he still nodded and followed Allen into the passage.

When they entered the passage, scanning fluctuation shot out of radar-like apparatuses, enveloped Allen and Eudorax, and begun to thoroughly scan them.

Eudoraxs data was quickly transmitted to Yang Feng.

“So powerful!” Yang Feng looked at Eudoraxs data, and his eyes flashed with shock.

Eudoraxs physical constitution was dozens of times higher than Yang Fengs. Relying on his body alone, Eudorax was a humanoid freak. This was the terror of a Warlock, a level-2 Warlock.

After being scanned, Allen took Eudorax towards the Warlock tower.

“Warlocks Eye!” Eudorax conjured the level-1 spell Warlocks Eye, and a huge eye suddenly appeared above his head and looked around.

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