Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 323 – Turning the Tables

Chapter 322 – Sun Gods II Arrow Alignment

Translator: Xaiomoge

“It doesnt seem to be too bad to be killed by her!” Yang Fengs eyes were unfocused, overcome with fascination towards Dolores. Affected by the power of the dark elven edge, he had no will to fight and only wanted to die to Dolores strike.

The demigod armament dark elven edge was not only sharp to the extreme, but it also possessed inherent supplementary spells like Charm Person, Seduce Person, Waver, and other permanent spells capable of eroding a persons mind and will.

Ordinary people, and even Knight rank powerhouses, would be dazed from taking a look at the demigod armament dark elven edge and have their heads sliced off by it.

Dolores was a demigod rank expert. She was not only a beauty, but a peerless beauty, and she cultivated a special secret method. Every one of her movements was laced with a seductive and corruptible charm. Coupled with the dark elven edge, even the demigod rank expert Cicéron got affected by her charm. Yang Fengs cultivation base was merely at the level-3 Warlock rank. The gap in strength was tremendous, and he could not resist her.

A message reverberated in Yang Fengs sea of knowledge, and then a sharp pain surged in the sea knowledge, pulling him away from Dolores bewitchment.

“Kill her!!” Once he became clear-headed, Yang Feng roared loudly.

Cicéron, who was hiding in the darkness and stealthily following Yang Feng, suddenly showed himself in his fiend form and clawed at Dolores chest.

At the same time, the magical mechanical cloak draped over Yang Fengs shoulders fluttered and surged with energy, and 2 needles pierced into his neck, ready to inject tremendous fiend power into his body at a moments notice.

Transforming into a fiend baron was Yang Fengs final trump card. He didnt want to employ it in public. On the Feisuo Plane, abyssal fiends were treated as a scourge to be eliminated. There was a handful of powerhouses who could use abyssal fiend power. Once Yang Feng was linked to the Cangzhi Plane, then the foundation he laid on the Feisuo Plane would be destroyed.

But now that he was forced into desperate straits, Yang Feng could no longer take that into consideration.

If Dolores insisted on killing him, then at the same time, she would have her heart scooped out by Cicéron.

“Cicéron! What are you doing?” Dolores pretty face twisted. In the nick of time, the dark elven edge mysteriously made an arc and mercilessly slashed at Cicérons claw.

Ding! When the dark elven edge landed on Cicérons claw, it was blocked by a black block of ice.

Just as the dark elven edge was blocked, it surged with black magic power and sliced the harder than diamond black block of ice into two halves.

Cicéron took this chance to unleash Blink and retreat by 100 meters.

The moment before the dark elven edge changed its trajectory, it released a black blade ray that slashed at Yang Feng and cut open a long gash in the demigod armament black dragon armor with an astonishing defensive strength, nearly cutting off Yang Fengs right arm and exposing eerie white bone.

The demigod armament black dragon armor had a horrifying defensive strength. Unfortunately, however, Yang Feng was too weak and could not fully display its might, which was why Dolores was able to wound him. If it was a demigod rank powerhouse to stimulate the defensive strength of the black dragon armor, then unless the dark elven edged had personally struck it, it would not be able to cause any damage to the black dragon armor with merely blade qi.

“Listen to my orders! Attack Dolores and Glicedar. They betrayed us, betrayed the great Earl Bavlicana! These two bitches colluded with the elves and want to get rid of us in one fell swoop!! Kill them! In the name of the mighty Earl Bavlicana, I command you to kill them!!” Controlled by Yang Feng, Cicéron had no choice but to point to the 2 dark elven demigod rank powerhouses Dolores and Glicedar and roar wildly.

With Starry Sky Warlock rank cultivation base, Cicéron was classified as an abyssal fiend lord – abyssal fiend baron. His position was above that of the other abyssal fiends, and he was the commander of the abyssal fiend troops.

At Cicérons command, the abyssal great fiends paused. Finally, due to the fear towards Abyssal Fiend Earl Bavlicana ingrained in their souls, they launched a wild offensive against Dolores and Glicedar.

Level-4 darkness spells, as if rain, shot towards Dolores and Glicedar.

Glicedars pretty face changed. Grasping the scepter in her hand, she conjured the level-4 divine spell Protection from Darkness Spells, and a black shield enveloped her and Dolores. The darkness spells that slammed into the black shield were neutralized.

One after another, abyssal great fiends dashed towards Dolores. Dolores waved the dark elven edge and released blade rays, slicing the abyssal great fiends in twine one after another, their blood clean absorbed by the dark elven edge.

Taking advantage of the situation, Great Elven Monarch Esramia blurred into motion and retreated, then reached out, and the demigod armament sun bow appeared in her lily-white hand.

Once the demigod armament sun bow entered her hand, Esramia radiated a dazzling sunlight that quickly condensed into a resplendent arrow which seemed to contain endless light and heat on the sun bow, and a boundless might spread inside the Moonlight Square.

“Retreat!” Dolores pretty face twisted, and she barked and blurred into motion. Disregarding Glicedar, who was still persistently resisting a variety of attacks, Dolores turned into a black beam of light and shot towards the pitch-black teleportation portal.

Dark elves were selfish beings. If they could escape with their life, they would would do so without any misgivings about the life or death of their allies. Even though they were powerhouses of the same race, but there was no feeling of camaraderie.

Once Dolores took to flight, Glicedar detected the spirit of Great Elven Monarch Esramia lock onto her, and a premonition of deadly crisis welled up inside her.

Glicedar gritted her teeth and silently recited an incantation. The demigod armament queen of spiders staff in her hand blossomed with black divine light, and she conjured the level-5 spell defensive divine spell Protection of Goddess Lolth!

The upper body of an enticing, sensual, exceedingly fascinating, and charming beauty and the lower body of a fierce spider; the bizarre phantom of Goddess Lolth holding a pitch-black shield engraved with a giant spider suddenly appeared and blocked in front of Glicedar.

The phantom of Goddess Lolth exuded immense divine might.

When the abyssal great fiends detected Goddess Lolths divine might, their complexions changed dramatically, their bodies turned stiff, and the depths of their eyes shimmered with fear.

The Abyssal Plane was linked to the 36 primary material planes. The abyssal fiends of the Abyssal Plane had fought against powerful existences of the 36 primary material planes for countless ages, among which gods were the strongest.

In the same rank, whether dragons, high elves, ancient fiends, or ancient devils, none could compare to gods in terms of fighting strength. Even human Warlocks of the Cangzhi Plane had to besiege a god of the same rank with a number of people in order to defeat or kill them.

Whenever gods came to the Abyss, countless abyssal fiends would die tragically. Over the ages, that fear of gods had been engraved in the bones of the abyssal fiends. Only fiend lords, fiend barons and above, could disregard the divine might of gods.

Sun Gods Arrow!

Esramia unleashed the secret archery technique of the sun elves. Looking like a sun capable of purifying everything, a frightening sunlight arrow shot towards Glicedar like a meteor.

The sunlight contained endless heat and light, extremely dazzling. Just looking at the sunlight, there was a faint stabbing pain in Yang Fengs eyes, and his eyes teared up unconsciously.

The phantom of Goddess Lolth raised the big shield in her hand to block the sunlight.

Boom!! The Moonlight Square was jolted. After running through the big shield, the sunlight turned boundless, and burned and purified the phantom of Goddess Lolth completely.

Before she could catch her breath, a light slightly inferior to the previous sunlight shot out and easily pierced Glicedar in the abdomen, and frightening sunlight enveloped her at once, frantically purifying the darkness power and the darkness divine power inside her.

Glicedar screamed wretchedly, belched a mouthful of blood, and tumbled to the ground. She looked extremely miserable as she was burnt by the sunlight.

When he saw this scene, Yang Feng took in a breath of cold air, a look of shock in his eyes: “Sun Gods II Arrow Alignment!”

Sun Gods II Arrow Alignment was a legendary archery technique recorded in Sun Gods Arrow. Among sun elves, mo more than three people grasped this archery technique. Of which, there was the ancestor of the sun elves, the 1st generation elven sun god, Sun God Somrites; then there was one of the current elven gods, intermediate divine power rank Sun God Alexia; and finally, there was Esramia.

For Sun Gods Arrow to be able to shoot through a level-5 defensive divine spell with 1 arrow, its might was already horrifying. Coupled with the silent 2nd arrow, it could not be guarded against. Not many demigod rank powerhouses were able to withstand Sun Gods II Arrow Alignment.

After she unleashed Sun Gods II Arrow Alignment, Esramias complexion paled and she bled from he hands. The skin and flesh of her lily-white hands were lacerated. Clearly, she suffered not a small injury.

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