Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 379 – Killing the Chaotic Mountain Giant

Chapter 378 – Successive Deaths

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With a flick of his wrist, while employing the Demonic Fighting Sword Art, Yang Feng unleashed numerous sword rays slamming into the silver spear ray of Arlet.

Arlet seemed like the embodiment of a silver dragon, and the Legend rank silver dragon spear seemed like an extension of herself, forcing Yang Feng back little by little.

Yang Fengs mind revolved lightning-fast, and he made a decision: “What a terrific woman! As far as martial arts are concerned, Im not her opponent!”

Yang Feng performed Black Dragon Morph. His ancient black dragon bloodline raged, and he transformed into an ancient black dragon exuding ancient dragon might.

When she was assaulted by the ancient black dragon might, the black dragon bloodline inside Arlet was suppressed at once, and her nimble self turned slightly sluggish. Her face fell, and she stabbed at Yang Feng transformed into an ancient black dragon with the silver dragon spear.

When the silver dragon spear stabbed into a huge scale of the ancient black dragon, it bent slightly, and was immediately ricocheted.

The eyes of Yang Feng transformed into an ancient black dragon flickered with indifference, and he slapped Arlet with his claw as swift as a clap of thunder, swatting her into the ground like a housefly.

“She didnt die? What strong life force!” When he lifted his claw, he saw the bloody Arlet with god knows how many broken bones at her last gasp yet stubbornly clinging to life.

Black Dragon Morph was one of Yang Fengs trump cards. After the transformation into an ancient black dragon, he got infinitely close to a Starry Sky Warlock rank life form. Even though Arlet was a Legend rank genius, but with her bloodline suppressed, she was taken out in an instant.

Yang Fengs figure blurred, and he reverted to his human form. He took out a vial of Liquid Metal Nano Robot Elixir and injected it into Arlet.

After tossing her aside, Yang Feng went to in front of the temple. He extended his right hand, and boundless abyssal power suddenly converged into a Taboo Claw that pierced into the temples barrier.

Crack! Crack! In the midst of shattering sounds, the temples barrier crumbled and shattered inch by inch.

The priest, bishops, and archbishops in the temple looked at Yang Feng with expressions of fear and despair on their faces.

Although the six black dragons of the Black Dragon Country could not grant their believers the power to unleash divine power. However, they still chose the corresponding clergy according to the custom of churches to spread their faith.

Eyes shot with blood, a young dragonborn suddenly burst out and stabbed at Yang Fengs heart: “Go to hell, heretic!”

A sword ray flashed, and the young dragonborn fell to the ground in pieces.

Yang Feng fixed his gaze on the six black dragon idols, and his eyes shone with strange light. He could clearly perceive that only four black dragon idols poured divine power into the void.

Prior to evolving into gods, idols were indispensable for demigod rank experts. Faith power could only be retained in the world if it had something to latch on to and converge into crystallized divine power. Even if they advanced to god rank experts, but if they had no divine country, idols would still be indispensable.

Only gods who owned their own divine country could dispense with idols. They could use their divine country to sustain faith power and form crystallized divine power.

Yang Feng blurred into motion and appeared before a black dragon totem that spewed out divine power. Tremendous abyssal power gushed out of his right hand and formed a Taboo Claw, which pierced into the black dragon idol.

Abyssal power, which was in opposition to divine power, rushed into the black dragon idol in an instant. As if it was being corroded by a highly toxic substance, the black dragon idol crumbled inch by inch and disintegrated, revealing the crystallized divine power inside.

An invisible mage hand grabbed the crystallized divine power and put it into Yang Fengs dimensional badge.

“Stop!” Inside the temple, an enchanting dragonborn woman with snow-white skin dressed in archbishop garb screamed miserably.

In human form, whether men or women, dragons were exceedingly good-looking, not losing out to elves. And in fact, they were even superior to elves. As for dragonborn men and women, they were basically all good-looking, or deformed freaks.

An indifferent look in his eyes, Yang Feng urged the Taboo Claw to destroy the remaining black dragon idols. At the same time, he took the crystallized divine power from inside.

“No! I cant detect divine power! My idol was destroyed!!” Millet, who was locked in a fierce fight against the mountain giant, was suddenly alarmed. He could clearly detect his strength leave him.

Without the support of enough divine power, neither Millet nor the mountain giant could support the release of their domain for a protracted period of time.

Millets domain of massacre shrank back, and he immediately fell back.

The other three black dragons also fell back in an instant, unblocking the path leading to the 15 demigod rank experts at once.

Exuding the aura of chaos, enveloped by the domain of chaos, the mountain giant rushed toward the 15 demigod rank experts.

Caught off guard, a demigod rank scorpion lion was grabbed by the mountain giant, torn in two, and stuffed into its maw.

After eating the demigod rank scorpion lion, the mountain giants strength increased by a fraction. Brandishing its arm enveloped by divine power of chaos like a club, it hit a demigod rank dragon blood griffin flying in midair, then grabbed it and stuffed it into its maw.

Wind, fire, thunder, lightning, and other frightening level-5 single target offensive spells battered the mountain giant.

Under that barrage, rocks on the mountain giants body were crushed continuously. At the same time, its divine power of chaos surged, and numerous rocks quickly respawned. The demigod rank powerhouses could not inflict any real damage upon the mountain giant.

Although the mountain giant was called a giant, but it an earthen extraordinary life form, and its key point was the earthen core. Unless its earthen core was destroyed, or it used up all its strength, it was impossible to kill it. With the protection of its divine power of chaos, only gods may be able to one-shot it.

The mountain giant rushed into the midst of the demigods, furiously slaughtering them. None of the demigods could stand after three strikes from it. Stuffing its maw and chewing nonstop, it devoured one demigod after another, becoming stronger and more chaotic.

Divinity wasnt something that could be used right away, it had to be refined continuously in order to be able to control it.

The mountain giant hastily ingested a lot of divinity, a lot of divinity of chaos to boot. Dominated by the divinity, it fell into a state of confusion, unable to recover its reasoning

A flame giant covered in flames shouted: “Lord Millet!! What are you doing?”

The remaining demigods fled in different directions, none of them daring to stand in front of the mountain giant.

The mountain giants eyes shimmered with confusion, and it violently threw its ripped of arm barreling toward a black dragon like a shooting star, hitting it in an instant and fracturing its bones. Hit by divine power of chaos, the black dragons eyes were overcome with confusion, and it belched a dragon breath as it frantically struggle on the ground.

Eyes overcome with chaos, the mountain giant strode towards the black dragon.

The complexion of a black dragon changed dramatically and it shouted, “Big Brother, go and rescue Charman!”

Millets eyes shimmered with graveness, and he barked: “Charman is beyond rescue!! Lets leave!! If we continue to stay here, were toast!”

When he finished speaking, Miller flapped his wings and frantically flew towards the deep sea in a gust of wind.

Black dragons were part of evil dragons of the five colors, they were classified as darkness creatures by humans. They were vicious, cruel, and selfish. Even if they joined hands due to mutual interests short-term, but at a critical moment, they would choose to abandon their allies.

The other two black dragons hesitated for a moment.

The mountain giant took a step forward. Under the effect of divine power of chaos, it crossed several kilometers with this step and appeared in front of the two black dragons in an instant. Its domain of chaos burst out in a flash and enveloped the two black dragons.

The eyes of the two demigod rank black dragons glittered with confusion, and they flapped their wings and threw themselves at the mountain giant.

The mountain giant grabbed the two demigod rank black dragons like chick, and stuffed them into its maw one at a time.

Yang Feng shivered when he saw the mountain giant eat the two demigod rank black dragons with ease: “What a terrible monster! If it continues like this, itll eat all the demigods in the Desolate Islands, it may even evolve into a god with divine authority of chaos.

After losing the boost from divine power, although the two demigod rank black dragons could not compare with Starry Sky Warlock rank ancient black dragons, but they were still powerful divine life forms. If Yang Feng wanted to defeat them, it would take a lot of effort on his part. Despite how strong they were, they were grabbed by the mountain giant and stuffed into its maw. The mountain giant was terrifyingly strong.

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