Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 36 – Storm Wolves

Chapter 35 – Hunting Fangs Wilderness

Translator: Xaiomoge

To get to the Warlock College Antalya from the Fernandro Principality, Senarus Principality, and Poten Principality, you had to cross the Hunting Fangs Wilderness, which belonged to the Senarus Principality.

With its strange climate, the Hunting Fangs Wilderness was basically incapable of growing foodstuff. The Senarus Principality was an agriculture oriented state. Therefore, there were only a few large pastures in the Hunting Fangs Wilderness, while the rest was neglected.

Countless criminals, thugs, and scum from the three principalities converged and formed violent bandit groups within the Hunting Fangs Wilderness, threatening the people going to the Warlock College Antalya.

Whenever the bandits forces thrived, the Warlock College Antalya would send powerful Warlocks to do a clean-up. However, it was impossible to completely eliminate the bandits. Every time a batch of bandits was exterminated, another would sprout out after a period of time, never to be completely eliminated.

The bandits were fierce outlaws. Each year, there were many people of the three principalities dying tragically at the bandits hands en route to the Warlock College Antalya. Thus, the Hunting Fangs Wilderness was an extremely dangerous place in the eyes of ordinary people.

A huge convoy slowly moved along a road of the Hunting Fangs Wilderness.

There was a total of over 500 carriages in the convoy. Each carriage was modified, making it faster and longer, and was filled with goods. The convoy was escorted by more than 2,000 people.

A voice reverberated in the convoy, and the huge convoy halted its movement.

Skilled cooks came down from a carriage, took out various tools, and started cooking.

The door of a modified, luxurious carriage opened, and Yang Feng alighted the carriage.

Like a fairy, Shi Xue jumped down from the carriage lively and followed closely after Yang Feng as if his tail.

A small practice field littered with all kinds of weapons was already erected.

Yang Feng strode into the small practice field, where four expressionless robots were waiting with clubs in their hands.

“Come at me!” Yang Feng went to the center of the small practice field, took a deep breath, and operated the Magic Notes Titan Art, and his muscles stretched taut and bulged slightly.

The four expressionless robots immediately started to mercilessly flog Yang Feng with clubs from different directions.

The Magic Notes Titan Art was a formidable secret method that served to imitate giants, and its core cultivation concept lied in treating the practitioner like a piece of iron. After enduring numerous strikes, the bodys potential would be stimulated, and the body would be tempered into steel.

Under the numerous strikes, Yang Feng felt bursts of pain come from his entire body. But once he operated the Magic Notes Titan Art, the pain was turned into warm currents flowing within his body.

After being flogged for five minutes, the badly battered Yang Feng quickly took out a vial of Healing Water, which cost 20 gold coins per vial, and downed it in one go.

Once the Healing Water entered his body, it started to immediately heal his injuries.

The Magic Notes Titan Art was a secret method that required the consumption of large amounts of money to be practiced. Without the help of the Healing Water, Yang Feng would need to rest for 30 days in order to recover from this thrashing. Additionally, a misstep during his cultivation could leave internal injuries behind.

Zhao Jiang, a lesser aristocrat, had less than 500 gold coins as his savings. Ordinary people even more so couldnt afford Healing Water, which cost 20 gold coins per vial.

“So comfortable! After practicing cultivation, my whole body feels comfortable and energetic! My body feels so much better than before! No wonder there are so many cultivation fanatics in the world! Such cultivation is indeed addictive!” Feeling warm comfortable, he squinted his eyes and began to scan his status.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a trace of excitement: “Apart from an increase of 0.05 in spirit force, the other attributes rose by 0.1! Sure enough, Magic Notes Titan Art lives up to its name.”

Lately, Yang Feng has been always practicing Magic Notes Titan Art. In 10 days time, his attributes rose by 0.1. His physical constitution was upgraded by close to 20% within this short period of time. Although he was still a waste, but he could already feel the benefits of cultivation.

Yang Feng looked at Shi Xue with a look of jealousy in his eyes and unleashed the scan: “Unfortunately, compared with her, my progress isnt worth mentioning! A superior level-8 soul aptitude sure is perverse!”

Within these 10 days, Yang Feng bitterly practiced Magic Notes Titan Art and increased his attributes by 0.1. Shi Xue, on the other hand, increased hers by 1.0. There was a difference of of a factor of 10 in terms of cultivation speed between both parties.

It should be noted that the further you advanced in your cultivation, the slower your cultivation speed would be. It was much harder to increase 1.5 of strength to 1.6, than 0.6 of strength to 0.7.

But Shi Xue, without taking any precious treasures, increased her attributes by 1.0 within 10 days only by practicing the West Extreme Cold Ice Phoenix Art. This cultivation speed made Yang Feng, who drank an unknown amount of Healing Water, feel somewhat envious.

Shi Xue chuckled, clapped her hands, and said: “Awesome! Big Brother! Youre able to take the flogging of the clubs, how amazing.”

Thick-skinned, Yang Feng laughed heartily, saying: “Ha-ha! Of course!”

A fragrance wafting from her, a 1.75-meter-tall beautiful woman dressed in servant attire, with long golden hair, slender figure, well developed and sexy body, big breasts that threatened to burst out from the clothing seductively walked up to Yang Feng and said in a soft voice: “Master, lunch is ready!”

This golden-haired, big-breasted beautiful woman was Sissi, the signature beauty of the Giant Stone Citys White Puss In Hat Inn. Before Zhao Jiang died, she was the woman of his dreams that he couldnt get out of his mind.

After he captured the Giant Stone City and killed Sissis previous owner, the viscount, he seized her and had her act as a maidservant.

“What a pity! She has a strong hint of prostitution. Additionally, her skin is rough, and she uses heavy makeup. Sure enough, the real stunning beauties are Warlocks, or Apprentice Warlocks.” Yang Feng looked at the beautiful Sissy, and his eyes flashed with regret.

Sissi looked very beautiful with her meticulously put on makeup. But when you took a closer look, you would discover that her skin was full of thick pores, completely different from the snow-white and silk-like Shi Xue. Moreover, once the makeup was removed, Sissis good looks would be greatly reduced, and she would be considered just an ordinary beauty. The only thing deserving praise was her well developed, sexy figure. Among Yang Fengs maids, she was currently ranked as number one.

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