Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 338 – Gods Arrive

Chapter 337 – The Gatekeeper

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Virtually defenseless, Yang Feng was hit by the two beams of red light. Under the pressure of a horrifying force, he couldnt budge by even an inch, looking like time around him stood still.

Even the connection between Yang Feng and the smart chip implanted in his brain was cut off.

When Dolores and Golden Tiger Monarch felt the fluctuations of power released by the monster, they immediately belched a mouthful of blood, suffering a minor injury.

Dolores pretty eyes were filled with shock and fear: “What a terrifying bogie! Im afraid that its even stronger than Goddess Lolth!!!”

When the terrifying might spread from the 3-headed humanoid bogie, the surrounding space rippled, and powerhouses from other planes hiding using stealth were forced into the open.

In the vast field, there were more than 30 experts from other planes.

Dolores face remained unchanged, but her gaze fell on a pale-faced man dressed in black formal aristocratic attire who looked like he had never seen the sun. Despite looking young and handsome, the eyes of the pale-faced man were full of vicissitudes of life, giving rise to two contrasting temperaments.

Golden Tiger Monarchs gaze fell on an ugly, ferocious-looking, burly powerhouse with a single horn inscribed with strange runes on his head and scarlet eyes.

Of the more than 30 experts from other planes, only these two gave Dolores and Golden Tiger Monarch a very dangerous feeling.

“Amazing, as expected of the gatekeeper of Taboo Lord!” The oriental man with his hair combed into a ponytail and a blade on his back was also forced out of stealth. His appearance had changed to that of an occidental person. He looked at the 3-headed humanoid bogie with admiration in his eyes.

“You have Masters aura on you, please come in!” Suddenly, the 3-headed humanoid bogie with a trident in had knelt slowly in front of Yang Feng. Although its three mouths were closed, but a voice echoed in Yang Fengs sea of knowledge.

Dolores mind shook, a look of incredulity in her eyes: “Whats going on? Why did the bogie knelt down in front of him? Isnt he an ordinary Archwizard?”

Dumbstruck, Golden Tiger Monarch muttered: “Isnt he an ordinary descendant of a dragon? Whats happening? Even if he is the illegitimate child of a dragon god, the gatekeeper of Taboo Lord wouldnt have knelt down! Even if a dragon god was here in person, the gatekeeper still wouldnt have knelt down!!”

Everyone present was dumbstruck and couldnt believe their eyes. Although the experts gathered had a fragmented understanding of this place, but they knew how horrifying and formidable the master of the palace was, so they were not surprised by the strength of the gatekeeper the master had selected. However, for the gatekeeper to kneel down in front of Yang Feng was shocking.

Click! Click! The golden gate behind the 3-headed bodgie opened slowly, revealing a magnificent palace. The resplendent light that shot out from the gate tugged at everyones heartstrings.

“Mwahaha! Get me in, you ant!” The single-horned, ferocious-looking demigod rank powerhouse from another plane smiled maliciously, then strangely appeared behind a Great Warlock rank expert from another plane and reached out with his hand. A black rune shot out from his right hand and, as if chains, completely locked the Great Warlock rank expert. The former threw the later with great force.

The locked Great Warlock rank expert flew towards the golden gate in a black stream of light.

Unable to budge due to the black rune, the Great Warlock rank powerhouse from another plane could only fly towards the golden gate powerlessly.

Scarlet light shot from the kneeling gatekeeper and landed on the Great Warlock rank powerhouse.

The Great Warlock expert from another plane issued a bloodcurdling scream before he was turned to ashes floating in the air.

“Any attempt at disrespect towards Master warrants death!” The devil head of the three heads of the gatekeeper stared at the single-horned demigod rank expert from another plane and shot two beams of red light from its eyes.

The single-horned demigod rank expert roared. His body suddenly swelled, and he turned into a 7-meter tall, pitch-black, gorilla-looking level-5 extraordinary life form abemi single-horned ape releasing a black luster.

Abemi single-horned ape was a single-horned ape from the 3rd category Abemi Plane. Adult abemi single-horned apes possessed Starry Sky Warlock strength, and the strongest among the apes could even battle gods, and they didnt fear dragons.

When the two beams of red light shot from the gatekeepers eyes fell on the abemi single-horned ape, the adult ape issued a miserable scream and collapsed into ashes floating in the air in a flash.

The two red beams of light came to a halt before returning into the eyes of the gatekeeper kneeling in front of Yang Feng.

Seeing this scene, the complexions of everyone in the vast field changed dramatically, and their eyes shimmered with dread and astonishment.

The faces of Dolores, Golden Tiger Monarch, and the handsome, pale-faced young man also changed greatly, a look of dread and fear in the abyss of their eyes.

The abemi single-horned ape was an expert of the same rank as Dolores and them. If Dolores fought the ape, it would take her more than 1,000 moves to prevail over the other party.

The gatekeeper turned the abemi single-horned ape into drifting ashes with a gaze. In its view, Dolores and them were just ants that could be killed with a gaze.

Yang Fengs eyes lit up, and he used a spell to transmit his voice: “Gatekeeper, can you help me kill a few enemies?”

“Respected guest, unless my master orders me, my duty is merely to guard this gate and not to let others in. I can only fight back, nothing else. This is an order from my master and I cannot go against it.” The gatekeeper transmitted its voice.

Yang Feng sighed regretfully and stepped into the golden gate.

The golden gate closed after Yang Feng stepped in.

In that vast field, when the experts from different planes saw Yang Feng step into the golden gate, they went nearly crazy from jealousy, yet could do nothing.

“Its here, I found it at last!” A magnificent, tremendous voice suddenly sounded in the sky, and resplendent light fell from the sky and penetrated into the Dark Forest, dispelling the fog above the Dark Forest.

Looking like it could hold the whole world, a huge hand formed from pure light extended from the resplendent light and mercilessly grabbed at the golden palace.

“Shit! The god rank freaks are intervening! This is no longer a place I can get involved!!” The face of the man with his hair combed into a ponytail and a blade on his back changed. With a flick of his wrist, he took out a green leaf.

The green leaf shone with emerald green light that enveloped the man with a blade on his back, and the man disappeared.

As if coming to life, the countless heads of fearsome beings embedded into the golden palace exuded terrific power beyond ordinary gods, and beams of light shot from their mouths, which gathered into one barreling towards the huge hand midair.

Boom!! There was an earth-shaking blare, and a fearsome blast wave spread out.

Swept by the fearsome blast wave, the 6 weakest powerhouses of the 30 odd powerhouses from other planes were turned into ashes drifting in the air.

Doris, Golden Tiger Monarch, and the pale-faced man briskly retreated and speedily moved away from the golden palace.

Due to the attack of the frightening pillar of light, massive amounts of blood fell down onto the ground like rain before being swallowed by the golden palace.

The magnificent voice echoed in the region: “Taboo Lord, as expected of one of the strongest powerhouses in history. Even after their death, the things left behind are still so tricky! Prados, Amigo, Mofeceraja, Arcath, if you want to be the old fisherman who takes advantage of the strife of others then Im out.”

9 sacred horses with a single horn on their heads and two pairs of wings on their backs treading on sacred light and exuding Starry Sky Warlock rank fluctuations of power pulled a chariot covered in endless sacred light that looked like a sun out of the void, hovering midair.

A sacred and radiant light came down from above and scattered on the earth.

“The Radiant Primary God of the Zaliah divine system!” Dolores pretty face changed, and she retreated sharply. When she was illuminated by the radiant light, the darkness power protecting her made sizzling sounds as it was consumed continuously.

If Dolores, who was a cultivator of darkness power, stood next to Radiant Primary God Prados, she would get speedily purified into ashes.

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