Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 362 – Taboo Demonic Claw

Chapter 361 – Fiend Baron Abman

Translator: Xaiomoge

The Abyss was full of abyssal demonic qi, which was poisonous to any intelligent life form except for abyssal demonic creatures. Gods that were eroded by abyssal demonic qi for a prolonged period of time would degenerate into abyssal lords.

Other planes had a tremendous suppressive effect on visitors from the Abyss. On the Feisuo Plane, once abyssal fiend baron rank experts and upwards used their true bodies to go to the plane, they would be suppressed by the plane.

As the master of the 9th Floor of the Abyss, the fiend power of the golden horned Abyssal Fiend Earl Montanha was formidable. Once its true body entered the Feisuo Plane, it would be suppressed until the advanced abyssal fiend rank.

The more powerful abyssal fiend lords were, they greater suppression they would suffer on other planes. Therefore, unless abyssal fiend lords had secret treasures to protect themselves or had the help of secret methods of Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks, they could only stay inside the Abyss for the rest of their lives, unable to leave for other planes with their true body.

After the planar tide erupted on the Feisuo Plane, the planar source power would reach an extreme low, and the planar suppression Montanha would suffer would be at its lowest. By then, when it went to the Feisuo Plane, it would possess demigod rank strength.

Montanhas eyes flickered fiercely, and it reached out at the void.

Suddenly, a huge hole appeared in the void, and it grabbed a bakt abyssal fiend baron from the hole, and threw it on the ground.

The eyes of the bakt abyssal fiend baron glimmered with violence and brutality, and it surged with strength and killing intent. But when it saw Montanha, its eyes shimmered with fear, and it knelt on the ground and said respectfully: “Greetings, My Lord!”

The golden horned Abyssal Fiend Earl Montanha looked coldly at the bakt abyssal fiend baron and said frigidly: “Abman! Go to the Feisuo Plane at once and destroy a city in the Red Earth Wasteland!”

Abmans face changed, yet it said respectfully: “Yes!”

“Ill send you there right now!” Montanha reached out at the void, opened another huge hole, and threw Abman inside.

On the 9th Floor of the Abyss, in front of a spatial crack leading to the Feisuo Plane, there was a bloody altar spanning hundreds of square kilometers.

A crowd of abyssal fiends was cruelly killed and thrown onto the bloody altar, and numerous demonic and bloody lights rose from the bloody altar and entered the huge spatial crack in midair.

A bakt abyssal fiend viscount standing to the side grabbed abyssal fiends and popped them into its mouth. Urging its frightening abyssal power, it maintained the huge spatial crack.

The Abyss was connected to the 36 primary material planes. Abyssal fiend earl powerhouses and upwards could tear open spatial cracks and send abyssal fiends to planes connected with and eroded by the Abyss through the spatial cracks.

However, in order to maintain the spatial crack, it was necessary to have an abyssal fiend viscount rank expert or upwards constantly deliver abyssal power.

A huge hole suddenly appeared in the void.

Abman flew out from the huge hole and shot into the huge spatial crack like a meteor.

The bakt abyssal fiend viscount was angry at first, but then felt Montanhas immeasurable and terrifying aura from the huge hole and shivered, not daring to speak.

The cruel Abyss was much more strict than worlds of gods.

In a world of gods, if a feeble divine power rank god used a divine armament and the power of a divine country, they could still prevail over a weak divine power rank god.

In the Abyss, however, it was impossible for an abyssal fiend viscount to defeat an abyssal fiend earl. Besides, the golden horned Abyssal Fiend Earl Montanha was the master of the 9th Floor of the Abyss, it was a peak expert even among abyssal fiend earls.

Every master of a floor of the Abyss possessed a power bonus stemming from the abyssal power of their floor. So long as Montanha didnt leave the 9th Floor of the Abyss, even an abyssal fiend marquis might not be his opponent on the 9th Floor of the Abyss. Only an abyssal fiend duke rank existence could suppress Montanha on the 9th Floor of the Abyss.

Of course, in any other place of the Abyss, Montanha was not a match for an abyssal fiend marquise.

In the 9th Floor of the Abyss, the bakt abyssal fiend viscount would be defeated by Montanha in merely three moves. It had a deep-rooted fear towards the golden horned Abyssal Fiend Earl Montanha.

In front of a huge spatial crack in the Feisuo Planes underground world, there was also a huge bloody altar. The corpses of demonic beasts, humans, bugbears, and various other creatures were strewn all over the bloody altar.

Streams of bloody gas rose from the bloody altar and entered the huge spatial crack in midair, preserving its existence.

Suddenly, the huge spatial crack churned and roiled.

The abyssal fiends around the bloody altar revealed looks of fear, and immediately fled the scene.

Boom! A fearsome spatial force suddenly spread out, engulfed everything around, and then blew up everything. The abyssal fiends within several kilometers were drawn in and blown up to pieces.

A black shadow burst out and fell to the ground. It was badly mangled and disfigured.

“The backlash force of the Feisuo Plane is dreadful! The planar tide has already begun, yet the backlash force of is still so strong! No wonder those old guys are hiding in the rear, not daring to come over.” Looking like rotten flesh, the badly mangled body surged with frightening demonic qi and squirmed, and coagulated into Abmans likeness. At the same time, it revealed a sinister and excited smile.

In just a dozen breaths, Abman was fully healed. It flickered with black light, and changed into a tall, blonde man.

When it changed its shape, Abman blurred into motion and disappeared.

Red Earth Wasteland, Miracle City, in private quarters of the city masters mansion.

Yang Feng opened his eyes, and his eyes shone with joy: “The Taboo Text is indeed one of the seven great texts as well as mysterious and extraordinary!”

Yang Feng looked at the Taboo Text in his hands, and his eyes flashed with excitement: “The Taboo Text contains infinite mysteries and is broad and profound. I must allocate more time to study it.”

The Taboo Text was one of the seven great texts of the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks, it was one of the most advanced and precious secret methods.

After the collapse of the 2nd Warlock Dynasty, countless powerhouses fought over the Taboo Text, splitting it into pieces. Parts of the text fell into the hands of different forces.

After the successive Warlock Dynasties came and went, there was no single power that possessed the entire text. There were two incomplete volumes of the Taboo Text in the Demonic Fighting Sect, which could not be compared with the Taboo Text in Yang Fengs hands.

That Taboo Text alone made it so Yang Fengs trip to the Feisuo Plane was worthwhile. If he could successfully cultivate the secret methods recorded in the several volumes of the Taboo Text, Yang Feng would become a bigwig even on the Cangzhi Plane.

The Funes Province, in the Anlu City

At the moment, the Anlu City was crowded with refugees from all over the various regions, and there were still countless other refugees coming from all over in an attempt to squeeze into the city.

“Please enter the city in order!!” A group of youngsters in the uniform of the magic college maintained the order. Heading the youngsters was a very beautiful, 21- or 22-year-old woman with long golden locks and a sexy figure.

Yang Fengs magic college in the St. Tulan City had been running for more than a year now, and many geniuses of the Morrince Empire have enrolled in the magic college.

The beautiful 21- or 22-year-old woman with long golden hair and a sexy figure was Irene, one of the commoner geniuses of the magic college. Starting from scratch, she became an official level-1 Wizard within just a year. She was sent to Funes Province with her classmates to gain experience.

Talents were everywhere. However, they could be seldom recognized. Among the common people of the Morrince Empire, there were many hidden geniuses. Yang Fengs magic college took in all the geniuses who had no access to magic knowledge. Irene was one of the most dazzling geniuses.

Staring at a few disabled refugees howling in pain, the eyes of a 15- or 16-year-old, petite and adorable girl with a round face and freckles on her face shimmered with fear and her body trembled. She pulled Irenes clothes and said: “Irene, Im scared!! There are abyssal fiends here! Its terrible!! Im so scared!!”

A tall, plain- and confident-looking boy glancing at Irene said proudly and confidently: “Lisa, dont be afraid! Ill protect you! What do abyssal fiends count for? I, a future Great Wizard, can kill them with single a spell!”

“Theyre here!” Irene was going to say something, when suddenly, her face changed greatly and her eyes shone with graveness, and she turned to look to the rear.

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