Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 350 – Siege

Chapter 349 – Abyssal Fiend Corps

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“I obey My Lords divine decree!” Magenas believers within the Meheecan City knelt on the ground with tearful eyes and uttered full of piety and reverence.

In the Meheecan Principality, most people believed in the God of the Meheecan River Magena, yet most of them never saw his face or heard his voice throughout their life. Now that they heard their god personally issue a divine decree, they were overcome with excitement.

Yang Feng sighed inside: “A sentence reversed the situation completely! Thats how a god should be!”

If Yang Feng led his army to occupy the Meheecan Principality, he would have to

employ various methods, including murder, and have to spend several years to even more than a decade to be able to capture the hearts and minds of the people.

A sentence from Magena had Yang Feng won the hearts and minds of the people of the Meheecan Principality, this was the fearsome power of faith.

Magena turned his gaze towards Yang Feng and said solemnly: “Take out the scepter of the Meheecan River and plate of the Meheecan River!”

Yang Feng smiled. With a flick of his wrist, the scepter and plate appeared in his hand.

Magena waved his hand, and the scepter of the Meheecan River suddenly flew into the temple and landed beside an archbishop.

“Meygal, I appoint you as the new pope of my church!” A tremendous voice filled the temple.

“Thank you very much, My Lord! I will serve you with all my strength and spread your glory throughout the land!” The archbishop knelt on the ground and gently kissed the scepter, eyes tearful and full of excitement.

Inside the temple, the clergymen looked at the archbishop with envy and jealousy in their eyes. As someone was appointed pope by the god, no one could question his authority.

The plate of the Meheecan River flew to the center of the temple. The right hand of Magenas idol released earth-yellow light that entered a young guard of 18 years of age or so.

“Mikel, I appoint you as the captain of the apologetics!” The young guard had merely a Great Knight rank cultivation base. However, when the earth-yellow light entered his body, the power of a divine descendant bloodline hidden inside him was stimulated, and a frightening power permeated him and promoted him to a Star Knight rank expert.

“Thank you very much, My Lord. I will serve you with all my strength and spread your glory as your sword!!” Filled with excitement, Mikel knelt on the ground and uttered in a loud, trembling voice.

Watching this scene through the spell Magic Eye, Yang Feng praised: “Divine descendant bloodline, divine chosen! Is he the one you really chose?”

Magena easily made the temple of the God of the Meheecan Riven gain two powerhouses. Besides, Yang Feng could tell that Mikels potential was much greater than Kisads. With a bit of nurture, Mikel would definitely surpass Kisad in terms of strength.

Yang Feng spoke: “Mikels potential is much greater than Kisads, why havent you groomed him earlier? If he had risen a few years earlier, he would have grown into a very tricky character.”

Magena took a look at Yang Feng and uttered meaningfully: “Week gods cannot have too much nor too little power in the secular world!”

Yang Feng pondered for a moment and nodded silently.

“I entrust you with the Meheecan Principality. Dont let me down, Ian!” Magena reached out with his hand and wiped out the remaining divine power on Yang Fengs neck. After he spoke his parting words, the body made from divine power disintegrated and dissipated.

Crack! The idol that sustained Magenas consciousness disintegrated inch by inch and collapsed.

The power and will of gods were far beyond ordinary extraordinary life forms, and few implements were capable of bearing their power. Although the idol was an object forged using divine power, but it still could not bear the power of a god for too long.

No longer suppressed by the divine power, the wound on Yang Fengs neck healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Meygal strode out of the temple and came to Yang Feng and asked: “What shall we do now, Your Majesty Archduke Ian?”

Mikel followed at Meygals side. When his gaze fell on Kath standing behind Yang Feng, a look of adoration and pain filled his eyes.

Yang Feng asked: “Can you take control of the Meheecan City, Meygal?”

Meygal replied: “I can take control of the city as long as I have your permission, Your Majesty Archduke!”

Yang Feng pointed to Esramia standing next to him and said: “Implement martial law in the city and organize the army to defend atop the city wall at once. Before I return, you must obey Aizs orders! Understood?”

The great elven monarch was the emperor of the elven empire. On the Feisuo Plane, every great elven monarch had to be well versed in many fields, with battle command being among the most important ones. Whenever necessary, great elven monarchs had to personally command the elven army to fight against other races.

As the current great elven monarch, Esramia excelled in her command ability.

Meygals eyes glimmered with a strange light, and he uttered respectfully: “Yes! I will assist Lady Aiz to the fullest extent, Your Majesty Archduke.”

Yang Feng was chosen by the god Magena himself. Besides, the divine decree was already issued. No matter what he really felt, he had to obey.

Yang Feng looked at Glicedar and said lightly: “Stay here to protect Aiz. At the same time, youre in charge of taking care of the turds in the punchbowl!”

Glicedar smiled charmingly and said respectfully: “Yes! Master!”

At this moment, Esramia only possessed junior Legend rank strength, so it was not a problem for her to deal with ordinary enemies. However, if the darkness races powerhouses came to assassinate her, she could die. With Glicedar, a Legend rank powerhouse versed in assassination, protecting her, Esramia would be able to cope with any situation. If worse came to worst, she could choose to flee.

A sentimental look flashed past Esramias beautiful eyes, and traces of warmth poured into her heart. The strange rune on her forehead released an odd light.

Yang Feng blurred into motion, entered the darkness, and blended into it.

The Meheecan City began to mobilize under Esramias orders.

Martial law was imposed throughout the city, and no one was allowed to roam the streets at will.

With the full support of Meygal, the 10,000 city guards of the Meheecan City fell into the hands of Esramia and entered their combat posts.

Midair, a huge mage eye opened wide and looked in different directions.

More than 20 kilometers northwest of the Meheecan City, demonic creatures poured towards the Meheecan City in a messy formation.

Demonic creatures in the abyssal fiend army were forced to act as demonic servants. They didnt went through any training, and as such, had no sense of discipline or formation. Only abyssal fiends had a clear chain of command, forming a more rigorous army.

Yang Feng blurred into motion. A powerful fiend force gushed out of the magical mechanical cloak, and enveloped him, turning him into an intermediate abyssal fiend.

After he transformed into an intermediate abyssal fiend, he stealthily moved towards the abyssal fiend army.

Concealed near the abyssal fiend army, Yang Feng carefully observed it for a long time. Suddenly, his eyes lit up as he saw an advanced abyssal fiend with a goat head and fiend wings that separated itself from the army.

“Advanced Dominate!” Yang Feng silently recited an incantation and pointed at the advanced abyssal fiend, and a strabizarre mind control spell targeted the advanced abyssal fiend.

The advanced abyssal fiend shivered faintly, its eyes lost focus, and it blurred into motion and flew to the place where Yang Feng was concealed.

Yang Feng waved the secret treasure sword forged from divine blood steel in his hand and beheaded the advanced abyssal fiend. He operated a secret method recorded in the Taboo Text, pointed at the body of the advanced abyssal fiend, and unleashed a suction force, sucking the body of the advanced fiend dry and turning it into drifting ash. Only a bit of bloodline essence entered his finger.

Numerous mechanical tentacles extend from the magical mechanical cloak, stabbed into the head of the advanced abyssal fiend, and quickly extract its memories.

An advanced abyssal fiend with a bulls head came over and said in fiend tongue: “Baghba! What are you doing?

Yang Feng suddenly transformed into the goat-headed abyssal fiend and spoke in a low, muffled voice using fiend tongue: “Babal, I just sensed the smell of a human here! So I came to take a look! The flesh and souls of human experts are delicious, much better than those of ordinary people!

Babal licked its lips with its snake-like tongue and grinned, saying: “Indeed, the flesh and souls of humans are really delicious, especially those of experts. If I eat dozens human Firmament Knights, I can evolve into a great fiend!!”

“There was indeed the scent of a human here, but its gone now. He should have escaped.” Yang Feng spoke and then strode towards the abyssal fiend mob.

Babal stayed in place, smelled the air, and then muttered: “Theres really a scent of a human. That Baghba fellow seems to have improved a lot.”

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