Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 367 – Three Legendary Warships

hen the crew saw the flagships of the three pirate kings, their morale plummeted. The three pirate kings dominated the East Sea. Apart from the Morrince Empire, which had the Cagadilla, Dragon Storm, Sea Lightning, and the Titan Empire, which had the Fabian, Golden Swordfish, Thunder Sword, the other coastal states had no legendary warships capable of contending with the flagships of the three pirate kings.

Yang Fengs face changed, and he barked: “Full sails! Hurry! This is an order, Mark!”

As if he had gone mad, Mark shouted with all his might: “Full sails! Full sails!!”

The sailors were elites, after all. They quickly opened all sails.

Yang Feng silently chanted an incantation, pointed with his finger, and cast the level-3 spell Gale.

A fierce wind suddenly sprang up and blew their way.

With the fearsome wind around, as if it had wings inserted, the ship of Yang Feng and his party fled towards the distance.

The pirate ship seized from the Black Butcher was left behind.


“Dont shoot!! Its me!!”

“Its me!! Dont shoot! I am a member of the Sword and Skeleton Pirates!!”


The pirates on the ship issued shouts and waved signal flags.

The Dragon Bones Warship adjusted its position and aimed a dragon breath gun at the pirate ship. Strange runes resembling veins engraved on the dragon breath gun lit up, and a black dragon breath suddenly shot out from the dragon breath gun and barreled towards the pirate ship like a shooting star.

The black dragon breath instantly slammed into the pirate ship, and frightening black flames swallowed the pirate ship in a flash.

Amid screams, the pirates enveloped by the dragon breath were tuned into drifting ashes before they could jump into the water.

Atop the Black Steel Warship, Axent turned to look at the Dragon Bones Warship, and his eyes shimmered with anger. He gritted his teeth and uttered: “Damn mongrel!”

The relationship between the three pirate kings in the East Sea was very complicated. When faced with the navies of the states in the East Sea, they would unite and resist together the foreign enemy. Once the foreign enemy retreated, the three major forces would engage in skirmishes and hinder each other.

Lionel clearly didnt want to give Axent the chance to reclaim the Black Butcher Warship. If the Black Butcher Warship was sold, it could go for at least 5 million gold coins. Besides, even with enough capital, it was still very difficult to buy such a warship.

Watching as Yang Feng and his party fled, Axents complexion suddenly changed, and his heart was filled with regret: “How terrible, it seems that I made a great mistake!”

The three pirate king fleets came together to encircle and annihilate Yang Feng and his party. Faced with this frightening force, even Yang Feng didnt dare to resist it head on.

But once Yang Feng took to flight, the three pirate fleets fell into a quandary. The three legendary warships didnt dare to leave their fleet lightly. Otherwise, once another fleet with a legendary warship struck, their fleet may be destroyed.

The gap in fighting strength between fleets with legendary warships and fleets without was like an insurmountable ravine. The three pirate kings didnt dare to leave lightly. After all, although the other warships could not compare with legendary warships, but they still had to work hard to acquire them.

The power of a pirate king could not be formed with only a legendary warship. Without other warships to make out their power, the pirate king would lose their title.

Despite feeling regretful, the three pirate fleets still kept a uniform speed as they chased after Yang Feng.

Yang Feng easily escaped the encirclement, and his eyes flashed with surprise: “They havent caught up? Do legendary warships only amount to this much in terms of speed? Right, too many cooks spoil the broth! The relationship between them must not be good!”

Boosted with various acceleration spells, the speed of legendary warships was fearsome. Even though Yang Feng used the level-3 spell Gale, Marks warship could never outrun a legendary warship. Seeing as the legendary warships hadnt caught up, there was only one possibility. The three legendary warships restrained one another, not daring to leave their fleet.

“Mark, take the others back at once! Never mind us! We have our own means to get back.” Yang Feng tossed a magic carpet into the air and spoke solemnly.

The sky above the sea was filled with all kinds of powerful flying demonic beasts, which was why Yang Feng chose to travel by boat. However, now that he was not far from his destination, he could fly there via a magic carpet.

Mark swept the magic carpet with his gaze and responded respectfully: “Yes! Sir!”

Yang Feng jumped onto the magic carpet with Chrissy and the other women and urged the magic carpet to fly away.

Mark immediately turned and fled toward the deep sea.

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