Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 340 – Taboo Text

Chapter 339 – The Fearsome Gatekeeper

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Bloody light enveloped the gatekeeper. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared and reappeared in front of the golden oak leaf and stabbed the bloody trident at the golden oak leaf.

“Gatekeeper, your opponent is me!” Arcath abruptly shot out of the litter, unleashed the god rank martial skill Lion God Claw he created, and grabbed at the gatekeeper with a claw containing a fearsome might capable of tearing everything apart.

Making a 180 degrees turn, the gatekeepers devil head suddenly shot two scarlet beams of light that slammed into Arcaths Lion God Claw and blocked it.

The bloody trident stabbed into the golden oak leaf in that split second.

A copious amount of golden blood sprinkled onto the earth from the golden oak leaf.

A peerlessly beautiful woman with long, emerald hair, an hourglass waist, bulging twin peaks, sparkling skin, and a noble temperament dressed in delicate, luxurious green leaf armor flew out of the golden oak leaf. There was a huge bloody hole on her abdomen, and a copious amount of blood spilled out of the bloody hole.

That strike from the gatekeeper had seriously injured the elven Primary God Mofeceraja, weakening her strength by a little.

Arcaths Lion God Claw grabbed the gatekeepers right shoulder and tore a huge gush into it.

A silver sword in hand, Amigo strangely appeared behind the gatekeeper and slashed at the laters left arm, slicing it in twine.

The gatekeeper bellowed, burst out with fearsome bloody light, and changed into a 50-meter-tall 9-headed archaic golden dragon in an instant.

Vast, fearsome might spread from the 9-headed archaic golden dragon, and it opened the its nine mouths and belched nine archaic dragon breaths, which shot towards the four powerhouses.

Countless beams of radiant light shot out of the radiant chariot and swept towards an archaic dragon breath, which was purified and collapsed before it could reach the radiant chariot.

Arcaths Lion God Claw slammed into an archaic dragon breath and tore up a crack in space, and the archaic dragon breath was banished into the spatial crack.

Amigo slashed with the silver sword at an archaic dragon breath, slicing it apart.

The remaining six archaic dragon breaths barreled towards Mofeceraja like meteors.

Mofecerajas pretty complexion changed. Clenching her teeth, she waved her lily-white hand, and a dark green jade plate suddenly appeared in her hand. A stream of dark green water of nature shot out of the god armament plate of nature and swept towards the six archaic dragon breaths.

The archaic dragon breaths, which even magic water could not extinguish, issued sizzling sounds and collapsed when they met the water of nature.

Hidden amid the archaic dragon breath, the bloody trident ran through the dark green water of nature and impaled Mofeceraja, nailing her to the ground.

Bloody corrosive force quickly spread towards Mofeceraja.

Mofecerajas pretty face paled, and she pointed upwards.

Suddenly, a huge gash opened in the void, revealing a verdant divine country filled with the aura of nature and countless beautiful elves.

Green divine power of nature gushed out of the divine country like an ocean and entered Mofeceraja.

The bloody trident pierced into Mofecerajas abdomen was sent tumbling in the air by the fearsome divine power of nature.

The countless beautiful elves within the divine country, as if they felt something, knelt on the ground and recited prayers.

The divine power of nature continuously poured into Mofeceraja and quickly healed her injuries.

The reason why gods were virtually unrivaled within the same rank was because they could use the unending stream of divine power within their divine country. There were virtually no other beings capable of comparing with god rank powerhouses in terms of the ability to sustain a prolonged battle.

“Fool, this is the residence of Taboo Lord! You dare to open your divine country here to draw support from? Thats foolish indeed!” The gatekeeper smiled coldly and pointed at the projection of the divine country midair with the bloody trident in his hand.

The grey river in front of the palace suddenly erupted, soared into the air, and, as if crossing a barrier, plunged into Mofecerajas divine country.

Within Mofecerajas divine country, the complexions of the beautiful and powerful elves that entered in contact with the gray water changed, and they dropped from the divine country and plunged into the gray water.

“This is Styx! You can control Styx!!” Mofecerajas face suddenly changed dramatically, and she exclaimed. At the same time, she pointed with he finger, and the entrance to the divine kingdom was immediately closed shut.

The Netherworld was the final destination of the deceased, and each plane had their own Netherworld. The Cangzhi Plane was linked to countless planes via Styx. Only if the deceased were believers of gods, would their souls be accepted into divine countries. Otherwise, the souls of the deceased would enter the Netherworld due to the nether law, and then have their memories washed away by Styx.

Within a divine country, any existence apart from the god that was polluted by the water of Styx would fall into the Netherworld.

Mofeceraja was a strong divine power rank god. Nevertheless, only by expending a tremendous amount of divine power, could her true body rescue one or two elves from the clutches of the water of Styx.

This guaranteed that once the water of Styx entered her divine kingdom, the souls of her believers would fall into the Netherworld.

“Only the nether gods of each plane that grasp the nether law or a mighty existence like Master can control Styx. However, thanks to Master, I can somewhat control the Styx here as well.” Eyes flashing with a fierce glint, the gatekeeper mercilessly slammed its dragon claw into Mofeceraja, and she spat out a mouthful of golden blood.

Suddenly, countless rays of radiant light surrounding the radiant chariot condensed into a 30-meter-long battle blade filled with boundless radiant divine power and fearsome might.

Radiant Edge of Adjudication was one of Radiant Primary God Prados most fearsome offensive divine spells.

When Radiant Edge of Adjudication was formed, it entered the void. In the next moment, the blade appeared in front of the gatekeeper and mercilessly slashed down.

In response, a huge golden dragon head fell, and a copious amount of red blood sprayed from the severed head of the gatekeeper.

The gatekeeper once gain slammed its dragon claw into Great Elven Monarch Mofeceraja, crushing her viscera, and she spat out another mouthful of golden blood.

The remaining eight golden dragon heads belched archaic dragon breaths, sending them barreling towards the four experts.

Three archaic dragon breaths were respectively blocked by Prados and the other two experts. The other five dragon breaths slammed into Mofeceraja and burned madly, making her utter bloodcurdling screams.

In the Dark Forest, Mofeceraja was restricted, unable to fully display her fighting strength. As such, she could not withstand the crazed offensive of the gatekeeper.

The bloody trident pointed at Mofeceraja, and the water of Styx suddenly flew towards her.

Mofecerajas pretty face fell. Gritting her teeth, she silently chanted an incantation, and numerous green rattans shot out from her leaf armor, sending the claw of the 9-headed dragon away. She blurred into motion and fled into the distance.

Mofeceraja had noticed that the gatekeepers strategy was to injure, or even kill her. Although this was only one of her clones she sent into the secular world, but it was extremely important. She spent a copious amount of divine power and countless outstanding treasures to produce this clone, and it was even more precious than many god rank armaments. She could not let it die here.

Radiant Edge of Adjudication slashed down and sliced off another head of the 9-headed golden dragon.

Arcaths Lion Divine Claw slammed onto a head of the 9-headed golden dragon and shattered the golden dragon head, and blood splashed about.

Amigo slashed with his sword and instantly chopped off a head of the 9-headed golden dragon.

Despite losing four of its heads, the gatekeeper didnt seem to care. It mercilessly slammed its claw into Amigo, swatting him into the ground.

The bloody trident streaked across space and stabbed into Amigo. With the bloody trident as a guidepost, the water of Styx fell from above, formed a vortex, and entered Amigo.

“Ah!” Amigos clone issued a miserable screams as gray gas spread throughout his body.

The water of Styx was extremely poisonous to any intelligent life form, and even clones of gods would sustain severe injuries if stained by it.

The Radiant Edge of Adjudication slashed down again and severed a dragon head of the gatekeeper.

Arcaths Lion Divine Claw smashed another dragon head of the gatekeeper.

The gatekeeper, however, didnt care about that. It pierced Amigos clone with its huge claws and tore the clone eroded by the water of Styx into pieces.

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