Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 341 – Promoting to a Great Warlock

Chapter 340 – Taboo Text

Translator: Xaiomoge

When they saw Amigo perish, Arcath and Prados were shaken, and their faces fell.

Although what perished was just a clone, but it was one of Amigos strongest clones. And now that the clone perished and the soul of the clone was stained by the water of Styx, even Amigos true body would suffer not a negligible injury.

The gatekeepers incarnation of the archaic 9-headed golden dragon only had three heads left at the moment. As overbearing auras pervaded its body, it slowly bled from its six severed or crushed heads, which showed no signs of healing.

Although archaic 9-headed golden dragons possessed a terrific healing ability, but the attacks of Arcath and Prados contained terrific power of law, which severed the healing ability of the gatekeepers incarnation of archaic 9-headed golden dragon.

Prados dignified voice came from the radiant chariot: “Gatekeeper, you only have three heads left! You will die if you keep fighting! We, on the other hand, are here only with our clones! Even if we have to give up these two clones, we will go inside!!”

“No! I still have countless heads!” Shining with red, bloody light, the gatekeeper reverted to its 3-headed humanoid bogie form. Nearly two-thirds of its dragon head was cut off, and it dripped blood.

The gatekeeper grabbed its dragon head, tore it off, and threw it towards the wall of the palace. Next, it pointed with the trident, and the head of a giant on the wall of the palace flew out and attached to it.

Red power spread from the bloody trident and covered the gatekeeper, and it transformed into a 100-meter-tall argus panoptes with bulging muscles and 100 eyes on its head exuding a fearsome aura, seemingly capable of splitting the heaven and earth apart! [1]

“The gatekeeper appointed by Taboo Lord indeed! Unfortunately, my true body isnt here! Otherwise, I really would like to fight you!!” A sigh came from the radiant chariot. The 9 sacred horses faced upwards and neighed. Treading on sacred light, they pulled the chariot into the void and disappeared.

“As expected of the gatekeeper chosen by Taboo Lord, youre really strong! Its a pity that my true body cant come. Otherwise, I would really like to fight you.” Arcath shone brightly and appeared inside the luxury litter in a flash. Treading on resplendent light, the 9-headed lion pulled the luxury litter into the void.

The gatekeeper suddenly raised its head and looked deeply at an area covered in bright light.

“A bunch of good-for-nothings!” From the area covered in bright light came a gloomy sigh, and the bright light collapsed and disappeared.

The gatekeeper glowed red and reverted to its 3-headed boogie form. With the bloody trident in hand, it slowly walked back to the golden gate.

Pieces of stone flew into the air and covered the gatekeeper, turning it back into a statue.

Dolores and the remaining Legend rank powerhouses took a deep look at the gatekeeper statue, and fear glimmered in the abyss of their eyes. They blurred into motion and quickly escaped from here.

After witnessing the fearsome might of the Feisuo Planes gods as well as the gatekeeper, the Legend rank powerhouses from other planes were well aware that so long as the gatekeeper didnt die, the relic of Taboo Lord was not theirs for the taking.

Inside the golden palace guarded by the gatekeeper.

Unlike the luxurious and magnificence outside, the inside of the golden palace was covered with green vines blooming with beautiful flowers.

The fragrances the beautiful flowers exuded formed a unique fragrance in the air.

Yang Feng just took in a breath of the unique fragrance and he felt immediately light and refreshed, very comfortable, and full of strength.

Yang Feng praised sincerely: “How amazing. As expected of Taboo Lord, one of the strongest experts in the history of the Cangzhi Plane, no, of the countless planes!”

Long term intake of this mixed fragrance of flowers could rapidly enhance the physical aptitude of a cultivator and promote their cultivation base.

There was a branch of Warlocks of the Cangzhi Plane called Fragrance Warlocks. This branch of Warlocks used various fragrances to compose fragrances that could enhance their cultivation base. Fragrance Warlocks were the best perfumers on the Cangzhi Plane, and the fragrances and perfumes they composed were called magic perfumes and possessed mystical powers. Reportedly, the progenitor of Fragrance Warlocks was Taboo Lord, the founder of the 2nd Warlock Dynasty.

Inside the palace covered in flowers in full bloom that looked like a scene taken out of a fairy tail, there was a dais with a jade table.

On the jade table, there were two small jade boxes and a jade book.

The two small jade boxes and the jade book radiated a brilliant light that illuminated the whole palace beautifully.

Yang Fengs eyes lit up, and a scorching glint flashed past the abyss of his eyes. He stepped forward and picked up the jade book.

“Taboo Text!” When Yang Feng grasped the jade book, a piece of information was transmitted into his sea of knowledge from the jade book, enabling him to understand how to read the jade book. At the same time, information on the book gushed into his sea of knowledge.

“This book contains the first six volumes of the Taboo Text. Volume 1 can enable a person to practice cultivation until the official Warlock rank; volume 2 can enable a person to practice until the Great Warlock rank; volume 3 can enable a person to practice until the Starry Sky Warlock rank; volume 4 can enable a person to practice until the Moonlight Warlock rank; volume 5 can enable a person to practice until the Glorious Dawn Warlock rank; volume 5 can enable a person to practice until the Bright World Warlock rank.”

“In addition to the six volumes of the original version of the Taboo Text, this book still contains a secret method they deduced in later years – the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body cultivation method, which needs to be used along with a primal chaos bead they made to be cultivated. There is a primal chaos bead here!”

Yang Feng took the two small jade boxes, and his eyes flashed with a scorching glint.

Inside the two small jade boxes, there was a total of two beads. One jade box contained the aforementioned primal chaos bead, which was needed to cultivate Primal Chaos Imperishable Body. The other jade box contained a taboo bead, which was needed to cultivate the original version of the Taboo Text.

Time Text, Taboo Text, Demonic Divine Text, Star Text, Death Text, Golem Text, and Magic Note Text were known as the strongest texts created by human Warlocks of the Cangzhi Plane. These 7 texts were the culmination of lifes work of the strongest 7 Warlock Emperors of the Cangzhi Plane.

Throughout the ages, due to the difficulty in cultivation, the 7 texts were mostly lost, with only odd bits and pieces remaining, which were simplified to facilitate the cultivation of them for the later generations to boot.

Take the Taboo Text as example. Without the taboo bead, this peerless secret method created by Taboo Lord could not be successfully cultivated.

As for the Time Text, only someone with the Time Dwelling Body, an outrageous geniuses with time force affinity, was qualified to cultivate this method. On the Cangzhi Plane, only Time Lord practiced the Time Text to its peak.

Even the other 6 Warlock Emperors, who were amazing geniuses in their own right, could not practice the peerless secret method Time Text.

Yang Feng collected the several treasures and looked around. In addition to the dais, there were two passageways.

From the Taboo Text, Yang Feng knew that one of the passageways led to outside the Dark Forest, and the other led to Taboo Lords living quarters.

After hesitating for a moment, Yang Feng walked towards the passageway leading to the place where Taboo Lord lived. He was very interested in Taboo Lord, the founder of the 2nd Warlock Dynasty.

When Yang Feng stepped into the passageway, the powerful force of a barrier erupted and flung him back by dozens of meters.

Yang Feng smiled wryly: “It seems that although Taboo Lord has left treasures behind, but he didnt want others to pry into his living quarters.”

Yang Feng put down Glicedar and Esramia fastened to his back.

He said solemnly: “I want to practice cultivation here for a period of time. During the time we stay here, the both of you try to recover as much of your strength as possible!”

The palace was filled with mystical fragrance that was configured by Taboo Lord. It was a peerless treasure capable of promoting a cultivators physique and cultivation base.

Yang Feng wanted to seize this opportunity and to stay in the palace to practice cultivation and improve his strength.

“Good!” Glicedar and Esramia nodded in agreement. They felt the mystical fragrance that permeated the palace heal their wounds.

Even Esramia, who had been suppressed by a curse, could feel her body get nourished and healed.

Yang Feng took out the taboo bead and pressed it against his forehead. At the same time, according to the records in the Taboo Text, he began to operate a secret method. He silently recited an incantation and pointed at the taboo bead.

Dark light shimmered and the taboo bead slowly sank into Yang Fengs forehead before finally entering his sea of knowledge.

When the taboo bead entered his sea of knowledge, it slammed into his soul seed as if a star-sized meteor.

A sharp pain was transmitted from his sea of knowledge. His spirit sea shook, and the spell models inside the spirit sea trembled nonstop, on the verge of collapse.


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