Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 361 – Fiend Baron Abman

Chapter 360 – Refining the Abyssal Mark

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Lina blushed, and her eyes lit up: “Thank you for your praise, Sir! Its what I should do!”

Glicedar looked at the Miracle City and praised sincerely: “Its a beautiful city! Its amazing that you could build a city in such a forsaken place as the Red Earth Wasteland, Master!”

Esramia looked around and praised: “Thats right. Its amazing that you could build a city in the Red Earth Wasteland.”

In Esramias eyes, the Miracle City wasnt very beautiful. What she admired was the fact that this city was built in the Red Earth Wasteland.

Lina stole a glance at Esramia and Glicedar, and her eyes flashed with envy and a feeling of inferiority. She sighed inwardly: “What beautiful people! Only such women can be worthy of him!”

Lina was a rare beauty among humans, but compared to the mesmerizing Great Elven Monarch Esramia as well as the exceedingly enchanting former pope of the Dark Elven Church – Glicedar, she still was lacking by quite a lot. Standing beside these two dazzling and alluring women, she looked like a faint star next to bright moons.

“Glicedar, what is this spell?” When he returned to the city masters mansion, Yang Feng took Glicedar and Esramia to his private quarters and asked, pointing to the black imprint on his forehead.

There were countless spells in the Abyss, many of which werent even recorded by the Demonic Fighting Sect. And even if the Demonic Fighting Sect had a record of it, the spells the abyssal fiend earl grasped by far exceeded the scope of spells that Yang Feng could examine.

Glicedars beautiful eyes shimmered with worry: “Im not too sure. An existence at the level of abyssal fiend earl isnt something that we can understand. But according to the records of the dark elves, it resembles an abyssal mark! Once branded by an abyss mark, even from tens of thousands of kilometers away, the master of the mark will easily grasp your whereabouts. Its a level-5 abyssal spell or above, and its hard to dispel.

Yang Feng was now branded by the mark of the abyssal fiend earl. The abyssal fiend earl was an abyssal fiend lord capable of contending against gods of the Feisuo Plane. Once it came to the Feisuo Plane from the Abyss, even with its strength suppressed to the demigod rank, it would be difficult to contend against it even with everyone joining hands.

An abyssal fiend earl was a powerful being of the Abyss who stepped over countless corpses to finally reach the summit. On the Feisuo Plane, many gods were born as gods, leading stable and peaceful lives. The Abyss was totally different, however. Even with a huge background, if you were weak, you would be swallowed by another powerful being.

The golden horned Abyssal Fiend Earl Montanha, the master of the 9th Floor of the Abyss was a fearsome existence comparable to a weak divine power rank god. A fearsome existence like that could sweep the Feisuo Planes secular world even with just demigod rank strength, and even some feeble divine power rank gods may not be its match.

Esramia contemplated for a while and said: “If you can invite the pope of the Zaliah divine systems Radiant Church to help you, you should be able to purify this abyssal mark!”

Yang Feng smiled wryly and said: “The pope of the Radiant Church? Thats impossible!”

There were three strong divine power rank gods in the Zaliah divine system, and they were the Radiant God Prados, the God of War Barrios, and the God of Flames Tames. These three strong divine power rank gods were also known as the three primary gods of the Zaliah divine system. Among them, the Radiant God Prados had a higher status than the other two primary gods, and was called god monarch.

In the Morrince Empire, the Radiant Church was the number one church, and the pope of the Radiant Church was recognized as the great pope, leading the popes of the other churches.

In the Morrince Empire, the pope of the Radiant Church was the most powerful person. He was the man closest to gods on Feisuo Plane.

On the Feisuo Plane, there were numerous legends of outrageous geniuses who challenged the pope of the Radiant Church. No matter how strong they were, even if they were demigod rank experts who were claimed to have killed gods, after they stepped onto the All Gods Sacred Mountain, they disappeared from this world, never to be heard from again.

There was even a legend of a newly promoted god who stepped onto the All Gods Sacred Mountain to kill the pope of the Radiant Church, yet who never returned.

Although the pope of the Radiant Church acted rarely, but he was publicly acknowledged as one of the strongest experts in the secular world. In the Morrince Empire, his status was a hundred times nobler than that of the emperor. With just a word from him, the emperor of the Morrince Empire would abdicate.

Although Yang Feng was a duke of the Morrince Empire, but if he wanted to see the pope of the Radiant Church, it would still be very difficult, let alone asking the pope of the Radiant Church to help him.

“Wait a minute! I still have the Taboo Text!” Yang Fengs heart suddenly stirred, and he immersed himself in the Taboo Text.

The Taboo Text was a supreme, all-encompassing secret method with horrifying power that Taboo Lord created. Although Yang Feng only got six volumes of the text, but the mysteries concealed therein were endless.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose: “There it is! The Breaking Curse Imprints chapter describes how to get rid of the abyssal mark!”

Overjoyed, Yang Feng immediately chose to enter secluded cultivation to refine the abyssal mark.

The longer the abyssal mark branded you, the deeper it would erode your soul. Once you were branded by the abyssal mark for decades, the abyssal mark would merge with your soul. By then, it would take decades or even a hundred odd years to dispel it without hurting your soul.

The 9th Floor of the infinite Abyss.

Purple clouds covered the sky, the earth was filled with abyssal demonic qi, everywhere were demonic plants, and all kinds of freaks hid in dark corners waiting for prey to come. All kinds of freaks killing each other could be seen everywhere, and the bones of all kinds of freaks were scattered about. Traces of evil force pervaded the bones.

In the middle of the 9th Floor of the infinite Abyss, there was a huge castle covering tens of thousands of hectares. Within a particular manor of the castle, there was a powerful barrier cutting off the abyssal demonic qi.

For abyssal demonic creatures, abyssal demonic qi was a great supplement, but for other intelligent life forms, it was a poison.

Even god rank powerhouses didnt dare to breathe abyssal demonic qi. Otherwise, even they would slowly erode and eventually degenerate into abyssal lords, and be bound by the Abyss.

Inside the manor, in a garden, a 3-meter-tall, good-looking golden horned covered all over in strange golden runes surrounded by succubi, human women, elven women, kindred women enjoyed itself without restraint.

The powerful barrier set up in this manor served to enable the survival of human women, elven women, kindred women, and women of other races who didnt originate from the Abyss.

The beautiful women scrambled to serve the golden horned in order to receive its favor.

“What!! The abyssal mark I set up was broken!!” The face of the golden horned abyssal fiend Earl Montanha suddenly sank, and its vast and terrifying demonic might burst out of its body in an instant.

The complexions of the beautiful women around the golden horned Abyssal Fiend Earl Montanha suddenly changed dramatically, and they crumpled to the ground and convulsed like quails.

Several timid human women were so frightened that they relieved themselves on the spot.

“Useless good-for-nothings!” The eyes of the golden horned Abyssal Fiend Earl Montanha shimmered fiercely. It extended its hand, and the several human women flew into his hand and shrunk until they were the size of dumplings one by one.

Revealing its sharp teeth, Montanha opened its fierce maw, threw the few human women inside, and bit down unhurriedly.

Miserable voices came from Montanhas mouth, and it had an intoxicated look on its face.

With horrified looks in their eyes, the human women were popped into Montanhas mouth one at a time. Their blood-curdling screams filled the hearts of the other women with fear.

Abyssal fiends were cunning and cruel, they were the embodiment of evil force and had no normal human feelings to speak of. Therefore, once the human Warlock Dynasties of the Cangzhi Plane dominated the Abyss, they would sweep the Abyss, kill all abyssal fiend lords they could find, and refine them into all kinds of formidable secret treasures.

However, the Abyss was extremely vast. Whenever an unparalleled and invincible Warlock Emperor arose on the Cangzhi Plane, abyssal fiend lords were always able to find a place to hide and avoid the purge of the human Warlocks. Even the unparalleled Warlock Emperors werent willing to stay for too long in the forsaken place that was the Abyss.

Montanhas eyes shone fiercely, and it roared: “Damnable bastard!! Unfortunately, the planar tide has yet to be completely unleashed!! The suppression of the Feisuo Plane on abyssal fiends is too great!! Otherwise, I would go out and eat that damned human ant!!”

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