Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 374 – Surrounded

Chapter 373 – Mechanical Demonic Sword

Translator: Xaiomoge

Divinity was a figurative object that extraordinary life forms condensed by comprehending certain laws. Each divinity stood for the fact that the understanding of the extraordinary life form of a certain law has reached a certain boundary, containing all the comprehension the extraordinary life form achieved with regards to the law.

If she absorbed the divinity of chaos, Chrissy would get the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spiders understanding of the law of chaos, her strength would soar, and she may even directly promote to a demigod rank divine life form. But at the same time, she would get dominated by the divinity of chaos, and become an erratic being.

Chrissys pretty eyes glimmered with a burning glint, and she spoke with a smile: “Have you had enough rest yet? Lets go to the next island?”

“Wait a minute!” After saying this, Yang Feng strode toward the aboriginals kneeling next to and praying to the mechanical black dragon.

“Spiritual Communication!” Yang Feng chanted an incantation and pointed at himself, and flashed with light. His ocean-like spirit force spread about and changed to a certain frequency, enabling him to easily understand the words of the aboriginals.

“Great God, we seek your blessing!”

“Great God, please bless us!!”


The aboriginals kneeling before the mechanical black dragon implored bitterly.

“Petty mortals, the evil god has been killed by me. From today on, I am the one to rule you, the great God Ian. The one youre praying to is my mount!” With a light jump, Yang Feng landed on the head of the mechanical black dragon and looked at the indigenous people below him. He didnt speak a word, yet his vast spirit force poured into the minds of the aboriginals via Spiritual Communication.

The aboriginals looked up with horror at Yang Feng standing on the head of the mechanical black dragon, their simple brains unable to react to this new development.

Eyes cold, Yang Feng cast the level-4 spell Dragon Might, and fearsome ancient dragon might spread out from him.

Under the pressure of the frightening dragon might, the aboriginals kneeling on the ground were overcome with fear and shock.

“Have faith in me, or die!” With the help of the frightening dragon might, Yang Feng imprinted his thoughts into the abyss of their minds, barking in their minds like a god.

“Great Ian, I am willing to have faith in you! Please shelter me!!” An ordinary-looking bare-chested young aboriginal with medium built and leaves covering his lover body kneeling on the ground spoke in a voice full of respect and humility.

“Very well. Ill give you knowledge and strength!” Yang Feng flicked his finger, and a speck of light containing a vast body of knowledge entered the forehead of the young aboriginal. In a split second, a vast body of knowledge poured into the mind of the indigenous person.

The temperament of the aboriginal suddenly changed and became slightly different from that of an ignorant aboriginal.

Yang Feng tossed a mechanical demonic sword and an idol carved from ironwood, which landed in front of the indigenous person.

After kowtowing three times, the aboriginal said loudly: “My name is Babacaru. Mighty Lord Ian, I am willing to be your most devout believer, to spread your glory in the secular world!”

Babacaru first clasped the idol of Yang Feng in his hand, then gripped the mechanical demonic sword, from which pieces of mechanical armor flew out, stuck to him, and formed a set of silver-colored mechanical armor brimming with science fiction flair. Formidable power poured into him from the silver-colored mechanical armor.

In an instant, from an advanced warrior, Babacaru changed into a fearsome existence with battle prowess comparable to the level-3 Warlock rank.

The mechanical demonic sword was a secret treasure forged using xizu technology and Cangzhi Plane alchemy, and anyone who equipped it would possess fighting prowess comparable to the level-3 Warlock rank. This was the power of technology. Of course, if he lost the mechanical sword, then Babacaru would revert to an ordinary advanced warrior.

“Go! Take your people to conquer everything and spread my faith and glory!” As if a god looking at a mortal, Yang Feng looked at Babacaru with indifference in his eyes. His vast spirit fluctuations imprinted his thoughts in the minds of Babacaru and the other aboriginals.

Babacaru replied humbly and respectfully: “Yes! My Lord!”

The huge mechanical black dragon flapped its wings and, in a terrifying gust of wind, flew towards Chrissy and the other women.

Pina silently recited an incantation, pointed with her staff, and cast the spell Soar. Suddenly, a fierce wind arose and enveloped Chrissy and the other women.

Chrissy and her followers flew up and landed on the mechanical black dragon.

The mechanical black dragon flapped its wings and entered the clouds.

Babacaru raised Yang Fengs idol in one hand, waved the mechanical demonic sword in the other, and cried out: “I, Babacaru, was picked by the mighty god, I will lead you to spread the glory of the great God Ian! Anyone who isnt willing shall be killed. Are you willing to join me in spreading the glory of the great God Ian?”


“Were willing!”


The indigenous people screamed loudly.

Babacaru shouted: “Lets go, were going back to the tribe!!”

“Back to the tribe!”

“Back to the tribe!”


The aboriginals shouted excitedly.

Babacaru turned around and led the more than 1,000 indigenous people toward their tribe.

Once they entered the tribe, Babacaru and his party were surrounded by more than 10,000 indigenous people.

The crowd parted, and the tribes chieftain with a sharp bone blade ground from the tooth of an extraordinary life form in hand walked out, swept Babacaru with a glance, and said in surprise: “Who are you? Babacaru! What are you up to?”

When Babacaru saw the tribes chieftain, his face changed and his courage shrank.

The chieftain was the most powerful existence of the tribe. With his Star Knight rank fighting strength, no one was his rival in the tribe.

Previously, Babacaru was just an ordinary warrior in the tribe. He grew up listening to legends about the chieftain. Now that he was questioned by the chieftain, he couldnt help tremble in fear.

At this moment, the mechanical demonic sword released the spell Hymn of Courage, and warm magic light enveloped Babacaru, filling him with courage.

Babacarus eyes glimmered with ambition, and, as if an young wolf challenging the old wolf leader, he shouted, “Chieftain, you are old, you should retire. Your position of chieftain should belong to me!!”

The eyes of the chieftains shimmered fiercely. Drawing his blade, he erupted with terrific strength and slashed at Babacaru: “Youve got some nerve, Babacaru! You wanna die? Very well, Ill fulfill your wish!!”

In terms of battle experience, Babacaru could not compare to the chieftain. He didnt expect that the chieftain would turn hostile and attack right off the bat. Staring blankly, he watched as the chieftains bone blade chopped at his head.

Ding!! With a clear and resounding sound, the chieftains bone blade chopped at Babacarus head and got stuck to the armor, unable to budge.

Babacaru was shocked at first. Immediately after, his body was moved by the mechanical demonic sword in his hand, and he furiously slashed at the chieftain, instantly slicing him in two.

“You… ” An incredulous look on his face, the chieftain pointed at Babacaru. He couldnt believe that he was killed by the ordinary warrior Babacaru.

Babacaru took a step forward, slashed down with his sword, and beheaded the chieftain. He grabbed the head of the chieftain and bellowed: “From now on, I, Babacaru, am the new chieftain!”




The aboriginals behind Babacaru shouted excitedly.



The rest of the aboriginals were silent for a moment, looking at each other, before also joining in the shouting.

Babacaru smiled with satisfaction, then strode to the place where the totem of the tribe had stood, and placed Yang Fengs idol on the altar.

With a brilliant light, the mechanical idol suddenly expanded and became a 10-meter-tall, imposing idol.

The idol was forged from alchemy and xizu technology, and was equipped with a weapon system and an optical computer. The idol itself had frightening level-3 Warlock rank fighting strength.

Yang Feng, after all, wasnt a god, and as such, could not attach his consciousness to any conventional idol and display frightening fighting strength. But with the use of mechanical idols, he could easily manipulate any given idol to enter combat.

Standing in front of the idol, Babacaru raised the mechanical demonic sword in his hand and shouted fiercely: “From now on, our tribe has faith in the great god called Ian! Everyone in our tribe has to believe in him and spread his faith and glory!”

The tribes high priest walked out of the crowd and howled wildly “No! Hes an evil god!! The mighty Gargal God is the only god we believe in!!”

Gargal God was the godly name of the benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider. The aboriginals of the Desolate Islands were uncivilized, and their naming sense was strange and inconsistent.

The reason why the high priest objected to the belief in Yang Feng was that once the belief in the new god supplanted the belief in the old god, the high priest of the old god would have no use, losing all his power.

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