Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 332 – Baby Face Evil Tree

Chapter 331 – Entering the Dark Forest

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Warlock Monarchs of the Cangzhi Plane were terrific existences that could contend with mighty divine power rank gods. Even in the 8 Warlock Dynasties, Warlock Monarchs were peak powerhouses.

After the collapse of the 8 Warlock Dynasties, for a very long time, Warlock Monarchs were the strongest powerhouses of the Cangzhi Plane. Each Warlock Monarch possessed mountain-toppling, heaven-collapsing, plane-obliterating might.

After the collapse of the 8 Warlock Dynasties, the Warlock civilization of the Cangzhi Plane declined a lot. It had been already over 10,000 years since a new Warlock Monarch rose. At present, the strongest known powerhouse of the Cangzhi Plane was just an Infinity Warlock

The relic site of a terrifying being like a Warlock Monarch, even if it was just a random treasure, would be of tremendous benefit to a small-time Warlock like Yang Feng.

Of course, the relic site of a Warlock Monarch was also extremely dangerous. It was a place where even gods may fall.

Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses could completely suppress their horrifying life force. But that was just something they could do while alive. However, once they were on the verge of death, they could no longer suppress their power, and their terrifying life force would combine with the surrounding environment and form all kinds of horrible, bizarre phenomena.

The various horrific, bizarre phenomena formed due to the dispersal of life force of a Warlock Monarch rank expert before their death could even kill gods. They were terrifying to the extreme.

After musing for a bit, Yang Feng dispelled the idea of treasure hunting in the Dark Forest. He was self-aware. The Dark Forest was a place where even god rank powerhouses could fall, and god rank powerhouses could squash him to death with just a pinkie. At most, he could only move about in the periphery of the Dark Forest. If he were to enter deeper into the Dark Forest, he would undoubtedly die.

Pressed against him, Esramia sighed faintly: “Ian, as Glicedar had said, the Dark Forest is a dangerous forbidden place that even gods fear. You should just kill me. This way, I can be reborn in the divine country of the mighty god.”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and said: “Heh heh. Rebirth in a gods divine country? When your soul is brought into the divine country, your memories and emotions will mostly disappear, or even completely disappear, then new memories and emotions will be given to you by the god. With such a rebirth, will it still be the real you?”

Once the soul of an expert like Esramia returned to its gods divine country, if there was no special reason, it would usually shed a majority of its memories and then be imbued with new memories and emotions loyal to its god, and become an evolvable prop in the hands of its god.

It was not impossible to be reborn in a gods divine country with your emotions and memories intact. However, it took a great amount of divine power or the use of a treasure imbued with special laws to accomplish this. Therefore, unless there was a special reason, gods would not do such a thing.

Startled, Esramia exclaimed: “How do you know of this secret?”

This secret was only known to a small number of powerhouses, and Esramia learned of it by accident. She didnt know how Yang Feng knew this secret that could shake the foundation of the existence of gods.

Yang Feng just smiled. This secret was a secret to the people of the Feisuo Plane, but to the Demonic Fighting Sect and other major sects of the Cangzhi Plane, it was merely common sense. There was a huge gap between the two planes in terms of information.

“Lets go!” Yang Feng hesitated for a moment, then clenched his teeth and stepped into the Dark Forest with Esramia and Glicedar on his back.

When he stepped into the entrance of the Dark Forest, the space surged with strange ripples, and a twisted black face appeared from the void and revealed a weird smile.

The figures of Yang Fengs party disappeared. The road covered with rotten leaves leading into the Dark Forest had no signs of people, as if no one had entered inside.

Shortly after Yang Fengs party stepped into the Dark Forest, 5,000 dark elven warriors with hourglass-shaped waists riding dark leopards stopped in front of the entrance to the Dark Forest.

A beautiful dark elven warrior came to a dazzlingly beautiful dark elven powerhouse and asked respectfully: “What should we do now, Lady Polly?”

Polly looked deeply into the abyss of the Dark Forest, then her gaze fell on the path full of dead leaves exuding a rotten smell with no footprints, and her beautiful eyes shimmered with fear. She said solemnly: “Well wait outside for them to come out!”

Another beautiful dark elven warrior frowned and said: “Lady Polly, Commander Charity ordered us to chase after Ian. We should follow him inside!”

Pollys pretty eyes flashed with cold killing intent, yet she said cheerfully: “That makes sense. Since this is the case, Diana, take your team and immediately go inside to track Ian. This is an order!”

Dianas pretty face changed and her beautiful eyes flickered with fear: “Lady Polly…”

The Dark forest was a terribly dangerous place, in the deepest part of which even god rank powerhouses would fall. As someone with level-3 Warlock rank strength, Dianas chances at survival in the Dark Forest were slim.

Polly smiled gloomily. Killing intent glimmering in her eyes, she uttered enunciating each syllable: “Diana, this is an order. Do you want to disobey?”

Diana was a thorn Charity planted in Pollys side, which she had long since wanted to find a chance to eradicate. Now that she got such a good opportunity, Polly would not let it slip by.

Pollys people inconspicuously surrounded Diana, cold killing intent flickering in their pretty eyes.

Diana gritted her teeth and responded helplessly: “Yes, Lady Polly, Ill go inside.”

Polly said coldly: “Dont dally, go in at once!”

“Yes! Lady Polly!” Urged by Polly, Diana quickly assembled her forces and went into the Dark Forest.

The dark elven warriors saw weird ripples set off in space and Diana and her forces disappear into the ripples. As if swallowed by something, they could no longer be seen.

When the dark elven warriors saw this scene, a coldness surged in their hearts. No one else suggested entering the Dark Forest.

Hanna rushed over from the rear with 5,000 dark elven warriors. When she saw Polly, she asked: “Polly, why havent you taken people inside?”

Polly smiled sweetly and said: “Ive sent people in to track Ian and them! Hanna, since youre here, Ill let you chase after Ian and claim the credit.”

Hanna took a deep look at the Dark Forest, and her pretty eyes shimmered with fear. She instinctively felt the great terror lurking inside the Dark Forest.

Hanna suddenly smiled, saying: “In that case, Ill stay here and help you, Polly.”

Polly smiled back: “Good!”

Close to 10,000 dark elven fighters immediately surrounded the entrance of the Dark Forest, which no one dared to enter.

“What the hell are you two doing? Didnt I order you to chase after Ian and them? Why are you staying here?” Commanding the dark elven main forces, Charity rushed over from the rear. When she found Hanna and Polly, she sternly berated them.

Polly immediately reported without missing any details: “Commander, Ive sent people into the Dark Forest to track Ian and them. Once they bring us back some concrete information, Ill send people to support them.”

Charity frowned and spoke coldly: “The mighty Goddess Lolth has decreed that those three are to be captured alive at all cost. I command you two to go into the dark forest and continue the pursuit of Ian!”

Hannas eyes shimmered with cold light, and she sneered: “Yes, Commander! However, the Dark Forest is very dangerous, and the two of us dont have enough manpower. Thus, Commander, please enter the Dark Forest with us.”

Polly also sneered: “Thats right. With just us, our strength is too weak. Commander, please enter the Dark forest with us.”

A look of anger in her beautiful eyes, Charity said coldly: “You go first, Ill follow after you!”

Pollys eyes shimmered with a cold light, and she uttered overbearingly: “That wont do! Even if it is you, Commander, you will have a miserable end if you disobey the divine decree, right? Lets go in together, Commander!”

“Dont argue! We will go together!” Following a cold yet enticing voice, the exceedingly fascinating and enchanting Dolores slowly walked over, a fragrance wafting from her.

“Greetings, Great Matriarch!” When they saw Dolores, the pretty faces of Charity and the other two changed. They bowed and said respectfully.

Dolores was a frightening advanced demigod rank powerhouse. In the era of gods standing high among the stars, she was one of the strongest powerhouses in the secular world of the Feisuo Plane. After Pope Glicedar was declared a traitor, she grasped virtually all the power among dark elves.

Dolores uttered chilly: “Have all your subordinates enter, and you come with me! Ian and them must be captured! No matter what, Esramia cannot leave the underground world alive. Otherwise, you will be made into evil spirit dolls.”

When they heard that, the bodies of Charity and the other two turned rigid, and their beautiful eyes filled with fear.

Evil spirit dolls were freaks made from living dark elves using various wicked secret methods. The method of making evil spirit dolls was cruel, bloody, and horrible to the extreme. It was one of the most vicious punishments of dark elves.

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