Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 334 – Wilderness of Bones

Chapter 333 – Dolores Strikes

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Many extraordinary life forms had weaknesses. Some extraordinary life forms were strong but stupid and others feared fire, sunlight, or water. Once you discovered their weakness, you could easily defeat them.

The reason why human Warlocks of the Cangzhi Plane conquered countless planes was that they absorbed bodies of knowledge from other planes and formed unique cultivation systems of Warlocks. No matter how poor the environment was, they would not lose their fighting strength.

In some special planes, where the vigor of heaven and earth was in disorder, Wizards and other life forms specializing in magic would be greatly weakened. Warlocks, on the other hand, still possessed powerful physiques comparable to extraordinary life forms.

Inside the fog, the vigor of heaven and earth was blocked by a mysterious force, so it was virtually impossible to conjure spells. If it was an elemental Warlock, they would find it difficult to cast spells in here, and could only fight by virtue of their strong physical constitution. As for a Bloodline Warlock like Yang Feng, he could stimulate the power of his bloodline and cast various innate spells.

After the baby face evil tree was burned to cinders, Yang Feng heaved a light sigh of relief and went back to the center of the magic tent.

Yang Feng looked at Glicedar and quickly asked: “Its very dangerous in the Dark Forest. Well stay here until youre fully recovered, and then try to get out. How long will it take for you to recover your demigod rank cultivation base, Glicedar?”

It was the periphery of the Dark Forest, yet they already came across a frightening existence like the baby face evil tree. God knows what horrifying existences lied deeper in the Dark Forest. Yang Feng was not so arrogant as to think that he could do better than gods.

Glicedars pretty eyes grew dim and she sighed gloomily: “Thats impossibly! My breakthrough to demigod rank power stemmed from Goddess Lolth. Now that Goddess Lolth has deprived me of this power, unless another god accepts me and grants me enough divine power, I can only fight as a Legend rank archer even after I recover.”

The stronger the clergyman, the closer they were to their god, and the more severely they would be eroded by divine power. Glicedar was very fortunate not to die after losing the favor of Goddess Lolth. As for her demigod rank cultivation base, it was extremely difficult to restore.

“Then well try to get out of here after you regained your Legend rank fighting strength.” Yang Fengs eyes shimmered with exhaustion. He took out several vials of potions, consumed some as well as helped the two women to ingest some, and then closed his eyes to rest and recover his physical strength and spirit force.

After she drank the potions, Glicedar closed her eyes and urged her power to restore her limbs.

Esramia watched Yang Feng in a daze. The light of the bizarre curse rune between her eyebrows was somewhat dimmer. Clearly, the fog also had a strong suppressive effect on her curse.

Time went by and two days passed. Motionless as if stones, Yang Fengs group of three holed up in the small magic tent.

On the third day, Yang Feng suddenly opened his eyes, adjusted the dragon leather belt, and pulled Esramia and Glicedar behind him.

The magic tent became transparent, enabling the people inside to see outside.

Esramia and Glicedar were exceptionally intelligent. When they saw Yang Feng, who looked like he was facing a great enemy, they remained motionless, vaguely guessing the truth of the matter.

“Esramia, so you were hiding here. It took me a lot of effort to find you!” A coquettish voice laced with temptation and sensuality sounded, and the exceedingly fascinating and enchanting dark elven Great Matriarch Dolores walked over, laughing brightly.

Following Dolores were the three beautiful dark elves Charity, Hanna, and Polly.

Untainted by even a speck of dust, Dolores looked like she was taking a leisurely stroll in a courtyard instead of adventuring in the dangerous Dark Forest.

Charity and the other two, on the other hand, looked bruised and battered all over.

The tens of thousands dark elven warriors of the dark leopard corps were nowhere to be seen.

Hiding inside the magic tent, Yang Feng saw the enigmatic smile donning Delores face and her gaze fixed on the magic tent enchanted with Advanced Stealth.

Yang Feng blurred into motion and rushed out of the magic tent. As his thought revolved, he looked at Dolores with a neutral expression.

Dolores showed a bewitching smile, and her eyes filled with ridicule and delight: “Esramia, the most beautiful and noble woman of the surface world. You look so miserable now. I heard that you were targeted by the curse Kiss of Lolth! Thats so pitiful. Anyone targeted by the spell Kiss of Lolth, even the most chaste goddess, will degenerate into the dirtiest sow!”

In the fight in the Moonlight Square, despite joining hands to attack Esramia, the two demigod rank powerhouses Dolores and Glicedar were not her match. The fight left Dolores jealous of Esramia. Thinking about how her greatest enemy and opponent was about to degenerate to the lowest rung, she felt indescribable joy and delight.

Esramias beautiful face turned pale, she gloomily clenched her white teeth, and her seductive body trembled.

Looking like a cat toying with a mouse, Dolores smiled charmingly and uttered viciously: “Esramia, rest assured, I wont hurt you. After the curse Kiss of Lolth erupts completely, I will help you find 100 men. Of course, demonic beasts will do, as well. After they satisfy you, Ill send the images back to the elves. Their expressions will be quite amusing.”

Face pale, Esramia gloomily clenched her white teeth, saying: “Dolores, as enemies, its okay to kill me! But why do you have to be so vicious?”

Disappointment flashed in the abyss of Dolores beautiful eyes, and her exceedingly fascinating and enchanting face revealed an expression of ridicule: “Its because I am a dark elf! Vicious, cunning, and cruel, arent those the natural characteristics of dark elves? Only the most vicious, cunning, and cruel people will win the favor of the mighty goddess!”

Competition among dark elves was exceedingly cruel. In order to be able to hold power, they would commit virtually any crimes. Conspiracy, betrayal, murder, these were an integral part of every upper class dark elf. In order to climb to the position of great matriarch, Dolores had stepped over heaps of bones.

Dolores beautiful eyes sparkled with anticipation. As if a lover whispering into the ears of their beloved, she said with a sweet smile: “Ian, had them over! If you complt, I will not only guarantee your safety, but also let you have fun with them! One is the most outstanding woman of the elves, the great elven monarch; the other is the former pope of the Dark Elven Church. You can play with these two as much as you can. Even if you ruin them, it wont be a big deal.”

“If you offer them to me, then apart from me, you can have any dark elven women you fancy here to have fun. How about Charity? She is a famous beauty among dark elves, and is still a virgin, which is very rare!!” Dolores grabbed Charity standing next to her and pointed at her. The latters bewitching, snake-like body turned soft and waved and her captivating face flushed red, revealing an enchanting expression. She looked extremely seductive.

Charitys eyes glimmered with shame, but she couldnt muster the strength to resist Dolores.

Yang Feng uttered slowly: “Your proposal is very tempting!”

A dim glint flashed past Esramias eyes, and she sighed faintly inside.

Glicedars eyes swiveled, her thoughts inscrutable

Dolores glanced at Yang Feng, and a look of contempt flickered deep in her beautiful eyes: “In the end, men are just that.”

Yang Feng gave an unruly smile. Shining with penetrating light, his eyes moved about the key parts of Dolores body: “However, I prefer to be the one to take the initiative! Itll be more exciting if I catch the prey myself! I think that it will be very amusing when I catch you as my pet.”

A smile crept onto Esramias cherry lips.

The eyes of Dolores, whod been smiling all along, shimmered with a cold glint, and she sighed faintly: “Ian, I thought you were a smart person. But it seems that youre just a fool! In that case, go to hell!”

While Dolores talked, Yang Feng suddenly shot towards the baby face evil tree grove.

“Theres no use!” Dolores smiled sweetly and pointed with her lily-white finger. Strange magic fluctuations diffused from the tip of her finger before collapsing.

“I forgot that its impossible to cast spells in this environment! Nevertheless, Ian, the gap between us in terms of strength is like a chasm. No matter how hard you struggle, youll only be crushed to death like an ant!” Dolores showed an exceedingly bewitching and enchanting smile. Taking swift steps forward, she crossed the distance of several hundred meters, appeared behind Yang Feng, and calmly sent her lily-white palm slapping towards his head.

Faces of babies strangely appeared on the surrounding large trees, and bizarre laughter suddenly rang in the grove.

Dolores beautiful eyes glimmered with confusion, her body stiffened, and she came to a halt.

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