Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 367 – Three Legendary Warships

Chapter 366 – Three Pirate Kings

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Although the pirates were obstinate and unruly, but when faced with the terrific pressure of the dragon might, they shook like leaves.

Yang Feng raised his eyebrows and flicked his finger, and a beam of black light entered a pirate. The pirate swelled up and burst apart, and a vampiric rattan emerged.

Although the bizarre vampire rattans were merely as the level-2 extraordinary plant rank, but their rapid self-propagation characteristic was terrific, and so Yang Feng was rather fond of using them.

The vampiric rattan extended, swept one pirate after another, and sucked them dry, and then divide and propagated.

“I surrender! Spare me!” A could not resist the fear in his heart, and he threw aside the scimitar in his hand and cried out.

After the first pirate surrendered, as if triggering a chain reaction, the rest of the pirates knelt down and surrendered under the pressure of the dragon might.

The pirates who werent willing to surrender were devoured by the vampiric rattans and turned into nourishment.

With a wave of Yang Fengs hand, syringes filled with poison descended, stabbed the surrendered pirates, and injected the poison into them.

Yang Feng glanced at the pirates and said indifferently: “This is a poison to which only I have the antidote. Unless you get the antidote every six months, your body will rot, and you will die. However, if you serve me well, Ill naturally give you the antidote, and even remove the poison completely.”

The pirates eyes flashed with fear, and they uttered respectfully: “Yes!! Sir!”

After subduing the pirates, the Black Butcher Warship had enough manpower to operate, becoming Yang Fengs spoils of war. The warship followed behind Marks ship towards the deep sea.

The Ghost Ship Island was a secluded island in the East Sea. In its surroundings, there were tens of mysterious currents, strange reefs, fearsome sea monsters. Without an experienced navigator, it was virtually impossible to enter the mysterious Ghost Ship Island.

The Ghost Ship Island was the base of the Sword and Skeleton Pirate Kings fleet. At this moment, a large number of warships and merchant ships were anchored around the Ghost Ship Island. On the island, where taverns, casinos, and brothels were everywhere, countless pirates led lives of debauchery.

In the center of the Ghost Ship Island, there lied a huge and luxurious temple, where the darkness god feeble divine power rank God of Pirates Gethron was worshiped!

In his time, Gethron was a pirate emperor who dominated the four seas and defeated all of the Feisuo Planes naval forces, confining them to the ports, unable to leave. Human maritime territories were fully controlled by him. In the sea, his words were an imperial edict, as if he was the emperor of the sea.

After becoming a pinnacle Legend rank expert, Gethron spent lots of energy, and eventually got his hands on a secret method to become a god. Then, with pirates as his believers, he founded the Church of Pirates, and finally ignited his divine fire and became the God of Pirates, a god who sheltered pirates.

On the opposite side of the huge temple lied an imposing and grand castle no less magnificent than a dukes mansion on the mainland. This huge castle was the residence of The Sword and Skeleton Pirate King Axent.

In the rear garden of the castle, there sat a handsome man with a full head of blue hair and a long scar extending diagonally to the right from his forehead, nearly touching his right eye, disfiguring the mans handsome face. The man emanated a violent aura.

The man emanating a violent aura was the Sword and Skeleton Pirate King Axent feared in the East Sea.

In the rear garden, dozens of beautiful women in all kinds of gorgeous clothes were dancing for Axents pleasure.

Crack! Suddenly, a black ring broke on Axents right index finger. His face immediately turned gloomy, his eyes shimmered with dense killing intent, and he said in a low voice: “Bagard was killed!!”

Gritting his teeth, eyes almost spurting out thick flames of fury, killing intent surging: “Somebody dared to kill my people!! Very well, it seems that Ive been too soft-hearted in recent years!!”

Legend rank powerhouses were scarce. Including Axent, there were only three Legend rank powerhouses in his fleet.

Axent glanced at the dancing beauties and barked: “Men!”

“Your Majesty!” More than 30 pirates rushed in, glanced greedily at the dancing beauties, and then said respectfully to Axent.

A brutal look in his eyes, Axent smiled fiercely and uttered: “Take them away! After you had your fun, kill them! “

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” The eyes of the more than 30 pirates glimmered with excitement as they pounced on the beautiful women like wolves and dragged them away.


“Let me go! Your Majesty!!”

“Your Majesty, I beg you, please let me go!!”


The beautiful women cried, screamed, and implored as they crumpled to the ground from fear, struggling. They knew that once they were dragged away, only death would await them. Even becoming prostitutes would be better.

Axent watched things unfold with a sinister smile on his face, and the gloomy feeling in his heart cleared away and gave way to an indescribable feeling of comfort. He wanted to be the second pirate emperor to dominate the four seas, which was why he copied every move of Gethron from his days as the pirate emperor.

In his days, the God of Pirates Gethron had dominated his huge pirate fleet with cruelty and terror. After he became a god, he was spurned by the gods and fell into the camp of the darkness gods.

In fact, if it wasnt for the refuge of the darkness gods, plus the fact that Gethron himself was an exceptional genius, he would have been killed by the Goddess of the Sea and other gods with a stake in the sea after he became a god. After being persecuted by the gods who had a stake in the sea, Gethron restrained himself, not daring to act lightly. Otherwise, with his cruel nature, god knows how many living beings would die in his hands.

Axents eyes shimmered coldly as he mused: “If they can kill Bagard, then they should not be weak. Lets have the Black Skeleton Pirate King and the Dragon Skeleton Pirate King probe the bastards.”

Axent blurred into motion and left the castle. When he arrived at the shore, he opened a jade box, took out a small silver fish, and released the fish into the sea.

The Ghost Skull Island was a huge round mountain with two huge caves in the middle. From the distance, it looked like a skull.

The Ghost Skull Island was the base of the Black Skeleton Pirate King fleet.

On the Ghost Skull Island, there was also a beautiful and luxurious temple, where the idol of an eight-armed naga was worshiped. The eight-armed naga had the upper body of a beautiful woman with eight arms, each holding a blade, and the lower body of a snake. The eight-armed naga was the intermediate divine power rank Goddess of Nagas Daphne worshiped by nagas.

Opposite of the temple lied a luxurious castle, which was the residence of the Black Skeleton Pirate King.

A burly, bearded, fiendish-looking man held a small silver fish: “Kalim, its me, Axent. A big fish came to our waters. I had a bout against them, killing two of their Sacred Swordsmen. Bagard died at their hands. Please help me take revenge. If you do, then Ill give you any treasure you want. After you listened to the message, let the silver fish go. I also want to contact Lionel.”

The bearded man was the Black Skeleton Pirate King Kalim, and the name of the Dragon Skeleton Pirate King was Lionel.

Kalims eyes flickered with a fierce glint. He mused for a while, then threw the silver fish into a pond: “Bagard is dead! That big fish has really tough bones, no wonder Axent asks me for help! That big fish must have a belly full of good stuff! I must destroy it and take all the good stuff!”

As soon as the silver fish entered the pond, it waved its tail, raised ripples, and disappeared from the pond.

Dragon Bones Island was an island that looked like it had a giant dragon spiraling atop it.

As if the people on the island had no belief, there was no temple on the Dragon Bones Island. There was only a huge palace built on the dragon head. The palace appeared to be as luxurious as the imperial palace of any principality.

In fact, as the three pirate kings dominated the East Sea, they were as wealthy as a state, possessing great wealth. It was nothing for them to build a huge palace.

In the rear garden of the palace, a handsome, lanky, fair-skinned young man with a full head of long red hair and an evil look in his eyes holding the silver fish reclined on a deck chair. This red-haired man was the Dragon Skeleton Pirate King Leonel.

Lionel threw the silver fish aside and asked a burly man with a big sword on his back exuding a valiant aura: “What do you think, Royce?”

Killing intent in his eyes, Royce spoke coldly: “The wisdom apple will take over a year to ripe, so its very suspicious for Legends to travel this route at this time! I think we should get rid of them now to prevent future troubles.”

Lionel smiled and said: “Yes, I was thinking the same. Axent wants to get us to do his dirty work. However, we also want to get rid of those outsiders, so we might as well work with them.”

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