Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 331 – Entering the Dark Forest

Chapter 330 – The Dark Forest

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“Fire!” Yang Fengs party had just arrived near a shrubwood, when suddenly, densely packed arrows shot towards them from the shrubwood.

“Superior Warping Force Field!” Yang Feng reached out and grabbed a large secret treasure shield forged from divine blood steel. Meanwhile, he silently recited an incantation and pointed into the air.

A strange yet powerful warping force field suddenly appeared in front of Yang Feng.

More than 99% of the arrows shot from the shrubwood were twisted and ricocheted to the side. Only one arrow, which contained terrific Legend rank power, hit the secret treasure shield Yang Feng held in his hand.

Bang! With a loud sound, the secret treasure shield shook and transmitted tremendous force into the black unicorn through Yang Feng.

The black unicorn was crushed into numerous pieces. After all, as merely a level-1 alchemical secret treasure, the black unicorn could not bear the terrific Great Warlock rank power.

The shield forged from divine blood steel caved in slightly, illustrating how dreadful the Legend rank archer in the thicket was.

“Dark Rays!”


“Darkness Intimidation!”




A rain of magic light barreled towards Yang Feng.

Most of the spells that slammed into Yang Feng were shattered by the terrific life force cover around him. Nevertheless, the spells continuously consumed his life force.

Once a Warlock cultivator condensed their soul seed and became an official Warlock, a frightening force field cover would surround them. This was one of the extraordinary abilities an official Warlock possessed. Besides, this extraordinary ability grew in strength along with the Warlock.

Against a Great Warlock rank force field cover, even level-3 spells had a hard time breaking it. Only level-4 single-target offensive spells might be able to break a Great Warlock rank protective cover.

With the black dragon armor, Yang Feng had Great Warlock rank power for a short period of time. Similarly, his protective cover was formidable and terrific, and could withstand a majority of low-level spells. However, unleashing his life force had the adverse effect of it being neutralized and consumed by the low-level spells.

If he was alone, Yang Feng could rely on the black dragon bloodlines extraordinary abilities to ignore those low-level spells. Behind him, however, were Esramia and Glicedar. If he hadnt unleashed his life force, although he wouldnt get hurt himself, but the two women behind him would be bombarded into mincemeat.

Yang Feng pressed the dimensional badge on his chest, and the mechanical lightning aurora python flew out. He jumped onto the back of the mechanical lightning aurora python.

Bang!! Countless electric arcs flashed, and the mechanical lightning aurora python flew into the air with a terrific speed that surpassed the speed of sound.

Virtually all arrows passed past the mechanical lightning aurora python. Only a black arrow with Legend rank power cut open the void, pierced through the warping force field around the mechanical lightning aurora python, and stabbed the mechanical battle beast in the abdomen. The black arrow ran through the scales and penetrated into the super alloy deck armor forged from divine blood steel.

Boom!! The black arrow exploded, and the frightening power of the explosion shook the mechanical lightning aurora python.

Dark Explosion Arrow was one of the most powerful secret archery techniques of the dark elves. Arrows shot by performing this technique contained darkness power. Once such an arrow hit its target, it would detonate, releasing extremely terrific might. If Yang Feng hadnt used divine blood steel to comprehensively strengthen the mechanical lightning aurora python, the arrow just now would have seriously damaged the mechanical battle beast.

“Its impolite not to reciprocate. Lets give you a taste of my prowess!” A menacing glint flashed past Yang Fengs eyes. Exuding vast dragon might, he opened his mouth and belched a black dragon dragon breath. The dragon breath shot towards the direction from which the black arrow had come from.

Shooting at an astonishing speed, the dragon breath arrived at the mushroom forest almost in an instant and slammed towards a sexy dark elven beauty.

The complexion of the sexy dark elven beauty with Legend rank cultivation base changed. She grabbed a dark elven beauty next to her and shoved her to block the dragon breath.

As if a shield, the level-3 Warlock rank dark elven beauty was engulfed by the black dragon dragon breath. She uttered a miserable scream, which abruptly stopped. She was burned to ashes.

The sexy dark elven beauty with Legend rank cultivation base rolled aside in an attempt to avoid the terrible black dragon breath. In the end, however, she was still a tad too slow. Her right hand was grazed. Like maggots feeding on a corpse, the black dragon breath spread along her right hand and consumed her flesh.

The sexy dark elven beauty span the sword in her hand and decisively chopped off the part of her right hand corroded by the black dragon dragon breath, revealing ghastly bones.

She scanned her right hand corroded by the dragon breath on the ground, and her pretty eyes shimmered with a peculiar light: “As expected of an expert responsible for the great matriarch eating a loss. Sure enough, this Ian fellow isnt an ordinary Archwizard. The might of his dragon breath doesnt lose out to any adult black dragon. Charity asked me and Polly to intercept him… It seems that she wants to get him to do her dirty work!”

Dark elves betrayed and murdered one another nonstop. Goddess Lolth liked to see dark elven geniuses kill each other because of her sadistic disposition on one hand. On the other hand, because the souls of the massacred would return to her divine country and become her toys, servants, slaves, and troops. Additionally, internal strife promoted the individual strength of dark elves as well as made it impossible for them to unite and resist her rule.

Hanna just blocked him for a moment. After she discovered Yang Fengs strength and terror, she directly gave up on the plan of sniping at him.

A dark elven beauty approached Hanna and asked: “Lady Hanna, what are we going to do now?”

As her thoughts revolved lightning-fast, Hanna ordered: “Keep chasing!”

The dark elven beauty responded respectfully: “Yes! My Lady!”

5,000 dark elven warriors riding dark leopards rushed out of the mushroom forest and chased after Yang Feng in the distance.

Riding a dark leopard, Hanna moved at a moderate pace within the crowd, having no intention to pursue Yang Feng by herself. She knew well that following a large force was the safest.

After breaking through Hannas interception, Yang Feng landed and changed to another black unicorn. Traveling day and night, he rushed towards the entrance of the Dark Forest.

The Dark Forest lied at the deepest part of the 9th floor of the Feisuo Planes underground world, and it was perpetually covered by a black fog. Under the effect of the black fog, even dark elves with their innate ability of night vision would have their line of sight reduced to 10 meters. Moreover, the black fog had a restraining effect on spells. With archery and wizardry impaired, dark elves would feel like they had their hands tied inside the Dark Forest.

Additionally, there were countless terrifying demonic plants inside the Dark Forest. Many Legend rank dark elves who entered the Dark Forest had fallen, and even demigod rank dark elven heroes had gone missing after entering the Dark Forest.

Eventually, following a divine decree, the Dark Forest had become a forbidden place for dark elves which no one was allowed to trespass.

After breaking through Hannas obstruction, Yang Feng and his party quickly arrived at the genuine entrance to the Dark Forest.

Looking at the Dark Forest, Yang Feng frowned, and his eyes flashed with graveness: “The Dark Forest!”

In the Dark Forest, there were numerous huge ancient trees. As if they linked heaven and earth, the huge ancient trees ran through the 9th floor of the underground world and grew towards the 8th floor of the underground world.

Needle-like leaves, serrated leaves, strange rattans, giant carnivorous flowers, and various other dangerous extraordinary plant features extended from the branches of the huge ancient trees.

With his keen vision, Yang Feng could faintly see eerie skeletons on the branches of the ancient trees.

With his keen, level-3 Warlock rank intuition, Yang Feng could perceive the dangerous aura emanating from the Dark Forest. Even someone as strong as him might die inside the Dark Forest due to the slightest misstep.

Glicedar looked at the Dark Forest, frowned, and spoke solemnly: “Master, kill Esramia! The Dark Forest is too dangerous. It is said to be the dwelling of a terrible existence of the Cangzhi Plane, an existence more terrible than devils or fiends. Even gods arent its match, and there is even the possibility of death once gods enter the Dark Forest. Its too dangerous for us to enter this forbidden place.”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a peculiar light, and he quickly came to a conclusion: “An existence of the Cangzhi Plane more powerful than gods, that would be Glorious Dawn Warlock (level-7 Warlock) or above. No, since this Dark Forest had yet to be invaded by others, the existence should be stronger than a strong divine power rank god (level-9 Warlock). In other words, it should be the relic site of a Warlock Monarch (level-10 Warlock) or above.”

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