Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 333 – Dolores Strikes

Chapter 332 – Baby Face Evil Tree

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Charitys eyes flashed with resolve, and she said with decisiveness that could slice nails and cut iron: “Yes! Great Matriarch! We will do our utmost and wont let Esramia leave the underground world alive.”

Charity would rather die than to be made into an evil spirit doll. When she died, she could still get reborn in Goddess Lolths divine country. But once she was made into an evil spirit doll, life would be worse than death, life would be an endless pain and torment.

Hanna and Polly said with decisiveness that could slice nails and cut iron as well: “Great Matriarch! We will do whatever it takes and wont let Esramia leave the underground world alive.”

Commanded by Charity and the other two, the dark leopard corps entered the Dark Forest.

Like some kind of horrible monster, the Dark Forest devoured the dark leopard corps. When all the warriors of the dark leopard corps disappeared into the Dark Forest, a strange face suddenly appeared midair, revealing a malevolent smile.

“A bunch of fools! This is where they used to stay. It isnt time yet. Even gods dont dare to come here. What a bunch of uncultured barbarians!”

A young man with yellow skin and dark hair combed into a single ponytail dressed in oriental swordsman attire slowly walked out of the void, looked deeply at the Dark Forest, and revealed a smile of contempt. Then, he showed a pensive look: “Nevertheless, dark elves are indeed all beautiful as well as much stronger than our people. Since I have come to this plane, I must get a good taste of the legendary dark elves.”

“Someone is coming!” The eyes of the young man dressed in oriental swordsman attire constricted. He was enveloped by ripples and disappeared.

Running all the way from the horizon, a bear-like tall and burly man treading atop two black clouds plunged into the Dark Forest.

Not long after, a blonde man dressed gorgeously flew over from afar and entered the Dark Forest.

Coming from different directions, one powerhouse after another went into the Dark Forest.


When he stepped into the Dark Forest, Yang Feng felt like a thick fog covered him, and he frowned. He felt that the connection between him and the Weave got severed.

The Weave was created by the Goddess of the Weave by relying on planar laws, and it was said to cover the entire plane. Even within the elven holy land, the moonlight tree, the power of the Weave could be accessed.

Unexpectedly, the dense fog in the Dark Forest cut off the connection between Yang Feng and the Weave, which proved that the power level contained within the Dark Forest was even higher than that of the Goddess of the Weave.

“Fortunately, Im not a Wizard of the Feisuo Plane. Otherwise, I would not be able to use magic, at all. But even so, the power of many spells cast here will be weakened greatly.” Yang Feng silently chanted an incantation and conjured the level-0 spell Mage Hand. Shortly after the transparent mage hand was formed, it collapsed and disappeared. This phenomenon made Yang Feng frown.

Nature and elemental spells were mystical and formidable phenomena with the casters spirit force as the power source and spell models as the core that mysteriously connected to the planar laws and mobilized the vigor of heaven and earth.

It was due to the power of heaven and earth that the power of spells cast by Wizards and Warlocks had such great might, enabling them to easily kill martial artists of the same rank.

However, in places where the planar laws and the vigor of heaven and earth were abnormal, the strength of Wizards would be greatly weakened.

Warlocks, on the other hand, went through continuous evolution, and strengthened their fleshly bodies.

Their capacity to quickly adapt to any environment was one of the most powerful aspects of human Warlocks.

“Hee-hee-hee! I am Yang Feng. I came to the Feisuo plane from the Cangzhi Plane to hunt demigods!” Suddenly, faces of babies growing on a large tree issued very strange laughter.

“What the hell!” Shaken greatly, Yang Feng trembled, and dread and killing intent filled his heart.

The fact that he came from the Cangzhi Plane was one of his greatest secrets. Once it was known that he came from the Cangzhi plane, everything he had built on the Feisuo Plane would be destroyed.

Glicedar betrayed her faith and lost her power. At the same time, Goddess Lolth could no longer see and hear anything the former saw and heard.

Esramia, on the other hand, was a believer in an elven god. Her god just had to cast their gaze on her and will it to be able to know everything about the former.

Only if he killed Esramia before her god cast their sight on her and then destroyed the memories of her soul, could Yang Feng have a chance at survival.

“I am Yang Feng and I came from Earth!”

“My biggest secret is the technology I succeeded from the xizu!”


Laughing merrily, the faces of babies on the large tree revealed Yang Fengs deepest secrets that he was most afraid for others to discover.

“Stop talking! You monsters!!” Yang Fengs eyes turned bloodshot and flashed with a fierce glint. He issued a scary roar, ready to rush over and smash the faces of babies growing on the large tree.

A sharp pain suddenly echoed in his sea of knowledge. Yang Feng hugged his head from the insane pain erupting in his head and gasped for air.

A series of messages flashed past Yang Fengs eyes.

Startled, Yang Feng broke out into cold sweat on his back: “So it was an illusion, how strange! For my black dragon bloodline to have no reaction, this illusion is really horrifying!!”

Ancient black dragons were immune to most spirit spells. Yang Feng possessed black dragon bloodline, and as such, was immune against most spirit spells. For him to be eroded by a spirit spell, the might of the spell was appalling.

When he took a careful look at the big tree with faces of babies growing on it, Yang Feng discovered countless bones piling up atop rotten leaves scattered around the tree, painting a bizarre and terrifying picture.

There were rattans with sharp spikes around the tree. If an ordinary person came close to the bizarre tree, they would get instantly impaled by the rattans

Yang Fengs e expression became unsightly at once, and he recognized the strange tree at a glance: “This is a level-5 extraordinary plant baby face evil tree. The spirit spell released by this tree might even unwittingly confuse a god.”

“Im sorry! I didnt mean to!! I really couldnt help it!! I want to live! Jenna!!” Tied to Yang Fengs back, Glicedar issued choked sobs. Tears flowed down her cheeks, her body shuddered nonstop, and she screamed sadly.

Tied to Yang Fengs back, Esramia trembled and struggled with a pained and fearful expression on her face. If she hadnt suffered serious injuries, where she could not muster any strength, she would have seriously injured Yang Feng by now.

As his mind revolved, Yang Feng conjured the innate level-4 spell Dragon Breath, parted his lips, and shot a terrifying dragon breath towards the bizarre baby face evil tree.

The terrible dragon breath fell on the baby face evil tree, and billowing flames enveloped the tree. The baby face evil tree let out miserable, baby-like cries, and countless rattans buried underground churned madly and stabbed towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng waved a long sword in his hand, and sword rays flashed and slashed at the rattans. When the rattans were sliced off, they ejected copious amounts of blood-like tree sap onto the earth from the sliced off parts.

Almost at the same time, mournful screams from baby face evil trees came from the black fog.

Following a certain tempo, the screams of baby face evil trees formed a weird sound wave attack that blasted towards Yang Feng as well as the two women on his back.

Yang Feng felt a pressure in his chest and a fishy taste in his throat, and he belched a mouthful of blood, face pale.

Blood carrying a slightly fishy smell trickled down Yang Fengs back. Apparently, Esramia and Dolores sustained serious injuries.

Yang Feng gritted his teeth and raised his hand, and an magic tent suddenly appeared in front of him. He got into the magic tent at once.

Once inside the magic tent, the ear-piercing screams of babies greatly diminished in volume.

Yang Feng went to a corner of the magic tent and added magic stones to the tent. Only with enough magic stones would the magic tent be able to withstand the formless spirit attacks and the eerie screams of baby face evil trees.

The baby face evil tree hit by the dragon breath screamed and struggled in pain before being completely engulfed by the fire of the dragon breath and turned into ashes.

The spirit attack of the baby face evil tree was formless and impossible to guard against, and even god rank powerhouses may be caught by it if careless. However, the baby face evil tree was most afraid of fire, and a dragon breath could burn it to ashes.

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