Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 357 – Golden Horned

Chapter 356 – The Miracle Citys Crises

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Chrissy looked at Yang Feng with jealousy in her eyes and praised sincerely: “Youre so lucky!”

Yang Feng smiled and looked at Chrissy quietly.

Chrissy suddenly was in a bit of a quandary, she was aware that there were very few things in this world that could impress a hegemon like Yang Feng. Even if there was such a thing, it was not something she could get.

Chrissys face changed continuously until she finally greeted her teeth and uttered: “Archduke Ian, if you help me recover our state, Ill marry you, and our descendant will become the archduke of the Iman Principality.”

“Chrissy, dont!!”

“Chrissy, didnt you say that you wanted to marry someone you like?”

“Chrissy, no! We can think of another way, we dont need to go this far!!”


The complexions of the five beautiful women accompanying Chrissy changed dramatically. Except for the beautiful woman dressed in priest robes, the other four women spoke out. The beautiful woman in priest robes stared at Chrissy with a complicated look in her eyes.

Yang Feng carefully looked at Chrissy.

Slender legs, hourglass waist, skin smooth like jade, perfect bosom, exquisite facial features, sapphire-like eyes. Princess Chrissy deserved to be the number one beauty of the Iman Principality, her looks and temperament peerless.

Duke Isere launched an assault and destroyed the Iman Principality because of Princess Chrissy. Although that was just an excuse, but it was enough to prove how enchanting Chrissy was.

The five beautiful women accompanying Chrissy were top beauties, but standing next to Chrissy, they looked like faint stars surrounding a bright moon, accentuating Chrissys beauty.

Yang Fengs heart was stirred, and he sank into his thoughts, calculating the pros and cons.

Although Chrissy was a rare beauty and had tremendous potential, but Yang Feng wasnt the kind of man who couldnt continue ahead when he saw a beautiful woman. He had to perform a series of calculations before he could make a decision.

Yang Feng was silent for a long time before saying slowly: “Okay, I can help you recover your state!”

Chrissys pretty eyes flashed with a complex look, and she revealed a bitter smile.

Yang Feng smiled faintly and continued: “However, after recovering your state, I want to be the archduke of the Iman Principality.”

The pretty faces of the six women in Chrissys group suddenly flickered, and their beautiful eyes were filled with anger.

The youthful and energetic swordsman girl Vira mocked: “Then whats the point of asking you to help us?”

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose: “There is a point, of course! When I become the archduke of the Iman Principality, I will let you recover your temple, and call for the common people of the Iman Principality to believe in the Goddess of the Iman Springs Venia. I think that the great goddess will be very pleased with my proposal!”

For the gods above the starry sky, faith was what mattered the most. If the people of the Iman Principality hadnt been forced through various means to convert to the gods of the Zaliah divine system after the annexation, then the Goddess of the Iman Springs Venia wouldnt go through the trouble of spending tremendous amounts of divine power to support Chrissy in the recovery of the state.

Chrissy reached the Legend rank at her tender age. In addition to her extraordinary talent, the Goddess of the Iman Springs Venia had spent a lot of divine power to cultivate her. Otherwise, she would never have reached the Legend rank in such a short period of time.

The beautiful swordsman girl Vira still wanted to say something, yet was interrupted by Chrissy, who raised her hand.

As she watched Yang Feng, a storm was set off in Chrissys heart. She knew well that Yang Feng was right. The goddess amid the starry sky cared only about the spread of her faith, not about who ruled the Iman Principality.

Chrissy contemplated for a while, and her beautiful eyes flickered with resolve: “I know of a place that can enable you to quickly promote to a demigod. I can tell you the location of that place in exchange for half the power of the Iman Principality.”

Yang Feng was a bit surprised, but then revealed a smile and said: “Okay, deal.”

After reaching an agreement, the relationship between Yang Feng and Chrissys party became much closer.

Yang Feng kicked Earl Dumanlucia, saying “Chrissy, what do you want this thing for?”

Chrissys eyes sparkled with fury, and she gritted her teeth and spoke: “The darkness races are said to have infiltrated many states of the Chaotic Mountains, controlling them from the shadows. Reportedly, the Hansen Family has conspired with the God of Ploys and Assassinations divine descendant Liana of the darkness races. Im here to find evidence of collusion between Liana and the Hansen Family.”

Yang Fengs eyebrows wrinkled: “The God of Ploys and Assassinations!!”

The God of Ploys and Assassinations Lucas was a weak divine power rank god of the darkness divine system. He liked to use ploys and was versed in the art of assassination. Several weak divine power rank gods died at his hands, and even an intermediate divine power rank god was heavily injured and brought to the brink of death.

Even though Lucas was well liked by very few darkness gods, but he was still very active among darkness gods. He was a very powerful and dangerous god.

The God of Ploys and Assassinations Lucass divine descendant Liana, Yang Feng heard of her name. She was the offspring of the God of Ploys and Assassinations true body and a human woman. She possessed a gods bloodline, and was extremely powerful. More than ten Legend rank experts died at her hands. Moreover, she was very mysterious, and no one had ever seen her face.

Yang Feng suddenly had an idea: “Was she the one who set me up in the imperial palace?”

Chrissys pretty eyes shone with wisdom, and she looked profoundly at Yang Feng and said: “If Im not mistaken, It should have been all part of Lianas ploy, Ian. She wanted to force you to leave, and then let the abyssal fiend corps take the Meheecan City.”

If Yang Feng had qualms about the accusation of rape and murder and chose to escape, then he would not only be stuck with this reputation for the rest of his life, but the Meheecan City would have been captured by the abyssal fiend corps in one go.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with data, and he said solemnly: “Ill have people investigate the matter of the Chaotic Mountains and darkness races. You have a good rest.”

“Yes!” Chrissy smiled and went into the Meheecan City with her five companions in tow.

Yang Feng turned to look in the direction of the Red Earth Wasteland, and his eyes shimmered with dignity.

The Red Earth Wasteland, the Miracle City.

The Miracle City established by Yang Feng had become the center of the Red Earth Wasteland. Expanding every year, it was now a huge city covered with tall buildings, and had a large population. The population alone reached hundreds of thousands of people.

And with the Miracle City as the core, tracts of land planted with purification trees were turned into oases. Many people lived in those oases.

The population of the entire Red Earth Wasteland had already exceeded 1 million people.

At this time, countless people poured into the Miracle City, making the city seem overcrowded. Many squares and parks have been turned into camps for refugees, who had looks of fear in their eyes.

Two people stood atop the city wall, they were Babuu and Clive.

After years of training, Babuu was promoted to a Firmament Knight rank expert and Clive had become a Star Knight rank expert.

Yang Feng had scraped the resources of the entire Turandot Subcontinent. As such, it wasnt an issue to groom a dozen Star Knights. If it wasnt for his intention to lay a solid foundation, he would have promoted to a Great Warlock rank powerhouse at an earlier time. For him, who had scraped the resources of the Turandot Subcontinent, the promotion to a Great Warlock wasnt an issue. Only the promotion to a Starry Sky Warlock posed a problem.

At the moment, the regular army of the Miracle City had 50,000 people. Babuu and Clive were the leaders of the 50,000-strong regular army.

Although Babuu was a half blood beastman and was discriminated against in the mainland, but the troops under his command were former human slaves, who were even lower on the food chain than half blood beastmen. After being drilled day and night, these warriors revered him.

Clive gazed into the distance with a look of anxiety in his eyes and sighed deeply: “The democalypse has finally erupted in the Red Earth Wasteland!”

Babuus eyes flashed with fear, and he said solemnly: “Abyssal fiends are very strong!! The warriors I sent to investigate have been killed. The trickiest part are the fiends that can fly!! We dont have that many archers to deal with those fiends!!”

Many abyssal fiends possessed wings and had the ability to fly. For ordinary cities without an restricted airspace array, these abyssal fiends were simply an unstoppable nightmare, and the city wall was useless.

Clives eyes glimmered with anxiety, and he gave a long sigh. He looked deeply at the temple of the Goddess of the Weave in the city.

A look of ridicule in his eyes, Babuu sneered: “Clive, theres no point looking! The cowards fled when they heard that abyssal fiends were about to reach our city.”

Although the temple of the Goddess of the Weave had been built in the Miracle City, but the belief in the goddess had yet to take root in the city. There were no bishop-level experts in the temple. As such, it didnt have the ability to unleash a restricted airspace array. After the priests of the temple of the Goddess of the Weave learned of the arrival of the abyssal fiends, they fled the Miracle City that very night.

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