Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 373 – Mechanical Demonic Sword

Chapter 372 – Crystallized Divine Power

Translator: Xaiomoge

In the sky, the mechanical black dragon opened its maw and shot a dragon breathing beam that slammed into the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider, crushing the red divine light shield and then blowing open a huge bloody hole on the back of the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider.

“Thats my chance! Things have gone smoothly on Chrissys end!” Yang Fengs eyes lit up, then he took out the super gravity gun, pointed at the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider, and pulled the trigger, and super gravity spheres blasted into the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider, slamming it into the ground, unable to budge.

Dragon breath beams bombarded the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider and blasted open wounds on its body, from which copious amounts of mucus spurted out.

Without the support of divine power, the nearly invincible benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider could not resist the attacks of the demigod rank mechanical black dragon.

Yang Feng blurred into motion and appeared on the head of the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider. A cold glint in his eyes, he unleashed the secret method Taboo Demonic Claw, and a claw made of dense demonic qi mercilessly pierced into the head of the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider and dug out its magic core as well as two divinities with rich blood-colored light.

After losing its magic core and two divinities, the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider slumped to the ground, not moving.

The mechanical black dragon pounced on the body of the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider, devouring the corpse in big mouthfuls.

The indigenous people watched as the mechanical black dragon devoured the body of the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider in big mouthfuls, revealing looks of dismay and despair in their eyes. They quickly prostrated themselves on the ground in front of the mechanical black dragon and recited strange prayers.

Yang Fengs eyes erupted with gloomy light, and he quickly analyzed the two golden divinities trembling in his Taboo Demonic Claw: “Divinity of massacre and divinity of chaos! The divinity of massacre can be merged with my divinity of massacre. As for the divinity of chaos, it can be used as a material to refine a god armament.”

Divinity didnt follow the principle the more the better. Instead, it had to be in line with the path you would take. As such, only by integrating the corresponding divinity could you become stronger.

Of the two divinities he got from the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider, Yang Feng could merge the divinity of massacre with his divinity of massacre. However, if he integrated with the divinity of chaos, the divinity would interfere with his psyche, turning him into a very temperamental and chaotic being.

In the Desolate Islands, the offerings extraordinary life forms received were basically all low-level offering blood sacrifice. Although blood sacrifice would give them powerful divine power, yet it would also let them condense divinity of chaos. The conduct of gods with divinity of chaos was erratic and chaotic, so no one was willing to form an alliance with them.

On the Feisuo Plane, there existed gods with chaotic divine domain and divine authority. Such gods exhibited erratic and outrageous behavior. Even darkness gods would not accept gods with chaotic divine domain and divine authority, knowing fully well that they might be merrily chatting with you in one moment and then fall out with you without any warning and stab you for no reason in the next moment.

Yang Feng arrived before the Black Steel Warship, a scorching glint in his eyes: “If this Black Steel Warship is properly remodeled, is there anyone in the sea who will be my opponent?”

The Black Steel Warship was clearly an alchemical product of the 6th Warlock Dynasty, the Secret Treasure Dynasty. On the Feisuo Plane, the Black Steel Warship was a legendary warship well known among the major forces.

After he got his hands of the Black Steel Warship, with a little modification, all kinds of weapon systems and defense systems of the xizu that could be manufactured at the moment could be installed in the Black Steel Warship, which would upgrade the fighting strength of the legendary warship by several times or even a dozen times, making it the strongest naval warship on the Feisuo Plane.

Chrissy came over and looked at the mechanical black dragon devouring the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider, and her pretty eyes glimmered with a peculiar glint. She said with a smile: “Amazing! Ian, is this ancient black dragon your contracted life form?”

Behind Chrissy, her five followers looked at the ancient black dragon with eyes full of wonder.

With the exception of the nation of dragons, it was very rare to come by a dragon, let alone a demigod rank ancient dragon. With an ancient black dragon as their contracted life form, even gods would pay attention to such a powerful existence.

Yang Feng replied without extra thought: “Yes, this ancient black dragon is my contracted life form.”

He extended his right hand, and a Taboo Demonic Claw condensed from a copious amount of demonic qi entrapped the two divinities in his hand: “These are the two divinities that I extracted from the body of the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider. One is a divinity of massacre, the other is a divinity of chaos. The divinity of massacre is mine, while the divinity of chaos is yours.”

When Chrissy saw this, her eyes shone brightly, and she couldnt help asking: “Amazing! Can you teach me the secret method for extracting divinity?”

Without a special secret method, only god rank experts could extract the divinity from a divine life form on the Feisuo Plane. As for everyone else, even if they killed a divine life form and luckily got a divinity, the divinity would invade their body. They could not entrap divinities and freely make their choice like Yang Feng.

On the Feisuo Plane, there were some pinnacle Legend rank experts who killed demigods and got their divinity. However, after they acquired the divinity of chaos, they became insane and inhumane.

Yang Feng smiled and said: “If you can come up with a secret method of equivalent value, then we can make an exchange.”

The Taboo Demonic Claw was a peerless secret method recorded in the Taboo Text, its power infinite. Yang Feng could not teach it to Chrissy. However, there were many secret methods for extracting divinity on the Cangzhi Plane. Teaching Chrissy one wouldnt be an issue.

“Unfortunately, I dont have such a precious secret method!” With a sigh of regret, Chrissy took out a bag and opened it, revealing the blood-colored, diamond-like crystallized divine power: “These are crystallized divine power, lets divide them equally.”

Crystallized divine power was the main reason why Chrissy and Yang Feng came to the Desolate Islands to hunt demigods. Crystallized divine power was a condensation of faith power. Although, due to the blood sacrifices, it was shrouded in berserk and chaotic power. But after it got purified, crystallized divine power would become a very precious source of energy.

At the time of igniting divine fire and condensing godhead, possessing crystallized divine power would increase the odds of success.

Moreover, crystallized divine power could be used for cultivation. It was an indispensable resource when threading the god path. With enough crystallized divine power, Legend rank powerhouses could achieve extraordinary speed in terms of cultivation.

Although it was true that the speed of cultivation would be increased with the use of crystallized divine power, but after reaching the Starry Sky Warlock boundary, it would still be very difficult to break through and become a Moonlight Warlock. By then, you could only follow the god path, and ignite your divine fire and ascend to godhood.

Yang Feng smiled and took half of the crystallized divine power.

Chrissy suddenly smiled and uttered: “Ian, I can help you purify the crystallized divine power, but youll have to share with me half of your crystallized divine power.”

If not purified, crystallized divine power containing chaotic, berserk, and bloodthirsty power would erode the user, making them into a beast that only knew to kill.

The demigod rank benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider was controlled by chaotic, bloodthirsty, and berserk power, which was why it so easily fell into Yang Fengs scheme and was drawn out to fight the three pirate king fleets.

“No need, I can purify it myself!” Yang Feng smiled, and a Taboo Demonic Claw appeared in his right hand, which touched the crystallized divine power.

Traces of chaotic, berserk, and bloodthirsty power gushed out of the crystallized divine power and entered Yang Fengs Taboo Demonic Claw.

The priestess Leyana standing next to Chrissy couldt help exclaiming: “What a terrific secret method! This crystallized divine power is difficult to purify even with a level-4 purification divine spell.”

The Wizard Pina exclaimed as well: “Amazing!”

The swordswoman Vira asked: “Is it that amazing?”

Pina said: “Of course it is. This crystallized divine power is the crystallization of a copious amount of evil divine power, it contains the evil power gathered from wicked sacrifices carried out for hundreds or thousands of years by the aboriginals. If you get in contact with this crystallized divine power, youll be eroded by it and turned into a monster without reason that only knows to kill, no different from the abyssal demonic servants we killed.”

Viras complexion changed and her eyes flashed with dignity: “This thing is that awful?”

Freaks without reason such as abyssal demonic servants only knew to eat and kill. Vira shuddered at the thought that she could become such a terrible freak.

In merely a minute, the crystallized divine power was completely purified and became pure and transparent. Yang Feng put it in a box and put the box away.

He flicked his finger, and the divinity of chaos flew into a transparent crystal vial, which he corked and tossed towards Chrissy: “Here is the divinity of chaos. Youd better not use it.”

Chrissy received the transparent crystal vial. Staring at the golden divinity inside, her eyes flickered with both excitement and regret: “I know.”

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