Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 322 – Sun Gods II Arrow Alignment

Chapter 321 – Deadly Strike

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As a princes of the elves, Karina was pampered from little. Although, by relying on her extraordinary cultivation talent, she practiced until the level-2 Warlock rank, but her combat experience was extremely low. Unable to resist, she could only watch the huge claw of the abyssal great fiend approach her.

“Kill it!” Yang Fengs eyebrows wrinkled, and he ordered coldly.

A claw suddenly appeared from the void. As swift as a clap of thunder, the claw plunged into the chest of the abyssal great fiend and dug out its heart at once.

The eyes of the abyssal great fiend shimmered with endless horror, then it shuddered and fell to the ground.

Yang Feng blurred into motion. As if a humanoid dragon, he dashed towards the advanced abyssal fiends besieging Kafalena. Strengthened by the frightening Dragon Force, Yang Fengs fists and legs carried the strength of a dragon. Whenever he landed a blow on an advanced abyssal fiend, he would break its bones and send it flying as if a broken rag doll.

The advanced abyssal fiends besieging Kafalena were eliminated within a dozen breaths.

“Thank you!” Kafalena looked deeply at Yang Feng, then a glint of gratitude swept past the abyss of her beautiful eyes, and she spoke in a minute voice. She reached for her moonlight bow and grasped it, erupted with frightening Great Warlock rank power, and shot a bright moonlight arrow.

She unleashed the secret method Moon Gods Arrow in a flash

The bright moonlight arrow made a mysterious arc in the air and easily pierced through the heads of 2 abyssal great fiends before heading for the 3rd abyssal great fiend.

The 3rd abyssal great fiend only had time to move a little. The moonlight arrow brushed its cheek, crushing a quarter of its cheek and shredding one ear.

The abyssal great fiend screamed and immediately launched Blink, attempting to flee.

“Spatial Interference!” An elven Legend Wizard chanted an incantation and pointed with her finger, and chaotic spatial fluctuation shrouded the space around the abyssal great fiend.

The spatial fluctuations around the abyssal great fiend faded at once, and it stood there with a look of horror on its face.

Taking advantage of this chance, Yang Feng blurred into motion. He appeared in front of the abyssal great fiend, thrust his hand into its chest, and scooped out its heart.

After the 7 abyssal great fiends were killed, there was still a steady flow of abyssal fiends pouring out of the passageway and rushing towards the elven experts

The 5 elven Legend rank powerhouses went all out. Leading the elven warriors, they barely preserved the front.

Elder Kelly said firmly: “Ian, please take Kafalena, Graulus, and Arikne to the Moonlight Square and assist her Majesty Great Elven Monarch Esramia

Kafalena, Graulus, and Arikne were elven Legend rank powerhouses. Only Legend rank powerhouses were eligible to join the battlefield in the Moonlight Square.

It was very difficult for ordinary elves to cross that passageway quickly.

Karina uttered anxiously: “Elder Kelly, I want to go rescue my mother, as well!”

Kelly creased her eyebrows and said sternly: “Definitely not! Karina, you arent strong enough. Whether in terms of magic or martial arts, your cultivation base is too lacking. Youll only be a burden to Ian. You have to stay here.”

Karina pretty face twisted. A moment later, she turned towards Yang Feng and spoke through gritted teeth: “Ian, please rescue my mother! If you manage to rescue her, Ill regard you as my suitor!”

Yang Feng teased: “Just a suitor? I thought you were going to pledge to marry me!”

Karina gave Yang Feng a blank look: “How could it be so simple! We elves are very strict in choosing our partners. Once we do have a partner, it is for life.”

Elves were very strict with choosing partners. And once they settled on a partner, it would be for life. They would never betray them.

Of course, Yang Feng, who got intelligence on the various races of the Feisuo plane from the Demonic Fighting Sect, knew that elves were happy to forge a partnership if there was a benefit to it. God knows how many times some elves, who were sent to major forces of the Feisuo Plane undercover to act as wives or concubines, had backstabbed their partners.

Kelly stepped forward and said solemnly: “Duke Ian, if you rescue and bring back Her Majesty Great Elven Monarch Esramia, you will be the benefactor of us elves. By then, we will accommodate you as best as we can!”

Yang Feng pointed to Faldina beside him and said: “Good! However, I will have to trouble you to take care of my friend!”

Although Faldina could compete with human Sacred Swordsmen in terms of strength, but on a battlefield full of abyssal great fiends, the slightest misstep could be her downfall.

Faldina smiled faintly and quietly stood beside Karina. Obviously, she had no objection to Yang Fengs arrangement.

Kelly nodded, saying: “Okay! Rest assured, as long as I am alive, nothing untoward will happen to her!”

“Lets go!” Yang Feng took the lead and blurred into motion. With a flick of his wrist, a secret treasure long sword forged from divine blood steel transformed into a sword ray and swept towards the fiends at once.

Wherever the sword ray passed through, fiends would be turned into countless fragments and blood would fall on the earth. Although it was troublesome to kill the demigod rank powerhouse Cicéron with the secret treasure sword forged from divine blood steel, but slicing through abyssal fiends was as easy as cutting through tofu.

Kellys heart shook, and she praised sincerely: “So strong!”

Graulus held an elven shield in one hand, guarding in front of Kafalena and Arikne.

Arikne was a Legend Wizard. Holding an emerald green magic staff, she silently recited an incantation, pointed ahead, and conjured the level-4 spell Rattan Garrotte.

Numerous bulky rattans extended from the walls of the moonlight tree and swept towards the abyssal fiends like flood dragons.

Crackle, pop! Entangled by the bulky rattans, the abyssal fiends were crushed as if insects, and blood and viscera dropped on the ground.

A large number of abyssal fiends were killed by the rattans, clearing a road to the Moonlight Square.

Yang Fengs group of four rushed into the passageway leading towards the Moonlight Square.

Along the way, they met a steady stream of abyssal fiends pouring out from the direction of the Moonlight Square.

Secret treasure sword in hand, Yang Feng executed the Demonic Fighting Sects secret Demonic Fighting Sword Art. Bright sword rays slayed demonic fiends as soon as they emerged.

From behind, Kafalena executed Moon Gods Arrow and shot dead abyssal fiends once they appeared.

Every time she performed Moon Gods Arrow, Kafalena would down a vial of a cyan potion to restore the physical strength and spirit force she consumed.

The might of the secret method Moon Gods Arrow was great and its consumption of physical strength and spirit force was equally astonishing. If Kafalena hadnt ingested many vials of recovery potions, she would have exhausted all her power by now.

Seeing the energetic and vigorous Yang Feng, Kafalena and other 2 elven Legend rank powerhouses felt secretly apprehensive.

Kafalena, who had previously looked down on Yang Feng, finally changed her mind.

Throughout the endless massacre, Yang Feng became more and more familiar with the Demonic Fighting Sects swordsmanship, and his understanding of battle improved continuously.

After killing their way through countless abyssal fiends, the group finally reached the Moonlight Square.

The Moonlight Square was packed with abyssal fiends. Nearly 100 abyssal great fiends and the 2 demigod rank powerhouses Dolores and Glicedar besieged Great Elven Monarch Esramia.

Great Elven Monarch Esramia was covered in golden radiance, looking like a dazzling sun, and every move of her contained the divine energy of the sun. Wherever the sword rays she unleashed flashed, abyssal great fiends would get severely injured.

The abyssal great fiends recited incantations, pointed at Esramia, and bombarded her with extremely vicious level-4 darkness spells.

Even as someone as strong as Esramia wasnt completely immune against level-4 darkness spells, and she felt her body get heavier and heavier.

The 2 demigod rank experts Dolores and Glicedar joining hands werent Esramias opponents. But with the help of the abyssal great fiends, they started to suppress Esramia step by step.

For every abyssal great fiend she killed, Esramia would receive 1 or 2 wounds from the 2 demigod rank experts Dolores and Glicedar. Carrying traces of black qi, her blood dripped from her wounds to the ground.

Besieged by numerous abyssal great fiends, Esramia was ultimately doomed to exhaust her strength and fall.

When Yang Fengs group of 4 appeared, everyones gazes focused on them.

“Esramia, you are really popular, there are so many children coming to your rescue. Ill tear them to shreds in front of you, okay? Just like those several stubborn little elves a moment ago.” Dolores burst into enchanting laughter, then retreated abruptly. Using Blink, she disappeared, then appeared in front of Yang Feng and his party in a flash. The demigod rank dark elven edge shrouded in endless power of darkness slashed toward Yang Feng with a tremendous force.

In an instant, as if endless darkness covered the land, a sense of deathly crisis suddenly welled up inside Yang Fengs mind, feeling like no matter how he struggled, the fate of death could not be shed, feeling like he would eventually die to this strike.

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