Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 374 – Surrounded

y that were corroded by the demigod rank scorpion lion to the ground.

Dumbstruck, Chrissy and the other five girls could not believe their eyes.

As the gods darling of the Goddess of the Iman Springs, Chrissy came back to her senses at once. Her pretty eyes glimmered with envy and jealousy, and she asked: “Is this an alchemical beast?”

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “Thats right, this is an alchemical beast I got from a relic site.”

Chrissy praised sincerely: “Youre so lucky!!”

Pina and the other girls looked at Yang Feng with eyes full of envy.

There was no better meat shield than a demigod rank alchemical beast that could easily dispel the poison of a demigod rank scorpion lion.

After replacing the damaged components and filling up on sufficient energy, the mechanical black dragon regained its peak fighting strength.

With a light jump, Yang Feng landed on the back of the mechanical black dragon and uttered: “Come on, lets go hunt other demigods!”

Chrissys beautiful eyes glimmered with excitement, and she swiftly jumped onto the back of the mechanical black dragon.

Joining ends, Yang Feng and Chrissy, killed one after another demigod rank extraordinary life form of the island.

In just one day, 12 demigod rank extraordinary life forms died at their hands.

Each of the twelve demigod rank extraordinary life formscontributed a divinity of massacre and a divinity of chaos. These were the divinity that demigod rank extraordinary life forms who enjoyed low-level blood sacrifices were most likely to form.

Those who enjoyed low-level blood sacrifices generally need more than 10,000 years to ascend to godhood.

On the other hand, by employing the missionary practice of the human churches and exploiting pious and pure faith power, you could ascend to godhood within decades.

The next morning, Yang Feng and his party flew out of the island on a magic carpet and headed for another island.

Divinity of chaos was of little effect in terms of enhancing Yang Fengs strength. As for divinity of massacre, he could absorb it and form the domain of massacre and eventually condense godhead and gain the divine authority of massacre.

When Yang Feng and his party entered the next island atop the magic carpet, they landed in a jungle.

In the jungle, shadows danced as numerous aboriginals concealed in the jungle sent blow darts shooting towards Yang Fengs party.

“Shit, its an ambush! Lets retreat!” Yang Fengs face fell. He silently chanted an incantation and pointed with his finger, and a superior warping force field suddenly appeared and blocked in front of them. The numerous blow darts had their trajectories distorted by the superior warping force field and flew aside.

Protected by a life force field at all times, the blow darts could not harm Yang Feng. But Chrissy and her followers didnt possess his ability. As such, they may die if hit by just a single blow dart.

Chrissy responded decisively: “Okay, lets retreat!”

Yang Feng and the others would be in grave danger if just a few demigods joined hands to ambush them, and they may even die.

It was by catching them off guard, by destroying their totems, by destroying their source of strength that Yang Feng and Chrissy managed to smoothly kill the 12 demigod rank extraordinary life forms. Otherwise, when faced against a demigod rank benjack giant scorpion-tailed spider that could fully display its strength, Yang Feng and his party would find it a tricky opponent to defeat.

“Where are you going?” Accompanied by an earth-quacking voice, a 100-meter-tall mountain giant covered with trees walked over from behind and blocked the path of retreat of Yang Fengs group.

A 30-meter-long black-scaled winged snake with a horn on its head, a pair of wings on its back, and black scales covering its body exuding fearsome demigod rank fluctuations of power blocked in front of Yang Feng a company.

A malevolent smile on its face, a 6-meter-tall demigod-rank flame ape with red fur that looked like it had tongues of flame dancing on its body and rippling muscles blocked in front of them.

A shadow twisted, and a demigod rank shadow leopard hiding in the shadows emerged. Exuding a tyrannical aura, it stared at them with its red eyes.

A 5-meter-tall demigod rank two-headed ogre lord with blue skin holding a huge bone club slowly walked over, eyes flashing with madness and bloodthirst.

The five demigod rank extraordinary completely surrounded Yang Fengs party, eyes flickering with ridicule and cruelty.

An adult green dragon flew over and stopped in midair. Looking at Yang Fengs groups with ridicule, it uttered: “So you are the guys who killed all the gods on the Bcagar Island. And now you came to the Kachak Island to hunt the gods of this island. You guys are really brave!”

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