Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 356 – The Miracle Citys Crises

Chapter 355 – Chrissy

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Yang Feng swept Glicedar with his gaze and said solemnly: “Liz.”

“Master, when I arrived, I saw these people appear here, killing kindred powerhouses who were fighting the disordered freaks. I was itching to do something, so I captured this fellow!”

Glicedar smiled sweetly and snapped her fingers. A black thread shot out, and the bound Earl Dumanlucia flew over and landed in front of Yang Feng, a dejected look on his face.

Glicedar threw Yang Feng a coquettish look and uttered with a charming smile: “This is Earl Dumanlucia, one of the three earls of the Meheecan Principality. For some reason, he voluntarily became a kindred. His status is quite high, he should be an advanced kindred.

A spirited, adorable, and very pretty young lady with short blue hair, a flat chest, and medium height in swordsman attire and a sword on the waist stared angrily at Glicedar and shouted: “This Earl Dumanlucia was clearly defeated by us! She snatched him from us, you people are so unreasonable!”

Yang Feng sized up Chrissys party.

There were five people accompanying Chrissy, and they all were beautiful women, each with their particular characteristics. There was the swordsman girl with short blue hair; a beautiful Wizard with long black hair and a magic staff in hand, who had both Oriental and Occidental characteristics; a person covered in black cloth – only her delicate figure betrayed her gender; a tall and voluptuous, spirited archer with her blue hair combed into a ponytail; and a beautiful woman, no less beautiful than Kath, with short blue hair dressed in priest robes exuding a pure and holy temperament and a healing aura.

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered with admiration, and he mused: “It seems to be true that the Goddess of the Iman Springs Venia prefers beautiful and pure girls! Of the people she chose, none isnt a beautiful woman.”

Gods chose their darlings according to their preferences. For example, most of the darlings of the Goddess of Joy were handsome men and sensual beauties; the darlings of the Goddess of Dance were handsome men and beautiful women with excellent dancing skills; the darlings of the God of War were people with astonishing battle prowess and passionate about fighting.

The two gods darlings the God of the Meheecan River chose were male experts with astonishing potential and special bloodlines.

As someone who preferred beautiful and pure girls, the gods darlings the Goddess of the Iman Springs Venia selected were naturally beautiful women.

A gentle smile laced with graveness plastered on his face, Yang Feng said: “I am Ian, the current archduke of the Meheecan Principality. Thank you very much for your help. I will prepare a generous reward to express my gratitude for your help, ladies.”

When she heard that, the blue-haired swordsman girl was rendered speechless.

The God of the Meheecan River Magena publicly announced that Yang Feng was the archduke of the Meheecan Principality. He was now the master of the Meheecan Principality.

As one of the three earls of the Meheecan Principality, the rebellion of Earl Dumanlucia was naturally an internal affair of the Meheecan Principality. No matter what Chrissy and them wanted to do with Earl Dumanlucia, they could not bypass Yang Feng.

Chrissy showed a smile than followed the etiquette to a tee and said: “I am Chrissy, the first princess of the destroyed Iman Principality. Its a pleasure to meet you, Archduke Ian.”

The faces of the five women behind Chrissy clearly darkened. They were people of the Iman Principality, and believed in the Goddess of the Iman Springs Venia. Now that the Iman Principality was destroyed, they became destitute, and could only blow with the wind in this chaotic world.

Yang Feng got to the point: “Chrissy, if you dont have a place to go to, then why dont you stay in the Meheecan Principality? As long as you are willing to serve me, I can make you a hereditary peer baron.”

Chrissy was a Legend rank powerhouse, a gods darling Legend rank powerhouse to boot. As such, her potential was unfathomable, and she may even reach the demigod boundary in the future.

The five beauties accompanying Chrissy were people whom the Goddess of the Iman Springs Venia favored. They also had tremendous potential, and at their tender age, they already possessed level-3 Warlock rank strength.

Chrissy smiled and declined tactfully: “Im sorry, Archduke Ian, but Im dedicating my life to the revival of the Iman Principality, and cannot serve you. Thank you for your consideration!”

Yang Feng sighed with regret: “What a pity! Nevertheless, the door of the Meheecan Principality is always open for you.”

When he said that, Yang Feng rose decidedly in the estimation of the five beautiful women accompanying Chrissy. After all, everyone liked to feel valued.

Yang Feng was the current Archduke of the Meheecan Principality, the head of a state. And although he couldnt compare to the emperors of the four major empires in terms of status, but he already stepped into the ranks of top dignitaries of the mainland. In the past, even the archduke of the Iman Principality was merely an equal to Yang Feng in terms of status. For such a bigwig to express good will and respect to them made them feel very comfortable.

Chrissy hesitated for a moment. Staring at Yang Feng, she uttered: “Archduke Ian, I hope that we can work together and retake the Iman Principality. Please help us recover our state!”

Yang Feng frowned and spoke with a light smile: “Can you give me a reason why I should help you, because cant think of one?”

Chrissy smiled and said methodically: “Archduke Ian, you are mortal enemies with the Hansen Family, as are we. If you work with us, we can join forces to destroy the Hansen Family. We still have a lot of influence in the Iman Principality. If we join forces, we can easily recover the Iman Principality. By then, not only will you have a staunch ally, but we will also give you 1 billion gold coins as a reward for dispatching your troops.”

Although the Iman Principality was destroyed by the Morrince Empires Hansen Family, but there were still countless people who supported the god of the state behind the scenes, so it was easy to come up with the huge of 1 billion gold coins. Yang Feng couldnt help but raise his eyebrows. 1 billion gold coins was not a small amount, and even if it was him, it would be difficult for him to come up with such a huge sum.

There was still a smile on his face as Yang Feng quietly looked at Chrissy.

Chrissy sighed secretly, knowing that this benefit could not move Yang Feng. She hesitated for a long time before saying slowly: “Archduke Ian, in addition to that, the great Goddess of the Iman Springs Venia will teach you a method to ignite your divine fire and become a god.

Glicedars beautiful eyes lit and and flickered with endless excitement and longing.

The five beautiful women accompanying Chrissy looked at Yang Feng with envy and jealousy in their eyes.

On the Feisuo Plane, the methods to become a god were kept strictly confidential, and not even popes of churches knew of them.

The gods amid the starry sky agreed that methods to become a god were a secret which was not allowed to be spread, and even peak experts of the Feisuo Planes secular world such as Glicedar and Esramia werent privy to it.

The method to become a god the Goddess of the Iman Springs Venia promised to teach was something that countless people of the Feisuo Plane yearned for even in their dreams.

Yang Fengs smile showed a trace of disdain as he continued to quietly look at Chrissy.

Although the secret methods to ignite your divine fire and become a god were not disseminated on the Feisuo Plane, but on the Cangzhi Plane, the major forces had records of such secret methods, and even a remote place like the Turandot Subcontinent had a detailed method to ascend to godhood.

In the Demonic Fighting Sect, even more so, there were countless records of methods to become a god, which were the spoils of war of the Demonic Fighting Sects experts who went to the countless other planes and killed or captured gods. There were also some insight written down by experts who became gods in other planes

Every road leads to Rome – the Cangzhi Planes human Warlock civilization was very open-minded and had countless secret methods. It was due to this philosophy that the 8 Warlock Dynasties rose. Each Warlock Dynasty had its own distinct research focus, creating one brilliant era after another and suppressing countless planes for hundreds of thousands of years.

As one of the ten major sects of the continents Eastern World Great Cloud Dynasty of the Cangzhi Plane, the Demonic Fighting Sect had a very deep foundation and a very long history as well as controlled many planes. In many planes, there were experts of the Demonic Fighting Sect who ignited their divine fire and became gods guarding the planes. These seniors left many methods to become a god behind.

In the Demonic Fighting Sect, methods to become a god didnt count for much. Yang Feng had access to a bunch of those. As such, he didnt care about the Goddess of the Iman Springs Venias promise to teach him a method to become a god.

Chrissy was very perceptive, and immediately caught the trace of contempt in Yang Fengs eyes. She asked: “Archduke Ian, you dont look interested in the mighty Goddess of the Iman Springs Venias promise to teach you a method to become a god. You should already possess a method to become a god, right?”

Yang Feng smiled and spoke: “When I traveled the world, I did indeed acquired once a method to become a god.”

On the Feisuo Plane, many legendary heroes have acquired the legacies of deceased gods during their travels. After performing countless legendary deeds, these heroes ultimately ignited their divine fire and became gods.

Once his words fell, envious gazes focused on Yang Feng.

Glicedars beautiful eyes were overcome with joy and longing as she stared at Yang Feng. Once Yang Feng became a real god, she could regain her strength and become a demigod rank expert.

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