Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 378 – Successive Deaths

Chapter 377 – Six Black Dragons

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When the mountain giant saw Millet, it took a violent step forward and brandished its club infused with divine power of chaos, slamming it toward Millet.

“Idiot! Even though you have great power, but if you dont channel it efficiently, then its wasted on you!” Millet sneered and silently chanted an incantation. Spatial force enveloped him as he cast the level-4 spell Blink, and he disappeared. In the next moment, he reappeared on the head of the mountain giant.

The mountain giant erupted with its domain of chaos that distorted space in a flash, engulfing Millet.

There was a bewildered look in Millets eyes. His eyes turned bloodshot, and he fell into a state of confusion. Then, he shimmered with black light and transformed into a 50-meter-long black dragon exuding ancient dragon might and bit the head of the mountain giant, crushing a large chunk of rock.

The frightening domain of chaos of the mountain giant was formed by 15 divinity of chaos. Even if it was a demigod rank expert, once they entered the domain of chaos, they would be eroded by the domain, and would fall into a state of confusion.

The mountain giant punched Millet with its fist shrouded in divine power of chaos and blasted him away, who then slammed into the city wall, crushing it.

“Big Brother Millet, wake up!” A black dragon roared, then recited an incantation in dragon tongue, pointed at Millet, and conjured the level-4 spell Great Lucidity, and brilliant light entered Millet transformed into an ancient black dragon.

The other two black dragons furiously released spells and fought with the mountain giant. As demigod rank powerhouses, when the two black dragons operated their divine power to unleash attacks, even the mountain giant wasnt immune to them.

“Damn it, is that the domain of chaos? What an awful domain!” Millets eyes shimmered ferociously, and a copious amount of killing intent poured out of him and formed a red-like-blood domain of massacre around him.

When the domain of massacre took shape, Millet instantly erupted in a streak of red light and strangely appeared behind the mountain giant.

Millets domain of massacre furiously collided, intertwined, and perished with the mountain giants domain of chaos. He ferociously grabbed at the head of the mountain giant and forcefully dug a huge hole out.

A look of anger in its eyes, the mountain giant barreled its fist shrouded in endless divine power of chaos toward Millet transformed into an ancient black dragon.

Millet twisted his bode slightly and avoided the fist of the mountain giant in a spectacular manner.

The mountain giant was huge and powerful, and it had immunity to many spells. Its somewhat sluggish movement was its only weakness. Now that its domain of chaos could no longer restrict Millet, it fell into a quagmire, and had a hard time hitting Millet

Under Millets attacks, the mountain giants body was shattered inch by inch, and countless gravel splashed about. In the next moment, however, the mountain giants body flickered with divine light, and its wounds healed.

The mountain giant has absorbed 15 divinity, so the divine power that it could utilize could be said to be terrifying. Under the nourishment of that terrifying divine power, it could almost be said to be immortal.

Even though it was besieged by four black dragons, the mountain giant remained fearless. Of the four black dragons, only Millet dared to fight it in close combat.

Unable to sustain the fighting for too long, Millet faced the sky and roared: “Come out and help me kill it! Dont fight it in close quarters!”

Demigod rank auras rose from the Banij City as demigod rank extraordinary life forms rushed out from the city and, employing various methods, attacked the mountain giant from afar.

If those demigod rank extraordinary life forms fought the mountain giant with 15 divinity of chaos in close combat, they would be killed within three moves. However, by besieging it from afar, they could consume its divine power.

The Banij City, inside the royal palace.

Eyes red, surging with thick killing intent, divine power poured into the black dragon that had been gravely injured by the mountain giant, quickly nourishing its body.

Crack! Crack! Amid crisp sounds, the bones of the black dragon were frantically healing at a speed visible to the naked eye. Although the black dragon had been nearly beaten into minced meat, but its divinity kept it alive, enabling it to heal quickly with the help of divine power.

The black dragon suddenly raised its head, looked in the direction of some shadow, and shouted: “Who are you?!”

“A demigod rank black dragon indeed, you actually found me!!” The shadow twisted, and Yang Feng emerged from advanced stealth. As if a specter, he suddenly appeared on the head of the black dragon, cast the level-4 spell Dragon Force, and punched the head of the black dragon.

Rumble! The head of the black dragon was instantly slammed into the ground, causing the ground to crack, and it spewed a huge mouthful of blood.


“There are assassins!! Protect the great God Kaj!”


Within the imperial palace, there were tall, handsome dragonborn experts with horns on their heads and black or wheat-colored skin tones. Dragons, and in particular evil dragons of the five colors, were lustful beings, copulating with all kinds of intelligent life forms.

The six black dragons established the Black Dragon Country over 100 years ago. As such, there were many of their descendants in the imperial palace, which were born from the union with indigenous people.

The dragonborn experts armed with various weapons erupted with fearsome auras as they attacked Yang Feng.

Unfazed, Yang Feng took out a vial of liquid Liquid Metal Nano Robot Elixir and stabbed it into the body of the black dragon.

The black dragons divine power surged furiously, eliminating nearly all of the liquid metal nano robots.

<99% of liquid metal nano robots have been eliminated by the targets divine power! Please continue to inject more Liquid Metal Nano Robot Elixir!> A message flashed through Yang Fengs eyes, and he quickly took out more vials of the elixir and stabbed them into the black dragon.

“Go to hell, damn assassin!” A dragonborn warrior broke out with level-2 Warlock rank fluctuations of power, emerged from the crowd with a broadsword in hand, and mercilessly slashed at Yang Feng.

Yang Feng swept the dragonborn warriors with a cold glance. The ancient black dragon bloodline inside him churned, and he barked: “Kneel!”

The hundreds of dragonborn warriors in the area went stiff! Eyes shimmering with fear, they knelt on the ground, unable to budge!

Dragons had a strict hierarchy. As someone with ancient black dragon bloodline, Yang Feng had a much greater standing than these dragonborn with ordinary black dragon bloodline. Unless they reached the Legend realm, they could not disobey Yang Fengs orders.

The black dragon roared furiously: “Ancient black dragon bloodline? Which ancestor do you descend from? Why are you messing with us?”

“I just wanted to hunt some solitary demigods in the Desolate Islands. However, since you tried to kill me, then its a matter of course for me to take care of you. Now submit to me!” Yang Feng smiled and snapped his fingers. Suddenly, the black dragon felt an unbearable pain coursing through its body, and it collapsed on the ground, struggling to get up.

Yang Feng looked into the distance, and his eyes flickered with dignity: “It looks like the mountain giant isnt a match for the black dragons!”

The mountain giant was powerful, but the leader of the six black dragons Millet was a powerhouse who has condensed the domain of massacre and was also powerful. He was even a cut above the mountain giant.

Yang Feng blurred into motion and disappeared like a specter. He entered the abyss of the imperial palace.

In the deepest part of the imperial palace, there was a vast temple, which housed the idols of the six black dragons.

Thousands of pious dragonborn believers knelt in the temple and recited prayers, and faith power entered the six black dragon idols.

Within the Black Dragon Country, only the six black dragons possessed idols and could obtain faith power. As for the subordinated demigods, their totems have been destroyed by the six black dragons.

Suddenly, the space in front of the temple twisted, and Yang Feng was forced into the open and forced back by a few steps.

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered with dignity: “What a powerful barrier!”

Once a temple was mobilized, a strong barrier would be activated in order to guard against people breaking into the temple and destroying everything inside.

“Was it you who led the mountain giant here!” Ripples rose from the temple, and a dragonborn beautiful woman garbed in black leather armor with wheat-colored skin tone, a horn on her head, slender legs, an hourglass waist, twin peaks the size of small cantaloupes, long black hair, delicate facial features as if carved out of marble, and an heroic aura about here slowly walked out with a spear in had. Staring coldly at Yang Feng, she spoke.

The dragonborn beauty pointed at Yang Feng with the silver spear in hand and uttered righteously: “I am Arlet, the guardian of the black dragon temple and the holy maiden of the Black Dragon Church! Who are you, foreigner?”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and said, “I am Ian, the ruler of the Red Earth Wasteland!”

“Very good! Ian, youre going to die here today!” A cold glint flashed past Arlets pretty eyes, and she erupted with pinnacle Legend rank strength in a flash. Glowing with silver light, she stabbed at Yang Feng with the Legend rank spear silver dragon spear in her hands.

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