Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 339 – The Fearsome Gatekeeper

Chapter 338 – Gods Arrive

Translator: Xaiomoge

Suddenly, frightening war drums reverberated.

When the fearsome war drums sounded, the hearts of the more than 20 powerhouses from other planes started throbbing according to a strange rhythm.

No matter what secret method they employed, the more than 20 Legend rank powerhouses could not take control of their hearts, and the blood inside them roiled according to the strange rhythm.

A 9-headed, 50-meter-long hydra with strange runes engraved all over its body exuding frightening Moonlight Warlock rank fluctuations of power pulling a bone chariot forged from countless god bones emerged from the void. There was a bloody battle aura above the bone chariot, making it impossible to clearly see the being inside the bone chariot.

The bone chariot and radiant chariot opposed each other, and the completely different powers, the rumbling of war drums and pure radiant light, reverberated in the area.

The blood and qi of the more than 20 Legend rank experts from other planes boiled, and they nearly burst and died. Meanwhile, exposed to the warm radiant light, thy recovered continuously.

Boom! The strange sound of war drums abruptly stopped, and the bodies of 10 of the weakest Legend rank powerhouses swelled and exploded.

The faces of the remaining dozen or so Legend rank experts paled, and they watched the bone chariot and radiant chariot in the sky, eyes overcome with fear.

These Legend rank powerhouses who snuck into the Feisuo Plane from other planes were geniuses and legendary figures of their respective planes, so when they entered the Feisuo Plane, they looked down on the weak indigenous people of the Feisuo Plane. But now that they saw the bone chariot and the radiant chariot in the sky, they realized how strong the most frightening experts of the Feisuo Plane were.

A sacred golden oak leaf drifted out of the void as if a large ship. Blooming atop the golden oak leaf the size of a large ship, countless flowers formed a beautiful and moving flower cottage, which obscured the appearance of the person inside. The fragrance of flowers wafted out of the flower cottage.

A 9-headed lion pulling a luxury litter inlaid with precious stones emerged from the void. Aboard the luxury litter sat a majestic burly lionman powerhouse with lion ears and a lion tail wrapped around the waist exuding a tyrannic and domineering aura. The lionman powerhouse wantonly played with two peerlessly beautiful foxman women, having no qualms about the surrounding gazes.

“Greetings, mighty Primary God!” When Golden Tiger Monarch saw the burly lionman expert, his face changed dramatically. He knelt on the ground and kowtowed deferentially.

Lion God Arcath was not only a god lionman believed in, but was also one of the two primary gods of the entire beastman empire. He was respected and worshiped by the entire beastman empire.

“So its you, Akina! Its dangerous here. A small-fry like you should not be here. Leave!” Arcath casually swept Golden Tiger Monarch with a glance and flicked his hand. A dot of red light fell from the sky and landed on Golden Tiger Monarch.

In the blink of an eyes, Golden Tiger Monarch disappeared.

When the dozen or so Legend rank powerhouses saw Golden Tiger Monarch disappear, their eyes flickered with envy. They didnt dare to move. So long as they did anything suspicious, they would be plunged into the struggle between the auras of the 4 strong divine power rank gods hovering above them.

Even Dolores standing furthest away humbly prostrated herself on the ground, shivering.

In front of gods, mortals must remain humble. This was also clearly stated in the treaty of the gods. Once a mortal provoked or profaned a god, the god had the right to take action and kill said mortal.

A brutal battle intent came from the bone chariot: “Prados, lets fight. I havent fought you for a long time, for over 100,000 years! Let me see how much progress you have made!”

Rumbles of countless war drums echoed around the bone chariot, and the aura of war seeped out of the bone chariot.

The hearts of the dozen odd Legend rank experts throbbed madly and their eyes turned bloodshot.

An aloof voice full of prestige came from the sacred radiant chariot: “Amigo, you stupid ox! Mofeceraja and Arcath are watching. And they are also spying on us. The gods of the darkness divine system have yet to show themselves as well. After the things here are resolved, we can go to the Astral Boundary and have a good fight!”

After signing the treaty of the gods, battles between gods were usually only fought in their respective divine countries or in the Astral Boundary.

If two feeble divine power rank gods fought in the secular world, the aftermath of their struggle could easily destroy two small principalities.

“Gatekeeper, Taboo Lord died long ago. Its pointless for you to guard this gate! Step aside and let us in!! You are not our match!! As long as you step aside, the Zaliah divine system is willing to accept you and allocate you enough believers for you to ignite your divine fire and ascend to godhood. Youll be one of the Zaliah divine systems gods, lofty and eternal!!” The voice of Zaliah divine systems Radiant Primary God Prados came from the chariot shrouded in radiant light.

When his words fell, the eyes of the dozen odd Legend rank experts, including Dolores, glimmered with envy.

To become a lofty god on the Feisuo Plane was the ultimate goal of those powerhouses who came from other planes without hesitation.

Once you ascended to godhood, even if you were a human, your life essence would go through a tremendous transformation and surpass innumerable extraordinary life forms at one stroke, and you would possess a lifespan of several million years at least.

Even countless powerhouses among human Warlocks of the Cangzhi Plane, in order to live longer, to extend their lifespan chose to leave the Cangzhi Plane and go to lesser planes to ascend to godhood and become gods.

The position of a god was extremely precious, and many experts would pay any price to achieve it.

“I decline! Master ordered me to guard this palace. Unless Master orders me to, I will never leave this palace!” The 3-headed bogie proudly stood in front of the golden gate with trident in hand. Looking up at Radiant Primary God Prados in the air above, unyielding will flashed in its eyes.

Prados voice came from the radiant chariot: “Since you are this stubborn, then go to hell!”

In the sky, the 4 strong divine power rank gods exuded fearsome divine might, yet they didnt make the first move. They were stuck in a stalemate with the gatekeeper.

The gatekeeper was, after all, a frightening being Taboo Lord left behind, and no one knew how strong it was. The relationship between the 4 strong divine power rank gods was complicated, none of them willing to take the initiative and let the others take advantage of the situation.

“Ill go first, you four follow behind! If you arent willing, then Im out!” The mysterious voice sighed, and another giant hand fell from above and mercilessly grabbed at the golden palace.

In front of the frightening giant hand, the imposing and magnificent golden palace looked like a toy that could be seized at will.

“Presumptuous! For defiling Masters palace, for this crime, you deserve to die 10,000 times over!” The gatekeepers six eyes widened. With a roar, it suddenly raised the trident in its had and stabbed at the fearsome huge hand. Dazzling bloody light shot from the trident and slashed towards the giant hand above.

“You dare to chop off an arm of mine! Ill kill you!” Accompanied by a furious scream, the fearsome giant hand was severed, and then burst into copious amounts of blood and flesh raining down.

The numerous heads embedded into the golden palace opened their ferocious mouths and breathed in, gobbling all the blood and flesh up.

Almost at the same time, virtually boundless light gushed out of the radiant chariot and shone on the golden palace.

The golden palace trembled, and the countless heads opened their eyes. Eyes sparkling with ferocious and bloody light, the fearsome heads shot beams of bloody light towards the radiant light from their ferocious mouths, resisting the erosion of the radiant light.

An emerald green arrow containing endless power of nature suddenly shot out of the flower cottage on the golden oak leaf.

Arrow of Nature was the strongest archery technique the elven Primary God Mofeceraja had mastered.

It was by relying on the mysterious and unpredictable archery technique Arrow of Nature that elves, who only had a single strong divine power rank god standing guard could found one of the 4 major empires of the Feisuo Plane. No expert of the same rank was willing to face Mofecerajas Arrow of Nature.

Virtually without any sound or sign, the gatekeepers chest was pierced through, and a large hole was left in its chest. As the power of nature erupted in its chest, bizarre rattans crazily grew along its body, two of which stabbed towards its eyes like flood dragons.

“Ahhh!!!!” The gatekeeper spewed out a big mouthful of blood and uttered an earth-shaking howl. Suddenly, a bloody power burst out from inside it, withering the rattans on it.

The heads of some of the remaining dozen or so Legend Rank powerhouses exploded, leaving only 6 people barely alive.

Bloody light shot into the gatekeeper from the golden palace, enabling its power to rise steadily.

The gatekeepers six eyes turned and locked on the elven Primary God Moficeraja hidden in the flower cottage.

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