Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 371 – Hunting the Benjack Giant Scorpion-tailed Spider

iously injured by the mechanical black dragons dragon breath gun. But after using divine power, its injury recovered for the most part in an instant. At the same time, its strength surged and more than doubled, reaching a shocking level. In here lied the huge gap that separated a demigod who possessed faith power and a demigod who could not employ faith power.

Virtually in an instant, the numerous red threads entangled the demigod rank mechanical black dragon and slowly pulled the thousands of tons heavy mechanical black dragon to the ground.

The mechanical black dragon possessed a strength comparable to that of a demigod rank ancient black dragon, yet it still was slowly pulled down by the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider.

Yang Feng silently recited an incantation, pointed with a finger, and conjured the level-4 spell Fire Dragon, and numerous fire elemental particles suddenly converged into a huge flame dragon, which dashed towards the countless red threads.

When the flame dragon slammed into the red threads, it furiously burned at them. Even though the red threads erupted with blood-colored divine light, they were still set on fire by the flame dragon, and snapped.

The mechanical black dragon struggled free from the red threads, then opened its maw, and shot a dragon breath beam towards the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider.

The eight eyes of the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider turned, and a formidable red divine light shield suddenly sprang up to protect it.

The dragon breath beam shot by the mechanical black dragon was blocked by the red divine light shield, merely setting off ripples.

The benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider turned around, and its eight eyes focused on Yang Feng and shimmered ruthlessly, furiously, and savagely. It moved and, as if a bolt of lightning, ferociously crushed into the closed space.

Crack! The closed space collapsed from the strike of the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider.

A copious amount of red threads suddenly shot out of the maw of the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider and swung towards Yang Feng.

“Fire Dragon!” Retreating briskly, Yang Feng silently recites an incantation and pointed at the numerous red threads, and fire elemental particles furiously converged into a giant flame dragon, which interwove with the red threads.

The terrific divine power contained in the red threads and the giant flame dragon cancelled each other out and consumed each other. The flame dragon could not ignite the threads and the threads containing divine power could not easily extinguish the flame dragon.

Within the indigenous tribe, red divine light poured out of the huge totem and into the void. Frightening divine might gushed out of the huge totem.

Numerous aboriginals knelt around the totem and prayed devoutly.

Suddenly, fire elemental particles converged in the void and formed a huge flame snake, which slithered into the midst of the indigenous believers who knelt on the ground and prayed.

Wherever the fearsome flame snake passed through, indigenous believers were turned into fireballs, uttering miserable screams.

Chrissy burst out with pinnacle Legend rank qi, blurred into motion, and shot towards the giant totem in a beam of white light.

As the aboriginal believers had sunk into chaos, no one had time to stop Chrissy. They could only watch as she shot to in front of of huge totem, took out a black sword, and stabbed at the huge totem.

The huge totem was the point of convergence for the belief of the aboriginals for countless years. Although the material was only ordinary stone and wood, but after being nourished for more than 1,000 years with divine power, it had evolved into a strange divine power material. Even a demigod rank powerhouse could hardly destroy this totem.

However, when the black sword stabbed at the huge totem, it penetrated it as if piercing through tofu.

The red light around the huge totem dissipated. With a cracking sound, the totem fragmented and split in two, revealing the blood-colored, diamond-like crystallized divine power inside.

Chrissys black sword was called the Divine Cleaving Sword, it was a demigod armament that the Goddess of the Iman Springs bestowed upon her, and its specialty lied in cleaving totems. No totem could not resist a sword strike from the Divine Cleaving Sword. This was Chrissys greatest trump card. If their totem was destroyed, then the demigod rank powerhouse who lost the support of their totem would become an ordinary demigod.

Chrissy reached out with her hand and grabbed the blood-colored, diamond-like crystallized divine power, then blurred into motion and escaped into the jungle

In the moment when the huge totem was broken, the red light around the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider in a distant location weakened frantically and reduced by half.

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