Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 337 – The Gatekeeper

Chapter 336 – Killing Atedonia

Translator: Xaiomoge

When he reached the huge palace gate, Yang Feng looked at the palace with shock in his eyes.

He saw the heads of countless extraordinary life forms embedded into the huge palace. There was the head of a primordial dragon, a head of an absolute beginning giant, a head of an abyssal fiend duke, a head of a strong divine power rank god, a head of a high elven monarch, a head of a 9-headed dragon, a head of a primordial earthen, and the heads of other horrifying existences.

The heads of countless formidable beings fused into the surface of the palace exuded terrible pressure even after god knows how many tens of thousands of years.

Yang Feng stared at the 50-meter-tall primordial dragon head, and his eyes flashed with a peculiar glint.

Primordial dragons contained the ultimate mystery of dragons inside them. If he could research the primordial dragon head, then his clone would get a chance to break through the bloodline shackles and possess god rank battle prowess prior to ascending to godhood.

Primordial dragons were very rare among the many planes, and each primordial dragon was a bigwig with world-shaking cultivation base. It was very difficult to get their blood and tissue.

If the primordial dragon head was taken to the Cangzhi Plane to be sold, it might be even possible to exchange it for a 9th category plane.

Yang Feng pondered for a while, then took out a piece of dragon parchment and sent it flying with a flick of his finger. The piece of dragon parchment turned into a falcon, which flapped its wings and flew towards the primordial dragon head.

When the eagle reached the distance of 30 meters from the primordial dragon head, it was enveloped by fearsome yellow light, and it blew apart.

Yang Fengs eyebrows wrinkled: “What a strong barrier! Thats not something I can contend against at the moment.”

Yang Feng silently recited an incantation, pointed to his eyes, and cast the spell Soul Eye- Dim cyan light enveloped his eyes.

Opening his eyes wide, Yang Feng looked at the huge palace. Except for the gate, he saw a terrifyingly strong barrier envelop the palace.

At the gate stood a 6-meter-tall, 3-head, humanoid statue holding a trident. Of its three heads, one was a human head, another was a dragon head, and the last one was a devil head.

“At last! This is the palace where the legendary Taboo Lord of the Cangzhi Plane once lived!!” With a sigh, a burly, middle-aged man covered in long fur and bizarre magic runes engraved on his face walked over and looked a the palace with excitement in his eyes.

“Taboo Lord! The Warlock emperor of the 2nd Warlock Dynasty!!” Yang Feng was greatly shocked. Looking at the palace, raging waves roiled in his heart.

Taboo Lord was one of the strongest Warlocks of the Cangzhi Plane in history. The planes found around the Cangzhi Plane were his domain, and no one dared disobey his orders. The Bloodline Warlock path was established by Taboo Lord, and it was still one of the two peak paths leading to power of the Cangzhi Plane.

“My luck is rather good! I came across three prey before entering Taboo Lords palace, and two of the prey are the most beautiful elves I have ever seen. How lucky!” The gaze of the middle-aged man covered in long fur who looked like a humanoid bear shifted and landed on Yang Fengs group, and his eyes flickered with excitement.

The eyes of the middle-aged man that looked like a humanoid bear glimmered fiercely. The magic runes on his face lit up, and he emitted frightening Great Warlock rank might. His body suddenly swelled up to a 4 meters tall humanoid bear with 1-meter-long bear paws.

“Stinky human, when you arrive at the Underworld, remember that the man who killed you is Atedonia from the Black Moonlight Plane!!” The frightening humanoid bear suddenly erupted and slapped at Yang Feng with his paw, a savage and malevolent look in his eyes!

“Fool! You are the only one to die!” A cold glint flashed past Yang Fengs eyes. The black dragon armor flashed and poured formidable power into Yang Feng, and he launched the level-4 spell Dragon Force. As if a humanoid dragon, he suddenly erupted and slammed his fist into the paw of the humanoid bear.

Atedonia transformed into a humanoid bear was blasted away by Yang Fengs fist laced with dragon force, and briskly fell back by dozens of steps.

Yang Feng suddenly erupted. As if he had turned into a black bolt of lightning, he arrived in front of Atedonia, inserted his claws into the other partys chest, ripped open a large hole, parted his lips, and belched a dragon breath onto his opponent, setting him on fire.

Atedonia struggled wildly amid the flames. After a while, he was burned into a pile of ash.

Esramias pretty eyes shimmered with disgust and she uttered slowly: “Really, these guests from other planes are really savage!”

Yang Feng smiled silently.

Powerhouses who could carry out planar travel were at least at the Great Warlock rank. If they didnt come from higher planes such as the Cangzhi Plane, then they came from lower planes. These powerhouses had fought their way to the summit.

When such powerhouses went to other planes, they didnt regard intelligent life forms of said planes as their equal. In front of Great Warlock rank powerhouses, a trifling level-3 Warlock rank expert like Yang Feng wasnt worth paying attention to, and as such, didnt have the qualifications to face them.

“Interesting! Ian, youre using the power of dragons! In other words, you came from the country of dragons! No wonder you can practice magic and martial dual cultivation!” Looking extremely majestic and overbearing, a burly, middle-aged man with a king character rune on his forehead and a thick, golden tail wrapped around his waist came over and stared at Yang Feng with a smile on his face. [1]

Esramias pretty eyes flashed with astonishment and she said slowly: “You are Golden Tiger Monarch, the guardian of tigermen in the secular world!”

Golden Tiger Monarch swept Esramia with his gaze. Disappointment flickered in the abyss of his eyes, and he sighed: “Esramia, although this is the first time we meet, but Ive already seen you many times thanks to image crystals. Youre in such a mess that you need the protection of a human through whose veins flows filthy black dragon blood, Im really disappointed. I thought you were the only one in the secular world of the Feisuo Plane qualified to be my woman! What a letdown!!”

Esramia warned: “Ian, Golden Tiger Monarch is the guardian of the royal tigermen of the beastman empire. He possesses demigod rank strength!”

Demigod rank experts were the strongest existences in the Feisuo Planes secular world. The dark elves only had two demigod rank experts in the secular world, Dolores and Glicedar.

“Ian, hand over Esramia and get lost. Otherwise, this will be your burial place. You might be the descendent of some old dragon in the country of dragons, but as far as Im concerned, that doesnt matter!” Golden Tiger Monarch stared coldly at Yang Feng and exuded terrifying demigod rank might, which swept towards Yang Feng.

The advanced demigod rank might left Yang Feng a little out of breath.

“Golden Tiger Monarch, Im very sorry, but Esramia is my prey. Would you please give her to me? Of course, Ill offer you our former pope Glicedar as well as 100 dark elven maidens as compensation.” As her sweeter than sugar voice sounded, Dolores swayed over with a fragrance wafting from her, a fascinating smile on her face.

When Golden Tiger Monarch saw the enchanting and bewitching Dolores, his eyes flickered with intoxication, and he smiled brightly, saying: “What a beautiful and saucy woman! Worthy of the great matriarch of the dark elves. If youre willing to accompany me for a few days, then I agree to hand Esramia over after I get tired of her. Youll get to sacrifice her to your gods and Ill get to have fun for a few days, its a win win situation.”

Dolores threw Golden Tiger Monarch a coquettish look and spoke with a bewitching smile: “Good! Golden Tiger Monarch, we have a deal!”

Yang Feng swept Dolores and Golden Tiger Monarch with his gaze, and his eyes glimmered with resolve. He blurred into motion, and shot towards the entrance to the huge palace.

Normally, Yang Feng would not be so reckless as to rush towards the entrance to the palace. However, now that the two advanced demigod rank powerhouses Dolores and Golden Tiger Monarch joined forces, he stood no chance of winning.

Dolores and Golden Tiger Monarch watched Yang Feng with ridicule in their eyes, then glanced at the statue guarding at the palace gate with a look of fear in their eyes. They were using Yang Feng as a guinea-pig.

When Yang Feng was only 10 meters away from the statue, a beam of bloody light shot from the palace and fell on the statue.

Crack! Crack! Following crisp sounds, the stone surface of the statue peeled inch by inch, revealing a 6-meter-tall, 3-head bogie holding a trident. Of its three heads, one was a human head, another was a dragon head, and the last one was a devil head. The bogie exuded a terrifying might beyond that of gods.

When the bogie inside the statue came to life, its crimson eyes shimmered with killing intent, and two beams of bloody light shot out of its eyes and landed on Yang Feng.


[1] – king character rune – 王 (by courtesy of dhRPGamer)

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