Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 360 – Refining the Abyssal Mark

Chapter 359 – Killing Portales

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Esramias face fell when she saw this scene. This was the first time that someone using power of the same rank as her broke her Sun Gods Arrow.

As one of the strongest great elven monarchs in the history of the elven empire, Esramia was almost invincible in the same rank. It was the first time that the Sun Gods Arrow, which was virtually guaranteed to kill experts of the same rank, had been broken by an expert of the same rank.

A deep fear flashed past Esramias pretty eyes: “Abyssal fiend earl, its indeed a terrifying existence that can contend with gods. Its combat sense is terrifying!!”

Portales, whom Montanha was possessing, had been severely injured by Yang Feng. Although Montanha could merely employ the strength at the level of an ordinary abyssal great fiend, but it still successively defeated Yang Feng and Esramia, so its terror could well be imagined. The combat sense of both sides was not at the same level.

Suddenly, a dark arrow shot towards Montanha.

“Dark Explosion Arrow! This archery technique is really strong. Unfortunately, what you employ is a version made imperfect by that smelly whore Lolth. There are too many loopholes!!” Montanha smiled grimly and flicked its finger at the dark arrow. The dark arrow twisted and turned into a stream of black light that broke through the scales protecting Yang Fengs body.

Boom! There was an explosion on Yang Fengs chest, and countless scales and a copious amount of blood sprayed out and scattered on the earth, causing his huge body to twist in pain.

Glicedar apologized in panic: “Im sorry, I didnt mean to, Master!”

“Ill kill you first!” Montanha smiled malevolently and looked deeply at Yang Feng, then took a step forward and appeared directly in front of Yang Feng and stabbed with its claw towards Yang Fengs huge head.

Yang Feng also revealed a wild smile: “Youre the one whos going to die! Fortunately, I made preparations!!”

Beams of black light suddenly bursts out from four corners down below, converged in midair, and formed a strange closed space. Within the closed space, spatial spells were ineffective! Montanha was an abyssal fiend earl proficient in spatial spells. Using all kinds of fantastic spatial spells, it neutralized Yang Fengs various attacks.

In the sky, the mechanical black dragon hidden in the clouds opened its eyes, and terrific demigod rank fluctuations of power rolled out from it. It opened its fierce maw and shot a dragon breath beam barreling towards Montanha like a beam of divine punishment.

Montanhas face registered a dramatic change at last, and it extended its claws. Fearsome golden demonic qi madly spiraled in its hands and formed nine vortexes, trying to withstand the frightening dragon breath beam.

The dragon breath beam instantaneously smashed into the nine vortexes. After destroying the vortexes, the dragon breath beam finally slammed into Montanha.

“Interesting! Lowly human, Ill remember you!! You dare to kill my son!! When I come out of the infinite Abyss, Ill kill you!! Before that, Ill capture your close ones and torture them. Ill let you have a taste of an unending world of pain!!” Montanha gave a sinister smile, then recited an incantation and pointed at Yang Feng, and a drop of black light suddenly flew. The black light entered Yang Fengs head and formed a black imprint.

In the next moment, the fearsome dragon breath beam swallowed Montanha and turned it into drifting ashes.

Montanha was versed in countless secret methods, its strength was formidable, and its battle will surpassed Yang Fengs by far. However, it only used a badly injured great fiend body, and couldnt even exert one-ten-thousandths of its capability, which was how it was barely defeated by Yang Fengs group of three.

When Portales died, the abyssal fiend army fell into chaos.

The mechanical black dragon with demigod rank strength descended from the sky, plunged into the midst of the fiend army, opened its ferocious maw, and breathed in, sucking countless abyssal fiends and abyssal demonic freaks into its maw.

There was a horrifying meat grinder in the maw of the mechanical dragon. When the abyssal fiends and abyssal demonic servants entered its maw, they were ground to fragments by the meat grinder. The mechanical black dragon absorbed their souls and turned them into its power.

The mechanical black dragon was the product Yang Feng created using a high grade soul stone coupled with the Cangzhi Planes alchemy and xizu technology. It could devour souls to evolve. As to which stage it could evolve to, not even the xizu optical computer could calculate that at present.

Souls of intelligent life forms contained infinite mysteries, and weapons made from souls possessed exceedingly frightening evolution potential.

For formidable beings of the countless planes, soul stones were a universal currency.

Yang Fengs body blurred and reverted into his human form, and he flew onto the back of the mechanical black dragon.

Yang Fengs right eye had been gouged out, and his body was riddled with wounds. The wounds inflicted by the five abyssal great fiends were deep and showed bone. His head had a section ripped open, exposing his skull. He looked gruesome.

After taking out vials of potions and downing them, the wounds riddling Yang Fengs body started healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Esramia watched as Yang Fengs injuries healed quickly, and her heart was filled with shock: “So amazing, this rate of recovery is comparable to that of dragons. What a monster!”

Glicedar watched Yang Fengs wounds heal rapidly with a look of joy in her eyes: “To have such formidable rate of recovery without using healing divine spells! Worthy to be my master!”

Yang Fengs rate of recovery was so fast that it surpassed that of many human demigods. This was one of the benefits of the ancient black dragon bloodline.

The rate of recovery of peak extraordinary life forms like dragons, giants, and abyssal fiends was far above that of humans. The rate of recovery of Bloodline Warlocks with such bloodlines was exceedingly fearsome, which was one of the advantages of Bloodline Warlocks.

As soon as Yang Feng recovered a bit, he took out a six-barrel railgun and started bombarding the advanced abyssal fiends that remained in the sky.

Brilliant railgun beams streaked across the sky and bombarded the advanced abyssal fiends.

Losing the suppression of abyssal great fiends, the countless abyssal demonic servants fell into chaos and frantically killed each other.

The intermediate and junior abyssal fiends dispersed and fled in confusion. Without someone commanding and suppressing them, they werent willing to waste their lives in vain.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Yang Feng quietly recovered atop the mechanical black dragon.

The mechanical black dragon recklessly hunted the advanced abyssal fiends flying in the sky. With its demigod rank strength, no advanced abyssal fiend could withstand its blows.

The advance abyssal fiend unleashed various offensive spells, yet they were easily blocked by the protective cover of the mechanical black dragon.

In less than five minutes of fierce fighting, the advanced abyssal fiends dispersed and fled in disorder.

After all the abyssal fiends have fled, what remained was the countless abyssal demonic servants on the ground frantically killing and devouring one another. This scene was extremely savage.

The infinite Abyss spanned across the 36 primary material planes, it was formed by absorbing the evil force of said planes. Countless freaks were born in the infinite Abyss every year. By killing and devouring each other, the final victors among those freaks could evolve into junior abyssal fiends.

Every junior abyssal fiend possessed level-1 Warlock rank battle prowess. Solely in terms of their physique, junior abyssal fiends were five times as outstanding as ordinary human level-1 Warlocks.

Only great fiend rank abyssal fiends and above had the power to control the chaotic in nature abyssal demonic servants who lacked any intellect.

Clive looked at the scene of countless abyssal demonic servants killing one another from afar, his heart filled with shock: “These abyssal demonic creatures are indeed a bunch of awful monsters!!”

On the Feisuo Plane, it was recorded in the texts of many churches that after death, heathens would fall into the Abyss and become prey for demonic creatures.

Clive shuddered inside at the thought that he might become prey for these demonic creatures when he died.

Yang Feng jumped onto the city wall from the back of the mechanical black dragon.

Clive saluted Yang Feng and said: “Greetings, Sir Duke!”

Atop the wall, the warriors knelt on one knee and saluted Yang Feng: “Greetings, Sir Duke!”

The warriors who saw the scene of Yang Feng suppressing the abyssal great fiends worshiped and revered him like a god.

Yang Feng looked around and uttered with a faint smile: “You did well!”

The warriors were filled with excitement and zest. Yang Fengs praise was a great honor to them.

Yang Feng spoke: “No need to care about those monsters, just let them kill each other!”

Clive responded respectfully: “Yes! Sir Duke!”

Yang Feng smiled and uttered: “Clive, Babuu, Im going to take a rest. I leave the rest to you!”

Babuu grinned and said: “Yes! Leave everything to me, Sir!!”

Yang Feng nodded and took Esramia and Glicedar towards the city masters mansion of the Miracle City.

Lina followed closely behind.

“The Miracle City is developing well! Youve done a good job, Lina!” Along the way, Yang Feng looked at the tall buildings rising steeply from the ground, and praised sincerely.

These years, Yang Feng left Lina in charge of the Miracle City. Lina had contributed a lot to the development of the Miracle City.

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