Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 351 – Rebellion

collapsed into pools of blood in an instant. More than 100 of heavily guarded priests died tragically at the hands of Dumanlucias men.

Earl Dumanlucia shouted: “Open the gate!!”

The west gate opened slowly, and countless abyssal freaks poured into the gate.

“The city was breached!”

“The west gate was broken trough!!”


Blazing flames rose everywhere in the Meheecan City as kindred and their servant vampires hidden in the darkness took to action and started fires and shouted loudly, spreading slaughter and panic everywhere.

Many believers who stayed at home and prayed in silence to provide faith power for the temple began to panic and flee their rooms.

Numerous thugs poured onto the streets, burned, killed, and looted everywhere, and gave vent to their sexual desires. Countless believers of the God of the Meheecan River collapsed into pools of blood.

The strong barrier covering the Meheecan City was also slowly weakening.

The barrier was able to cover the entire Meheecan City because it was released with the temple as the core and the believers as the power source.

The God of the Meheecan River could not use his precious divine power to sustain such a big and powerful barrier. Otherwise, even if he did sustain this barrier, it would be very taxing on him.

When the city guards atop the city wall saw the flames rising inside the city and heard the cacophony of sounds transmitted from inside the city, their minds shook, their moral dropped sharply, and their fighting strength decreased by more than 50%.

The city guards had their relatives in the city. Once the savage freaks broke into the city, tragedy was a given.

With a haggard and anxious look on his face, Meygal came to Esramia and asked respectfully: “What do we do now, Lady Aiz?”

There were many elements of instability atop the city wall. Even though they were blessed by divine spell, there were still many warriors fleeing into the city.

The defense line was in critical danger, and it could collapse at any time

Once the gate of a city was broken through, it was a huge psychological blow for the defending party. Besides, without the city wall and the formidable barrier, human warriors could not contend with abyssal fiends. The amazing number of demonic servants alone could massacre all the human warriors in the Meheecan City.

Esramia stared at the motionless abyssal fiends without saying a word.

Meygals eyes shimmered with anxiety, and he uttered in a slightly heavier tone: “Lady Aiz, cant you send Lady Liz? If its Lady Liz, then the west gate can certainly be taken back!”

Liz was Glicedars alias. Even though she lost all her divine power, Glicedar still possessed terrific pinnacle Legend rank strength after recovering, her fighting strength far superior to Esramias at the moment.

Glicedar, who was proficient in assassination and trod in the darkness possessed the frightening strength to recapture the west gate.

Eyes cold, Esramia spoke in a dignified tone: “That wont do! Send my order! Everyone must stick to their posts and not attack at will!”

Meygal gritted his teeth and said respectfully: “Yes! Lady Aiz!!”

Kaths beautiful eyes sparkled with worry, and she uttered, her gentle voice laced with inquiry: “Lady Aiz, why dont you send someone to rescue the west gate? With the Lady Lizs help, we are very hopeful to take back the west gate!”

“And then?” Esramia pointed to the 10,000 abyssal fiends ready to take action and said callously: “The barrier has weakened a lot. If our main forces leave and the 10,000 abyssal fiends unleash a blitzkrieg strike, we wont have the strength to fight back. Our only hope to win now is Ian. Only by cooperating with him can we have a chance to win. Otherwise, we can only evacuate immediately.”

As the great elven monarch, Esramia was versed in the way of war. She could tell at a glance that the strength gap between the Meheecan City and the abyssal fiend corps was too great. Without special means, the Meheecan City could not defeat the abyssal fiend corps, let alone when the other side had agents inside the city.

Kath smiled bitterly and looked ahead anxiously.

The tupilaq great fiend Anjit looked at the Meheecan City with a sneer: “The commander of this city is truly a cunning fellow. He kept the main force as is! Even so, he already lost.”

Staring at the human experts atop the city wall, the eyes of a goat-headed great fiend glimmered. It licked its lips and spoke: “Anjit, lets attack! I want to taste the flesh and souls of human experts! I cant stand it any longer!!”

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