Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 342 – The Meheecan Principality

Chapter 341 – Promoting to a Great Warlock

Translator: Xaiomoge

The taboo bead merged with Yang Fengs soul seed inch by inch.

A vast force spread from the taboo bead and madly sucked at the spell models inside Yang Fengs spirit sea, absorbing them into the taboo bead.

Under the suction force of the taboo bead, the power of the black dragon bloodline inside him was removed little by little and merged into the taboo bead.

When he lost the power of the black dragon bloodline, his aura became a lot weaker.

Not long after, powerful black dragon force was released from the taboo bead and spread throughout him, nourishing and strengthening his fleshly body, and restoring its original strength.

Taboo Lord was a peerless expert who fused with the powers of countless bloodlines and finally climbed to the peak. The original version of the Taboo Text was a Bloodline Warlock Text that used the power of the taboo bead and the powers of countless bloodlines to climb to the apex step by step.

In general, Bloodline Warlocks were only able to merge with one bloodline and possess the power one extraordinary life form. But after cultivating the Taboo Text, so long as you absorbed the powers of countless extraordinary life form bloodlines, you could possess the powers of countless extraordinary life forms. Besides, once you cultivated until the peak, you could even merge the powers of countless life form bloodlines and turn them into taboo magic power, which was a terrific power superior to divine power.

10 days later, Yang Feng completely integrated with the taboo bead and adapted to the transformed power.

With the help of the mystical fragrance, Yang Feng began to charge towards the Great Warlock realm.

Time went by and in the blink of an eye, it was three months later.

Inside the palace, Yang Feng opened his eyes, and a vast and boundless dragon might slowly spread out from him, as if a black dragon that had just grown up opened its eyes to search for prey.

Yang Feng felt the almost infinite power inside him, and the corners of his mouth rose: “I finally advanced to a Great Warlock!!”

Ever since he acquired the resources of the major powers on the Turandot Subcontinent, it was only a matter of time before he was promoted to a Great Warlock.

Because he had laid a fairly solid foundation, he could advance to a Great Warlock with the help of the miraculous fragrance pervading inside the palace of Taboo Lord.

Esramia opened her beautiful eyes. Taking a deep look at Yang Feng, her beautiful eyes glimmered with praise: “Its really amazing. In a few years time, an ordinary Great Wizard has stepped into the Legend realm at one stroke! He may even become a god one day!!”

“Become a god!” When she thought of this, Esramia secretly sighed inside, and her pretty eyes dimmed.

Gods were lofty beings that overlooked the secular world, their position sublime.

Esramia was one of the most powerful great elven monarchs in history, her talent amazing. Despite not having ignited her divine fire and become a true demigod, she was a super powerhouse with pinnacle demigod rank power.

The slots in the elven divine system were already full and no believers were allocated to Esramia for her to ascend to godhood, so her best outcome was to enter the divine country of the elven Primary God Mofeceraja and become a demigod rank saint who served the primary god after death.

Humans of the Feisuo Plane who hadnt ignited their divine fire could only reach pinnacle Legend rank at most. Without drawing support from external forces, humans fundamentally could not take the step to reach the demigod realm.

Elves, dragons, fiends, devils, kindred, giants, and other powerful existences could break through the Legend boundary and reach the demigod realm by relying on secret methods of their races. However, to gain god rank power on the Feisuo Plane without ascending to godhood was an extremely difficult task.

Elves, dragons, fiends, devils, kindred, giants, and other such races came from different planes. On their planes, it was fairly easy for them to break through to the god rank, but on the Feisuo Plane, this task was difficult to the extreme.

This was because different planes had different laws and environments and were suitable for different breakthroughs and evolution.

As a 1st category plane, the Cangzhi Plane had extremely strong tolerance and adaptability and rich vigor of heaven and earth. No matter the race, everyone could break through and evolve here, which made it the target for all races.

On the Feisuo Plane, however, even such a rare genius like Esramia had virtually no hope to break through the divine boundary and become a god rank powerhouse without the aid of external forces.

Yang Feng came up to the two women and asked: “How are you doing?”

Glicedar smiled charmingly in response: “Master, my strength has recovered until advanced Legend rank. Although I cant use divine spells, but my archery skill isnt inferior to human Legend rank archers.”

Esramia also revealed a smile: “The fragrance in this palace can suppress the curse Kiss of Lolth. My strength has recovered until junior Legend rank.”

Yang Feng spoke: “Lets go! Its time to get out of here!”

When Yang Feng stepped into the passageway leading outside, a feeling of spatial distortion surged into his mind, his vision blurred, and he appeared in a bright land.

“Were no longer in the underground world!” Looking up at the sun, Yang Feng secretly heaved a sigh and revealed a smile.

The advanced demigod rank expert Dolores was still not an existence that Yang Feng could contend with. Even if he joined forces with Esramia and Glicedar, he still could not defeat Dolores.

Esramia gazed at the sun in a daze, a complex look in her eyes.

Yang Feng suddenly said: “Esramia, do you want to return to the elves? If Im not mistaken, there should be a mole among the elves, and the status of the mole should be extremely high. Otherwise, the moonlight tree wouldnt be broken through so easily!! If you go back as you are now, youll walk right into a trap.”

The moonlight tree was equivalent to the Victory Palace of the Morrince Empire, its defense exceedingly strong. Even with Goddess Lolth, who was a traitor of the high elves, the moonlight tree shouldnt have been so easily infiltrated. For dark elves and abyssal fiends to sneak into the moonlight tree without any sound or sign, the status of the mole had to be exceedingly high.

Esramia sighed gloomily and uttered: “I know! Ill stay with you for the time being!”

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose, and he silently recited an incantation and pointed to the sky. Magic light shone, and a huge magic eye suddenly appeared midair, looking around.

Yang Fengs eyes lit up, and he pointed to the west and said solemnly: “There is a human city in that direction! Lets go!”

Yang Feng and his party soon reached the entrance of the city.

The citys city wall was over 20 meter tall, there was a moat surrounding the city, and the gate was closed shut. Above the city wall, squads of warriors patrolled nonstop, as if facing a great enemy.

Refugees flocking from all around crowded outside the gate, yet it didnt look like the gate would open to take them in.

“Let me in!! Please, let me it!!”

“Let me in!!”

“Please, let me in! The fiends are coming!!”


A cacophony of miserable and tragic screams came from the refugees.

“I command you to leave here at once! Otherwise, Ill have you shot down!” Atop the city wall, an officer overlooking the refugees down below with a frosty gaze barked and raised his hand.

The 200 archers atop the city wall immediately raised their bows and pointed at the refugees.

When the refugees saw the action of the archers atop the city wall, their faces changed dramatically, and they rushed backwards.

With countless people pushing and shoving, many weaker refugees were pushed into the moat, screaming.

Neither elves nor dark elves thought highly of humans. Glicedar watched the cruel scene with relish, while Esramia averted her gaze. Although she didnt have a high opinion of humans, but she couldnt bear to watch as these humans died senselessly.

Yang Feng frowned when he saw this scene. Although he knew that he wasnt a good person, but watching this scene play out still made him upset.

“Fire!” A ruthless look in his eyes and a cruel smile on his face, the officer atop the city wall waved his hand and shouted sternly.

Immediately after, a rain of 200 arrows shot towards the refugees down below.

“Stop!” Following a stern shout, a person covered in a black cloak pointed with their finger, and a powerful warping force field suddenly appeared above the refugees.

The 200 arrows were ricocheted by the warping force field.

“A Wizard!! Go invite Sir Pope post-haste!” When the officer saw this, his face changed greatly, and he shouted at once.

Several warriors ran down the wall and rushed towards the church in the city.

“Open the gate! Let these people in!” A magnetic, commanding voice came from underneath the cloak.

The officer had an awkward expression on his face, yet he humbled down and uttered respectfully: “Sir Wizard, this is His Majestys order. Please dont make things difficult for nobodies like us! I have sent a report to Sir Pope and His Majesty regarding the current development. Please wait a minute.”

The Wizard concealed underneath the cloak responded after a while: “All right.”

Not long after, a middle-aged man in a gorgeous robe surrounded by a dozen priests came to the top of the city wall.

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