Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 345 – Ambush

Chapter 344 – A Set-up

Translator: Xaiomoge

The attendant took Yang Feng to a palace, then pushed open the door and entered.

When Yang Feng stepped into the palace, he saw Tissinis naked body suddenly fly towards him. There was a bloody hole in the place where her heart should be, looking terrifying.

“No good, I fell into a trap!” Yang Feng looked at the body flying over, and his face suddenly fell. An ominous premonition welled up inside him, and his right hand shot towards the attendant.

Only the attendant could prove Yang Fengs innocence.

Boom!! Accompanied by a loud noise, the attendant who led Yang Feng to the palace blew apart, and countless pieces splashed about.

“Tissini! Ian, you beast! I will kill you!!” From outside the entrance to the palace came Kisads bloodcurdling roar.

Yang Feng looked over and saw Kisad standing at the entrance with bloodshot eyes, looking like a wounded beast. His eyes were overcome with resentment and killing intent.

Yang Feng frowned and said solemnly: “Mr, its a misunderstanding! Its a trap. I didnt kill her. Someone is trying to set me up! If Im not mistaken, the purpose of this plot should be for us to fight each other! Please calm down. Lets work together and find out the real culprit.”

“Princess Tissini was raped and killed by Duke Ian of the Morrince Empire!” As if right on cue, a palace maid appeared outside the entrance and issued an anguished scream.

Kisads eyes flashed fiercely. He suddenly erupted with fearsome Legend rank power, drew his magic sword, and stabbed towards Yang Feng in a river-like sword strike.

Yang Fengs eyebrows wrinkled. With a flick of his wrist, a secret treasure sword forged from divine blood steel suddenly appeared in his hand. Unleashing the Demonic Fighting Sword Art, he slashed out with multiple sword rays sweeping towards Kisad.

Kisads sword art was called Meheecan River Secret Sword, and it was created by the God of the Meheecan River. Once performed, it was like a long river, endless and powerful.

Amid crisp sounds, Yang Fengs sword rays collapsed ceaselessly, forcing him to step back.

Yang Feng cultivated magic, extraordinary botany, extraordinary biology, alchemy, and many other methods. Although he had promoted to a Great Warlock, but in terms of accomplishments in swordsmanship, there was a big gap between him and Kisad, who delved into swordsmanship.

Falling back step by step, the anger in Yang Fengs eyes mounted, and his words became laced with frigid killing intent: “I didnt kill that woman! Do you understand speech?”

Aiming at Yang Fengs key points, each of Kisads sword strikes contained endless killing intent. Clearly, he would not stop before killing Yang Feng, which in turn gave rise to a frigid killing intent inside Yang Feng.

Kisads bloodshot eyes shimmered with a frenzied killing intent, and he said chilly: “Go to hell! Im going to hack you into a million pieces and use your corpse to make an offering to Tissini!!”

“In that case! Drop dead, asshole!” Yang Fengs heart surged with killing intent, and his eyes were gradually overcome with a thick killing intent. He silently recited an incantation, pointed at Kisad, and conjured the level-4 spell Advanced Disintegrate. Containing boundless killing intent, green magic light capable of disintegrating a Great Warlock rank expert shot towards Kisad.

Kisads complexion changed dramatically, and he placed the sword to block in front of him in the nick of time.

Clang! Along with a crisp sound, Kisads magic sword that could withstand the sword forged from divine blood steel crumbled into dust, which drifted away in the wind.

Kisads face fell, a dignified glint shone in his maddened eyes, and he gnashed his teeth, saying: “A Legend rank spell! You reached the Legend Wizard rank, no wonder youre so rampant as to enact such a fiendish deed as raping and killing Princess Tissini!”

Experts at the Legend Wizard rank possessed the fearsome power to threaten the life of Kisad. Therefore, even though he was a gods darling, he would have to give his all in this fight.

On the Feisuo Plane, gods darlings were super geniuses favored by the heavens, and their cultivation speed was far faster than that of ordinary people. However, Legend Warlocks who managed climb to the peak under the suppression of the Weave werent simple characters either. Many gods darlings had met their doom at the hands of Legend Wizards.

A large number of fully-armed guards poured in from outside, staring at Yang Feng like a tiger watching its prey.

Archers raised their bows and aimed at Yang Feng, ready to fire at a moments notice.

Archduke Meheecan came in under the escort of countless guards. When he entered the palace, he saw the naked body of Tissini lying in a pool of blood, and tears streamed down his face. He screamed in anguish: “Tissini, my precious daughter, my treasure! Oh heavens! Ian, you beast, why have you done this to my daughter!! You scum!! Why? Why? Kill him!! Kill this beast!!”

At the command of Archduke Meheecan, the archers immediately fired hundreds of arrows shooting towards Yang Feng in a rain of arrows, giving him no chance to explain himself.

Of the hundreds of arrows, two were special magic arrows laced with terrific Firmament Knight rank qi, their might fearsome. If they made a misstep, even Legend rank experts would be severely injured or even killed by such a arrow.

“In that case, it seems that I am forced to become somebody elses knife. Ill send you to the Netherworld to repent!” A fierce glint flashed past Yang Fengs eyes, and he unleashed the level-4 spell Dragon Might in an instant. With him as the center, a boundless, fearsome dragon might spread in all directions.

Under the crushing impact of the dragon might, Archduke Meheecan, who was an ordinary person, fell to his knees with a look of fear on his face.

Of the hundreds of guards escorting Archduke Meheecan, the faces of more than 95% of the guards fell. Trembling and holding their weapons unsteadily, they knelt on the ground.

Only the few Sky Knight rank experts and upwards managed to stand still and resist the fearsome dragon might by urging their qi.

“This is dragon might! Ian, you dragon hybrid!! Die!!” Kisads eyes shimmered ferociously. He silently recited an incantation, and a mysterious divine rune emerged on his forehead. For a split second, he seemed to be connected with a vast and mighty existence, and terrifying divine power spread through his body.

“Sword of the Meheecan River!” Brilliant divine might gushed out of the mysterious divine rune on his forehead and condensed into an earth-yellow, 6-meter-long sword that seemed have waves roiling atop it.

Fearsome divine might spread from the earth-yellow sword, as if it was condensed from the power of a god.

“Black Dragon Morph!” Yang Fengs face fell, and he unleashed the ultimate secret method recorded in Black Dragon Morph at once. A copious amount of black dragon force as well as terrific power of black dragon bloodline poured out of the taboo bead.

Rumble!! In a split second, Yang Feng traced back to the bloodline source and transformed into a 50-meters long ancient black dragon covered in black scales exuding a fearsome ancient dragon might.

Yang Fengs avatar the ancient black dragon opened its ferocious maw and belched a terrifying ancient dragon breath shooting towards the earth-yellow sword.

After his transformation into an ancient black dragon, Yang Fengs strength reached quasi-Starry Sky Warlock boundary. The might of the dragon breath he belched was four times as great as when in his human form.

The Sword of Meheecan River suddenly erupted and turned into a beam of earth-yellow light that instantly slashed at the black dragon breath, slicing it in twine.

Sliced in twine, the black dragon breath landed amid the crowd of guards and raised fearsome black flames.

Amid the black flames, the few experts of the Meheecan Principality who stood straight despite the dragon might were turned into ashes.

As long as they entered in contact with a trace of the dragon breath, the rest of the guards were burned to ashes. The archduke of the Meheecan Province was turned into ashes under the power of the black dragon breath.

After it sliced the black dragon breath, the Sword of the Meheecan River shrank, and its might was reduced by more than half. However, it still slashed at Yang Fengs avatar the black dragon, slicing open his black dragon scales and flesh, nearly slicing his neck off.

As a copious amount of blood sprayed out of the neck of Yang Fengs avatar the ancient black dragon, Yang Feng grabbed the Sword of the Meheecan River before it could behead him and crushed it.

When he crushed the Sword of the Meheecan River, Yang Feng sent a claw tearing through the void.

Face pale, Kisad placed his sword horizontally in front of him and fell back speedily. The Sword of the Meheecan River was the strongest sword move he mastered, yet he still didnt manage to kill Yang Feng. He was now in a weakened state

Yang Fengs claw arrived lightning fast and grabbed Kisad by the arm. A fierce glint flashed past his eyes, he squeezed hard, and erupted with dragon force in a flash, breaking Kisads bones.

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