Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 37 – Great Knight Budd

Chapter 36 – Storm Wolves

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A snow white cloth and a number of top-quality porcelain imported from the continents Eastern World were spread on a round rosewood table.

Spicy roasted oysters, black pepper veal, cow tongue with salt and pepper, cow tail soup, baked lobster with cheese, and other delicious and lavish cuisine arranged in the snow white, top-quality porcelain emitted captivating fragrances.

Yang Feng picked a piece of black pepper veal up with chopsticks and took a bite. When the juicy meat entered his mouth, it instantly inundated his mouth with a delicious taste.

Pleased, Yang Feng praised a cook: “Not bad! Root, your cooking is really good!”

Root bowed slightly in salute and said: “Master, Im honored to receive your praise!”

The top chefs within Black Citys sphere of influence were recruited by Yang Feng to be in charge of his meals, and Root was among them.

“Im finally able to enjoy the life of a local tyrant!” Yang Feng looked at the beautiful maidservants and the dining table with top-notch cuisine, and then revealed a look of satisfaction.

With the current forces under his command, he could establish a small principality. Additionally, that small principality would only have him as an aristocrat, so all its wealth would be under his control. He could be said to be as wealthy as a state.

The majority of Yang Fengs forces were composed of robots who had no need for salaries. They only had to be supplied with sufficient energy, and they would work hard, hardly making any mistakes. Thus, he saved a ton of money. It could be said that the majority of income in his territory was net income, enabling him to lead a luxurious and extravagant life.

Oysters, veal, lobster, cow tongue, cow tail, and other ingredients were placed inside a level-0 secret treasure specially refined by an Alchemist to keep them fresh. Just to keep these ingredients fresh, he had to consume one magic stone per day. Ordinary aristocrats would go broke after a few meals.

After finishing lunch, Yang Feng received a fragrant, moist, hot towel from Sissi and wiped his mouth. Then, he stood up slowly, looked into the distance, and whispered: “Should be about time!”

Yang Fengs words had just fallen, when a dozen youngsters dressed in gorgeous aristocratic attires appeared from the south of the wilderness, with more than 200 mounted bandits on their heels.

The leader, a slightly fat, blue-haired lesser aristocrat screamed in horror: “Help! Save me! Im the son of the Warlock College Antalyas level-1 Warlock Abel! Save me! Ill reward you handsomely!!”


“Please save us!”


The dozen youngsters dressed in gorgeous aristocratic attires screamed loudly.

Yang Feng waved his hand, and 200 level-4 bladed robots that looked almost exactly the same as humans quickly went to rescue the dozen youngsters.

The leader of the more than 200 mounted bandits raised his hand and the bandits stopped their charge.

The eyes of the leader gleamed ferociously, and he threatened: “I am Budd, the leader of the Storm Wolves! Those people are my pray! Hand them over, and Ill sweep this under the rug! Otherwise, you should forget about leaving the Hunting Fangs Wilderness!”

Yang Feng looked at the leader of the mounted bandits and immediately started the scanning ability of the glasses.

Yang Feng smiled faintly and waved his hand: “A trifling Great Knight dares to run his mouth in front of me. Kill them!”

With alloy blades in hand, the 200 bladed robots charged at the more than 200 mounted bandits.

The complexion of an aristocratic young man changed, and he whispered to the son of the level-1 Warlock Abel: “How awful! Gars, this guy is so stupid. To use infantrymen in a charge against cavalrymen is no different from sending them to death! We should run away!”

Gars whispered back: “I also think that hes stupid. Tell the others to be ready to run away. When this caravan is defeated, well take advantage of the confusion and run away.”

To use infantrymen to charge at cavalrymen was no different from sending them to their deaths. In the Turandot Subcontinent, only when infantrymen entered a phalanx formation, might they contend with cavalrymen. Furthermore, only elite warriors unafraid of death might contend with cavalrymen in a phalanx formation. Otherwise, when an infantry engaged in field warfare with a cavalry, it would be massacred.

The dozen youngsters who luckily managed to escape relaxed at first, but then had their hearts race once more, looking at Yang Feng as if he was a moron.

When faced with the 200 fierce cavalrymen, the best course of action for the more than 2,000 people escorting the caravan was to have the carriages enter formation, and then use arrows and bolts to defend themselves. Only a moronic commander would order an infantry to charge at a cavalry.

Budds eyes flickered with a glint of contempt, and he pointed at Yang Feng with the saber in his hand and barked: “Fool! Follow me! Whoever chops off the head of this fool can have his pick of women and goods.”

When the bandits heard Budd, they clamored in excitement, and then grasped their scimitars tightly, yelled something unintelligible, and stormed fiercely towards the 200 level-4 bladed robots.

Before long, the Storm Wolves cavalry mercilessly clashed with Yang Fengs level-4 bladed robots.

Laughing malevolently, a Storm Wolves bandit brandished his saber and, with the force of the charge, ruthlessly slashed at a level-4 bladed robot.

Once these cavalrymen launched a charge, then even Knight rank powerhouses could be killed. The Storm Wolves bandit had already envisioned the level-4 bladed robot being sliced in twine by his strike.

Expressionless, the level-4 bladed robot mechanically brandished its 2-meter-long alloy blade and slashed at the Storm Wolves bandit.

The next moment, hot blood sprayed. The Storm Wolves bandit and his mount were sliced in twine, and blood and viscera sprayed onto the level-4 bladed robot.

Practically at the same time, copious amounts of blood sprayed on the battlefield! One after another, the Storm Wolves cavalrymen and their mounts were sliced in two, and their corpses scattered on the ground! It was like a scene from hell!

Her complexion pale and stomach churning, an aristocratic girls whispered: “How terrifying!! Theyre Knight rank powerhouses! How could there be so many Knight rank powerhouses?”

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