Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 355 – Chrissy

Chapter 354 – Six-barrel Railgun

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Esramia uttered calmly: “Ill kill seven more tupilaqs before they reach the base of the city wall. With their strength, they can easily climb the city wall!”

Tupilaqs were advanced abyssal fiends, and they possessed a fearsome defensive strength superior to ordinary level-3 Warlocks. Even someone as strong as Esramia had to use arrows to kill them.

In the infinite Abyss, ghost-type abyssal fiend tupilaqs were among the elite forces of the abyssal fiend lords.

Yang Feng chanted an incantation, waved his hand, and sent vampiric rattan seeds falling towards the countless abyssal demonic servants down below.

The vampiric rattan seeds sprouted into giant vampiric rattans covered in numerous barbs. The several-meter-thick rattans swept towards the surrounding abyss demonic servants. Swept by the vampiric rattans, the abyssal demonic servants were stabbed by the barbs and sucked dry.

After absorbing the formidable strength of the demonic blood, the vampiric rattans became more violent, produced numerous rattans, and swept towards the tupilaqs

Tupilaqs ejected sharp bone spurs from parts of their bodies and slashed frantically at the vampiric rattans.

Slashed by the sharp bone spurs, numerous vampiric rattans were sliced apart, and their sap sprayed about. Many rattans of the vampiric rattans slammed into the tupilaqs, yet werent able to break through their bone armor, and instead were sliced apart by the bone spurs protecting them.

Although the vampiric rattans werent able to kill the tupilaqs. But forced to slice the vampiric rattans, the progress of the tupilaqs was hindered.

With a flick of his wrist, a cask-like six-barrel railgun appeared on his shoulder.

When Yang Feng pressed the trigger of the six-barrel railgun, numerous electric arcs flashed, and the railgun shot a series of beams barreling towards the tupilaqs like shooting stars.

A railgun beam slammed into a tupilaq, penetrated its bone armor, and blasted a huge hole into its body.

Another railgun beam slammed into the thigh of a tupilaq and blew its thigh apart.

The power of each beam shot from the six-barrel railgun was comparable to a single target Legend rank spell. Unlike Legend rank spells, their only shortcom was that they could not lock onto the target.

However, the six-barrel railgun used high energy crystals as the power source, and as such, didnt require Yang Feng to provide it with power. This was the strongest point of the six-barrel railgun.

Numerous mysterious and profound magic runes were engraved on the outer layer of the six-barrel railgun, making it look like an weapon refined using alchemy and magic. However, its core parts were made using xizu technology.

Railgun beams shot into the tupilaq crowd like shooting stars, with every beam running through quite a few tupilaqs.

Staring at the six-barrel railgun, Esramias pretty eyes flashed gravely. A storm was set off in her heart: “Thats so fierce! What is it? Right, he is also an Alchemist!! Is this a magic device he made using alchemy? What a scary device!!”

The six-barrel railgun fired virtually nonstop, with Yang Feng just replacing its power source – high energy crystals.

The six-barrel railgun was operated by Yang Feng for less than a minute, yet it already killed more than 200 tupilaqs. Esramia could hardly achieve this speed of killing tupilaqs even at her prime.

“So strong!!”

“Thats so amazing!”

“Worthy of the man chosen by the great god!”


When they saw this, the hearts of the experts atop the city wall shook, and they commented.

Each tupilaq possessed frightening advanced abyssal fiend rank strength. So long as twenty of them rushed up the wall, no one would be able to resist them.

For these frightening tupilaqs to be stomped dead by Yang Fengs six-barrel railgun like ants, it filled the Meheecan Principalitys experts with shock.

Under the bombardment of the railgun beams, the eyes of the tupilaqs who previously didnt flinch or dodge in the face of attacks dealt against them filled with fear, and they started dodging.

“What a horrifying alchemical weapon!!”

“That human is really dangerous!!”

“Fortunately, I didnt went to seek death like those blockheads tupilaqs!”


When the abyssal fiends hiding several kilometers away saw this scene, they rejoiced.

After Yang Feng used the six-barrel railgun to kill 400 tupilaqs in a row, the red barrels detached automatically and dropped on the floor.

When she saw the six barrels fall to the ground, Esramia relaxed a little: “If this alchemical weapon had no limitations, it would be too frightening!”

The rate of fire of the six-barrel railgun was terrific, and was equivalent to more than 30 Legend Wizards casting single target offensive spells continuously. If the six-barrel railgun could be fired indefinitely, then an expert using it could kill tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of troops by himself.

Esramia imagined that if this fearsome weapon was grasped, then even the Elven Woods would find it hard to stop experts using it.

The six-barrel railgun feared the most powerhouses that could use Blink. A great fiend proficient in casting Blink could appear beside the user in an instant. If the user wasnt strong enough, they would be killed by the powerhouse in a direct confrontation.

The eyes of a tupilaq shimmered with a fierce glint, and it roared wildly: “The humans alchemical weapon has reached its limit and can no longer be used! Everyone, lets rush over and kill him!! Lets destroy that weapon!!”

No longer dodging, tupilaqs rushed towards the city wall. The numerous rattans of the vampiric rattans were sliced apart one after another by the bone spurs ejected by the tupilaqs.

When the human experts atop the city wall saw this, their eyes flashed with fear.

Once the remaining 1,600 tupilaqs approached the city wall, they could wipe out all the people atop it.

Yang Feng sneered and reached out, and six new barrels appeared in his hand, which he inserted into the railgun.

Numerous electric arcs flickered, and railgun beams barreled towards the tupilaq crowd like shooting stars once more.

Shot with the railgun beams, the tupilaqs sustained heavy casualties. As if they ran into an invisible wall, they could no longer advance.

The several official Wizards as well as Apprentice Wizards atop the city wall cast Grease, Web, Slow, and other spells, slowing down the tupilaqs advancement.

“How terrible!! This alchemical weapon can still be used!! Hes really an incomprehensible individual! How did he even make this fearsome alchemical weapon?” Esramias eyes shimmered with astonishment. As she shot the tupilaqs that slipped through the cracks, she watched as the six barrels shot railgun beams, and her heart was battered with waves of shock.

With just 10 six-barrel railguns, you could completely alter the state of a large scale war.

Unless demigod rank or even god rank powerhouses acted, virtually no one could suppress an army equipped with 6-barrel railguns on the battlefield.

More than 400 tupilaqs were shot by the six-barrel railgun before the remaining tupilaqs could no longer hold on, and they scattered and fled in different directions.

“How dreadful!”

“That human is too terrifying!”


When the thousands of abyssal fiends staying far away saw this scene, they scattered and fled in different directions and hid in the darkness.

On the wall, the human experts heaved a sigh of relief.

If the thousands of abyssal fiends united as one and came over, they may not be able to resist them. Even if they managed to resist them, who knows how many people would have died in the final count.

Yang Feng replaced the barrels of the six-barrel railgun and said solemnly: “Im leaving you in charge! Im going to reinforce the west gate!”

Esramias eyes flickered with complex emotions, and she glanced at Yang Fengs six-barrel railgun and said: “Alright!”

Yang Feng blurred into motion, turned into a stream of black light, and rushed towards the west gate.

As soon as Yang Feng approached the west gate, his eyes shimmered with dignity. By relying on his extraordinary perception, he detected that there were no life fluctuations of kindred experts in the vicinity of the west gate and that Glicedar was confronting another Legend rank powerhouse.

Yang Feng frowned and quickened his pace. After several breaths of time, he appeared on the west gate.

“Chrissy!” When he reached the top of the west gate, Yang Feng saw a heroic and gorgeous woman with a head full of long blue hair and an extraordinary temperament dressed in a silver magic armor standing atop the west gate. That woman was the Iman Principalitys Princess Chrissy.

Behind Princess Chrissy stood five people, each very young as well as exuding the self-confidence unique to experts.

Wearing a sexy black leather armor, Glicedar chatted with Chrissys party standing opposite to her.

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