Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 364 – Entering the Sea

Chapter 363 – Defeating Fiends

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Esramia looked at the Taboo Demonic Claw, and her pretty eyes flashed with shock: “How amazing, what magic is this? Is this the secret magic that enables him to transform into an abyssal fiend and manipulate abyssal power?”

Esramia was the great elven monarch, and she grasped the matchless secret archery technique Sun Gods Arrow, which few people of the same rank could block. By relying on her instincts, she could vaguely feel the frightening power contained in the Taboo Claw.

Dumbstruck, Irene could not believe her eyes: “Dead! The abyssal great fiend was so easily killed by Sir Dean!!”

Werthers eyes sparkled with excitement, and he said with zest: “Thats amazing! Thats Sir Lord for you!!”

Glicedars beautiful eyes glimmered coldly. With a flick of her wrist, a secret treasure bow appeared in her hands, the bowstring flickered, and black arrows shot towards the abyssal fiends flying in midair like shooting stars.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Bombarded by Dark Explosion Arrows, abyssal fiends were blasted apart and turned into bits and pieces of bloody fragments that were absorbed into Yang Fengs right claw.

With a single move, Glicedar killed 30 abyssal fiends.

Even without using large area of effect offensive spells, these ordinary abyssal fiends were not a match for Glicedar, who had a pinnacle Legend rank cultivation base.

Esramia silently recited an incantation and pointed ahead. A copious amount of fire elemental particles converged together and formed a flame dragon that dashed towards the abyssal fiends with bared fangs.

Yang Feng cast the level-4 spell Fire Dragon as well and pointed at the abyssal fiends.

Two extraordinary flame dragons interwove in midair and engulfed the flying abyssal fiends.

Enveloped in magic flames, the flying abyssal fiends dropped from the sky like raindrops. Roaring miserably, they were burned to ashes.

Losing the suppression of the abyssal great fiend, the dense abyssal demonic servant crowd devolved into chaos, madly killing and devouring each other.

Realizing that the situation was beyond salvage, the abyssal fiends quickly dispersed and escaped in different directions.

Piloting the magic carpet, Yang Feng hunted down the abyssal fiends flying in the sky along with Esramia and Glicedar.

In the Funes Province, except for the capital Banga City, no other city possessed a restricted airspace array. Only by killing all abyssal fiends that could fly would the other cities be able to mount some resistance.

It wasnt long before Clive commanding 1,000 cavalrymen appeared in the distance. A huge mage eye floated above the 1,000 cavalrymen.

“That way!” Among the 1,000 cavalrymen, a Great Wizard pointed in the direction of junior abyssal fiends and said solemnly.

Clive raised his sword and shouted: “Come with me, lets get rid of those damn fiends! With the great Sir Duke Ian watching over us, we are invincible!!”

The eyes of the cavalrymen equipped with secret treasure armor forged from divine blood steel flickered with excitement, they raised their silver-colored lances, and roared: “We are invincible!”

The more than 30 junior abyssal fiends fleeing in the distance quickly gathered and turned to look at the 1,000 cavalrymen, eyes shimmering fiercely.

A ghost-type abyssal fiend turned to look at the human cavalrymen, its eyes flickered viciously, and it roared madly: “The bunch of ants dares to chase us, thats seeking death! Kill them!!”

The more than 30 junior abyssal fiends showed sinister smiles. Looking at the human cavalry charge towards them, it seemed as if they were looking at a delicious meal.

A junior abyssal fiend was comparable to a level-1 Warlock, and its physique was even sturdier than that of a level-1 Warlock. More than 30 junior abyssal fiends could wipe out the 1,000-strong human cavalry.

“Dark Rays!”

“Dominate Person!”


The eyes of the more than 30 abyssal fiends surged with red light. Their abyssal power surged, and they cast one after another demonic spells barreling towards the 1,000 human cavalrymen.

The armor the cavalrymen had equipped released white light. The armor suddenly erupted with defensive spells, blocking the demonic spells.

The complexions of the abyssal fiends changed and their eyes shone with fanaticism and ferocity. Troops with priests had the protection of divine spells, which could resist demonic spells. Naturally, these abyssal fiends didnt believe that their demonic spells could kill the other party so easily. But their forte was their fleshly body. Just with the power of their fleshly body, they could kill 1,000 human cavalrymen.

“Tear them to shreds!!” Along with a ferocious howl, the 30-plus abyssal fiends erupted with a speed that surpassed that of horses and charged at the human cavalrymen.

The earth shook as the 1,000 mounts sped along.

The flood formed from 1,000 human cavalrymen collided with the more than 30 abyssal fiends.

An abyssal fiend smiled malevolently and slammed its fist on the head of a wildebeest, and a terrific force burst out. The wildebeest was disintegrated into countless fragments and the human cavalryman was flung away.

The next moment, a human cavalryman charging at the rear stabbed the abyssal fiend with a silver lance.

“Its no use… ” The abyssal fiend smiled malevolently. With its physique, unless you possessed a magic weapon, ordinary blades and swords could hardly injure an abyssal fiend. But its smile lasted for only a moment, then it was enveloped by endless panic, and it uttered a pitiful scream: “No!!”

The silver lance easily pierced through the abyssal fiend, erupted with a strange suction, and instantly sucked the abyssal fiend dry. The abyssal fiend collapsed to the ground.

These abyssal fiends had no idea that the lances in the hands of the human cavalrymen were so terrifying. Caught unprepared, the silver lances pierced into them and sucked their blood essence and power dry, turning them into desiccated corpses.

These abyssal fiends werent weak, and many of them stabbed at the humans with their claws, yet they were blocked by the silver armor forged from divine blood steel. They were killed by the human cavalrymen one by one.

In a single charge, the more than 30 abyssal fiends died tragically at the hands of the 1,000 human cavalrymen. On the human side, however, just 20 plus people were injured by the abyssal fiends.

After killing the 30 plus abyssal fiends, the Great Wizards accompanying the cavalry silently recited an incantation and conjured the spell Healing Water, healing the wounded human cavalrymen.

Irene was shocked when she saw the more than 30 abyssal fiends die at the hands of the 1,000 human cavalrymen: “How fierce!”

A junior abyssal fiend was a frightening existence comparable, its physical strength much greater than that of the official Wizard Irene. 30 plus junior abyssal fiends should be able to massacre the 1,000-strong human cavalry, yet they died instead. The strength of this army surpassed Irenes imagination.

After the treatment was completed, Clive continued to hunt down the scattered abyssal fiends fleeing about under the guidance of the Wizards with the 1,000-strong cavalry in tow.

As strong as they were, if the abyssal fiends werent killed, then once they rushed into a crowd of ordinary humans, they would cause great casualties.

The Funes Province was vast but sparsely populated, and there was only a single abyssal fiend corpse attacking the province. After the abyssal great fiend as well as the advanced abyssal fiends were killed by Yang Feng and his people, the abyssal fiend corpse collapsed, and many junior abyssal fiends scattered inside the Funes Province.

Yang Feng mobilized a 50,000-strong elite corpse from the Miracle City, which he equipped with secret treasure armor and swords forged from divine blood steel and provided with Wizards, and sent it to the Funes Province to sweep the junior abyssal fiends.

At the same time, the released reconnaissance mechanical insects, covering the entire Funes Province.

With the support from surveillance of the reconnaissance mechanical insects, Yang Fengs high-ranking officers gathered superior military forces to encircle and annihilate the abyssal fiends in the Funes Province again and again.

With the continuous encirclement and annihilation, the number of abyssal fiends dwindled, and the democalypse gradually settled down in the Funes Province.

As for the forsaken Red Earth Wasteland, after the abyssal fiend legion was defeated by Yang Feng, it quickly left.

Unless they reached the fiend lord rank, abyssal fiends still had to eat. Even if they drank sewage water and ate grass, roots, and bark, they could still survive. But in the Red Earth Wasteland, there was no sewage water, grass, roots, or bark. As such, if they didnt leave, only death would await them.

Following the stabilization of the Funes Province and the Red Earth Wasteland, Yang Feng handed everything over to the two Legend rank powerhouses Esramia and Glicedar, then entered closed door cultivation and delved into the Taboo Text.

Esramia and Glicedar were extraordinary people. Under their command, abyssal fiends would be killed upon showing signs of their presence.

Under the suppression from Esramia and Glicedar, the abyssal fiends in other provinces didnt dare to go towards the Funes Principality and the Red Earth Wasteland.

The people who had hidden in the cities gradually left the cities and returned to their villages and towns, and things began to slowly return to normality.

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