Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 349 – Abyssal Fiend Corps

Chapter 348 – Archduke Ian

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Yang Feng replied in a neither servile nor overbearing way: “I am a duke of the Morrince Empire! The one I believe in is the mighty Goddess of the Weave.”

The God of the Meheecan River Magena glanced at Yang Feng and spoke in an aloof tone of voice: “I know what happened here. Darkness creatures set you up in an attempt to borrow your hand to eliminate my gods darling Kisad. You can leave now. Im going to clear your name and have them forget the hatred!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with contempt, and he sneered: “Magena, you are too naive! I just have to get rid of your temple, and the Meheecan Principality will fall into my hands. Now that I braved such a big risk and am just a step short from annexing the Meheecan Principality, you want me to let things go?”

“Mortal, youve got guts! Do you want to anger a mighty god?!” Magena was furious upon hearing that, and a boundless and fearsome divine might spread out of him and swept towards Yang Feng like a wave.

Yang Feng sneered: “Gods must not directly interfere in the affairs of the secular world or they will be punished, this is stipulated in the treaty of the gods. Magena, the Iman Principality has been destroyed and the temple of the God of Iman Springs has been flattened by the Hansen Family of the Morrince Empire. I already killed your gods darling Kisad, so how can you punish me now?”

As stipulated in the treaty of the gods, gods could not directly interfere with the secular world. However, they still had the means to intervene in the secular world, namely through their churches in the secular world.

In their churches, experts were as common as flies. In the Morrince Principalitys civil war, the experts of the churches didnt help either side. If the experts of the churches came to support either side, the other side would have no chance to win, and even with Yang Fengs help, the result would not change.

The church of the Meheecan Principality was very weak, and its strongest member – Pope Pavon, was already defeated by Yang Feng. Now, no one in the principality had the strength to contend with Yang Feng. This was the best time for him to annex the Meheecan Principality. Naturally, he wouldnt give it up so easily.

Magenas eyes glimmered with dignity. He got off of his high horse and abandoned his godlike tone of voice, and said indifferently: “Ian, it seems that I belittled you. Not bad. I really cant punish you at the moment. However, once the time is ripe, I will come to the secular world in person. I can employ demigod rank strength during the planar tide. Killing you by then wont be a problem. If you dare to destroy my church, Ill kill everyone dear to you.”

Yang Fengs gaze congealed, a dignified look in his eyes. Staring at Magena, he sank into his thoughts.

Apart from gods born from the union between gods and gods who picked up a godhead and got a divine country by luck, the rest of the gods were consummate geniuses who reached their position by climbing to the top one step at a time.

Before Magena became the God of the Meheecan River, he was also a consummate genius and a legendary hero in the region of the Meheecan River, he was a powerhouse famous in the whole Feisuo Plane.

The planar tide had already begun, so the gods in the starry sky were free to act. Some gods would send their clones, while others would hole up inside their divine countries, yet others would descend into the secular world with their true bodies in order to gain more faith power, fighting desperately in order to expand their belief and strength.

Once Magena went to the secular world with his true body, even if he could only employ demigod rank strength, his strength would still be far beyond that of the pinnacle demigod rank Great Elven Monarch Esramia.

Yang Feng mused for a while. His eyes flickered with a chilly glint, and he uttered coldly: “Magena, if you come to the secular world with your true body, youll only be able to use demigod rank strength, and if you die, youll die for good. As for demigod rank experts, if Im willing to pay the price, I can still kill them! After all, there are demigod rank experts among my subordinates as well.”

A lie detection divine spell landed on Yang Feng, yet there was no red light standing for lies rising from him. A dignified look shimmered in Magenas eyes.

For gods, it was most dangerous to go to the secular world with their true body during the planar tide. If you killed a gods true body, you could plunder the extremely precious godhead inside the true body, which could let a Legend rank powerhouse speedily become a demigod and then finally evolve into a god.

Magena was a feeble divine power rank god, which was the bottom of the barrel when it came to gods. Such a god was the best target to hunt down.

Magena pondered for a moment before compromising: “I think that we should cooperate. I can let the Meheecan Principality obey your rule, but you have to safeguard my belief and church in the Meheecan Principality.”

Yang Feng secretly loosened a sigh of relief, yet said without batting an eye: It seems like Ill suffer a loss if we do things this way!”

Magena stared at Yang Feng with golden light glimmering in his eyes and asked: “What do you think of Kath?”

Yang Feng praised: “A very good woman!”

Although Kath was not as beautiful as Great Elven Monarch Esramia, but she was already at the apex of beauty when it came to humans. Besides, her pure and gentle temperament gave people a very comfortable feeling.

Magena spoke indifferently: “She is the most remarkable holy maiden I have ever had. If groomed well, she can reach the Legend rank. I can give her to you as an alliance gift. When I come to the secular world with my true body, well join hands and expand our power together, how about it?”

Yang Feng contemplated for a while, then uttered decisively: “Fine! However, I want you to cut off the connection with her! Even if youre an ally, I still dont want to be watched by you at all the times.”

Now that the planar tide had arrived, powerhouses of countless planes have poured into the Feisuo Plane. The gods in the starry sky were eager to take action, each with their own plan. The calm of hundreds of thousands of years that pervaded the Feisuo Plane was about to be broken. All the top powers knew that chaos was about to ensue. The chaotic age of gods walking the secular world was nigh.

In this age, the gods who stood above the stars and virtually never fell might fall. As long as you killed a god and seized their godhead and belief, you could ascend to godhood and become a genuine god in the future.

Magena spoke indifferently: “Alright! However, I have bad news to tell you! An abyssal fiend corps is currently heading your way! It will be here in about two hours! You still have two hours to prepare!”

Yang Fengs face fell: “What! An abyssal fiend corps!!”

In general, an abyssal fiend corps contained 100,000 odd fiends. Of the 100,000 fiends, 90,000 were abyssal demonic servants below the level-1 Warlock rank. The remaining 10,000 were junior to advanced abyssal fiend rank experts. Every abyssal fiend corps contained a commander as well as five vice-commanders, all of whom were great fiend rank experts.

In theory, an abyssal fiend corps had the power to destroy the Meheecan Principality. Now that the archduke and the peerless genius Kisad were dead, the burden of guarding the Meheecan Principality was placed on Yang Fengs shoulders.

Yang Fengs heart was stirred, and he tightly creased his eyebrows: “So this was the plot of the darkness races! Their original intention was to force me out of here. Without me here, an abyssal fiend corps would be enough to raze the Meheecan Principality.”

Yang Feng glanced at Magena and mused: “No wonder this fellow compromised so quickly, it was due to the threat of the abyssal fiend corps! He didnt want all the people in the Meheecan Principality to die.”

Yang Feng suddenly asked: “Magena, the archduke was a descendant of yours, and he died at my hands. You dont harbor any resentment for that?”

Magena replied indifferently: “There is indeed a blood relationship, but that blood relationship is too distant. I have no emotional sentiment towards him!”

With a wave of Magenas hand, the soundproofing barrier collapsed.

Magena swept Kath kneeling on the ground and ordered indifferently: “Kath, from today on, you are no longer my holy maiden, but a woman who serves Ian. You must obey his orders and serve him just like you served me. You are no longer allowed to pray to me, understood?”

The holy maiden of the temple was nothing more than a prop in Magenas eyes. If this prop was used in exchange for the alliance with Yang Feng, then he believed it to be more than worth it.

Kaths beautiful eyes glimmered with astonishment, her mind shook, her body trembled, and her face turned pale-white, looking as if the sky had collapsed. After a long period of silence, she clenched her white teeth and spoke in a gentle voice that carried a trace of sadness: “Yes!! I will obey your will, My Lord.”

“Abyssal fiends are about to arrive at the Meheecan Principality. Ians rape and murder allegations were all a ploy of darkness creatures. Now, in my power as the God of the Meheecan River Magena, I appoint Ian as the new archduke of the Meheecan Principality. All my believers must obey his orders. Unite under his banner to fight against the abyssal fiends and annihilate the darkness creatures inside the principality!” Boundless and terrifying divine might spread throughout the Meheecan City, and Magenas voice reverberated in the minds of his believers.

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