Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 365 – Killing the Black Butcher Bagard

Chapter 364 – Entering the Sea

Translator: Xaiomoge

Time went by, and in a blink of an eye, it was three months later.

In a secret room, Yang Feng slowly opened his eyes, which sparkled, and a frightening aura came out of him. He spent past three months delving into the Taboo Text, making him stronger.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose, and his eyes showed great self-confidence: “Its time! I can now take the next step!”

Three days later, the rear garden of a luxurious manor in the Meheecan Principality.

With a novel in her hands, Chrissy reclined on a deck chair and sunbathed. At the same time, she squinted her eyes and appreciated the beautiful flowers in the garden.

Suddenly, Chrissy looked up and saw a magic carpet flying over in the distance.

The magic carpet stopped above the garden. With a wave of his wrist, Yang Feng put away the magic carpet, then stepped into the air and walked toward the garden.

Chrissy looked deeply at Yang Feng, and a peculiar glint flashed past her beautiful eyes: “This fellow has become stronger!”

Yang Feng smiled and spoke: “Your Highness, Im ready!”

“Call me Chrissy, Your Majesty!” Chrissy glanced behind Yang Feng and raised her eyebrows. “Archduke Ian, what about your two concubines, you didnt bring them along? Our enemies are very powerful!”

When she first saw Esramia and Glicedar, Chrissy faintly felt the strength of the two women. Even though Esramia was cursed, and could only display junior Legend rank strength, but with the help of the sun bow, she was still terrifying, and could shoot dead experts of the same rank.

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “Rest assured, I have something else in store!”

Esramia and Glicedar were now helping Yang Feng suppress the abyssal fiends. At the same time, they were responsible for receiving refugees coming from all over the Morrince Empire. They were tied down.

Without asking too many questions, Chrissy said in a very capable manner: “Give me a day to prepare!”

Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “Alright!”

The Andur Port was the port of the Andur City, which in turn was the capital of the Ancassey Principality located between the Morrince Empire and Titan Empire.

The Andur Port was linked with the Morrince Empire and the Titan Empire as well the open sea. As sea trade was very flourishing, the Ancassey Principality became the most prosperous state except for the two great empires by virtue of its excellent port.

The people of the Ancassey Principality believed in the neutral intermediate divine power rank Goddess of the Sea Erronia. The Goddess of the Sea Erronia was the god believed in by virtually all human port cities except the two great empires.

In addition to the the Goddess of the Sea Erronia, there were also the Zaliah divine systems weak divine power rank God of the Sea Ghadira, the Titan divine systems weak divine power rank God of the Sea Fabian, as well as the strong divine power rank Sea God Hrehoriy the merfolk believed in.

Merfolk were the royals of the Feisuo Planes merpeople, and they were composed of fishmen, whalemen, octopusmen, crabmen, and many other intelligent races born from the sea.

The various merfolk had their own gods. However, the gods they believed in were dominated by the Sea God Hrehoriy, forming a strong merfolk divine system.

A huge warship was anchored in the Andur Port. Aboard the huge warship, a large number of sailors busied themselves.

While admiring the surrounding sailboats, Yang Feng approached the huge warship.

Following next to Yang Feng was Chrissy as well as her five beautiful followers.

“Your Majesty!” When a muscular and suntanned middle-aged man with the heroic aura of a man of the sea in captain clothing saw Yang Feng, he approached Yang Feng and greeted him respectfully.

The middle-aged man was Mark, and he was a captain sent to the Ancassey Principality by the Meheecan Principality. Sea trade was very profitable. Naturally, the Meheecan Principality would not let this big piece of meat slip past its fingers.

After he became the new archduke of the Meheecan Principality, Yang Feng easily took over most of the power of the Meheecan Principality thanks to the support of the god, which also included the principalitys fleet.

Yang Feng swept the warship with his gaze, nodded in satisfaction, and patted Mark on the shoulder, saying: “You did well, Mark!”

Marks eyes glimmered with excitement, and he uttered respectfully: “Thank you for the praise, Your Majesty!”

Yang Feng spoke: “Call me Ian in front of others in the future!”

Mark was clever: “Yes! Sir Ian!”

After they boarded the huge warship, Yang Feng gave Mark an order: “Set sail!”

Mark uttered solemnly: “Just a moment, please. We still have to pray to the great Goddess of the Sea. This is a custom before going into to sea. There are pirates, storms, tornadoes, giant sea monsters, and other dangers in the sea. Only by praying to the Goddess of the Sea and gaining her protection can we possibly survive.”

Yang Feng raised his eyebrows and asked: “As long as we pray to the Goddess of the Sea, we wont encounter any dangers, and will be able to return safely?”

Smiling, Mark shook his head and said: “How could it be that simple? There are numerous dangers in the sea, and even the ships of the Church of the Sea may encounter dangers in the sea. Of course, ships of the Church of the Sea are much less likely to run into dangers in the sea than other ships. As such, we pray to the Goddess of the Sea just for peace of mind.”

After he finished speaking, Mark took out a very beautiful statue of the Goddess of the Sea covered in sky blue ripples and placed it on a small altar in the middle of the ship.

“Great Lady Erronia, you are a supreme and sacred being, you are the embodiment of the sea.”

“Mighty Lady Erronia!”

“You are the commander of the sea, the divine guardian of the sea!”

“We offer you our most pious belief, and ask you to protect us from all dangers in the sea and safeguard our return with great wealth.”


The sailors of the ship came to the altar and recited prayers.

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered. He saw traces of faith power gush out of the sailors, pour into the statue, and then get sucked into the void and disappear.

Obviously, the Goddess of the Sea Erronia only absorbed the faith power of the sailors without intending to truly protect the warship.

After the prayer was finished, the huge warship slowly headed for the deep sea.

Ten days flew by in a flash.

During those ten days, the voyage was calm and uneventful.

Suddenly, the speeding ship came to a slow halt.

“Mark, why did you stop the ship?” Sitting on the deck and fishing, Yang Feng suddenly frowned and asked, and his voice reverberated in the ship for everyone to hear.

Mark came out of the captains room, walked to in front of Yang Feng, and spoke: “Sir Ian, the area ahead is the territory of the merfolk. We have to pay a toll to get past it. Otherwise, the merfolk will attack us.”

Yang Feng nodded, silently watching the actions of Mark and them.

The crew of the huge warship dragged out a big pig to the front of the deck, then a crew member with Knight rank cultivation base stabbed the big pig in the belly with a knife, cut its belly open, and then dropped the bleeding pig into the sea.

Blood dyed the surrounding sea water red.

About ten minutes later, the sea churned and roiled, and a 4-meter-tall, burly sharkman warrior with the head of a shark and a body that resembled that of a human covered in fish scales emerged from the sea with a pitchfork in hand. Staring coldly at Mark and his party, he said solemnly: “I am Cell. The toll is two pigs, three cows, one chest of china, and one chest of steel blades.”

Mark smiled and waved to the sailors: “Yes! Sir Cell!”

The sailors lifted up a pig, three cows, a chest of china, and a chest of steel blades and threw them into the sea.

Once those things fell into the sea, the sea churned and roiled. Obviously, there were merfolk below the surface of the sea receiving the toll and taking it away.

Cell nodded in satisfaction, waved his hand, and threw a blue flag towards Mark: “Plant this flag on your ship!”

Next, cell plunged back into the sea and disappeared.

Mark grabbed the blue flag and planted it in a magic array on the ship.

By virtue of his extraordinary Great Warlock rank perception, Yang Feng faintly sensed the minute fluctuations that humans were virtually unable to detect the blue flag released envelop the whole ship.

Yang Feng mused in praise: “What a brilliant method, it seems that there are amazing characters among merfolk.”

“Set off!” At Marks command, the huge ship continued to sail towards the deep sea.

When they entered this territory, Yang Feng detected with his extraordinary perception that there were life forms approaching them from time to time. Once these life forms touched the big ship, they immediately swam away.

A dozen or so days passed by in a flash.

On this day, a huge black warship appeared in the horizon, speeding their way. The huge warship had a flag that depicted a giant skeleton with a sword inserted in its skull.

Marks warship paled in comparison with this huge warship.

As soon as Mark saw the flag above the huge warship, his face changed dramatically, and he exclaimed: “Shit, thats a warship of the Sword and Skeleton Pirate King! Were in trouble!”

Chrissys complexion changed and her pretty eyes flashed gravelly when she heard that, and she said solemnly: “Sword and Skeleton Pirate King! If its those scum, then its going to be a tough one!”

Yang Feng asked: “Are they very powerful?”

Yang Fengs territory was on land. Over the past few years, in addition to cultivating Warlock secret methods, he focused his attention on the four major empires. He had little knowledge of the powers of the sea.

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