Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 383 – Back to the Gloom Cave

Chapter 382 – Exterminating the Clerics

Translator: Xaiomoge

Treading on air, Yang Feng walked out of the Banij City and stopped in midair, confronting Miller transformed into an ancient black dragon and the three clerics aboard the jade boat.

Millets eyes flashed with a ferocious and sinister glint, and he bellowed: “Despicable and shameless human, you attracted the chaotic mountain giant from another island and seized my state amid the confusion! You should die ten thousand times over for your crime! Cleric Ramat, please step in and suppress this evil heretic. I would like to offer you this state for you to spread the faith and glory of the supreme and sole true god Dawn Lord.”

Yang Feng sneered and said: “As expected of an evil black dragon, spitting out malicious slander. Its obviously you who sent someone to get in touch with evil gods of the Desolate Islands to besiege us first. I just responded in kind. After abandoning your brothers and people like a dog, you still have the face to come back. How shameless.”

Ramat gazed at Yang Feng with an indifferent look in his eyes, as if he were looking at an ant, and said: “Mortal, I am cleric Ramat, a servant of the supreme and only true god Dawn Lord. Convert to the Church of Dawn and believe in the supreme and only true god Dawn Lord, and you can live. Otherwise, as a heretic, youll be purified here today!”

Yang Feng was startled, and a storm was set off in his heart: “The Dawn Lord! Is it the 8th Dynastys Warlock Emperor? Or a god of some plane?”

The Dawn Lord was the 8th Warlock Dynastys emperor, and although he wasnt by far as strong as the seven Warlock Emperors of the previous seven Warlock Dynasties, but he was still a fearsome being infinitely close to being invincible.

When the Dawn Lord established the 8th Warlock Dynasty, the Dawn Dynasty, all gods who were approved by their planes as God of Dawn lied dormant or went into hiding. There was no plane with believers in a God of Dawn.

On the Feisuo Plane, no matter the divine system, there was no God of Dawn due to fear of the 8th Warlock Dynastys Dawn Lord.

And now, a Dawn Lord suddenly appeared, which naturally shocked Yang Feng. He understood at once that the three clerics were experts from outside of the Feisuo Plane.

“Clerics, you want to purify me? That wont be as easy as you might think!” Yang Feng smiled, blurred into motion, and turned into a streak of light escaping into the distance.

Millet was an ancient black dragon expert who produced the domain of massacre by fusing with more than 10 divinity of massacre. And even though he could not use divine power, but the ancient black dragon force it possessed was terrific. Even so, he was easily suppressed by the three clerics. Yang Feng smelled danger at once.

Eyes glimmering with the light of dawn, the cleric Ramat pointed at Yang Feng with the scepter in his hand: “Petty mortal, you dare to resist the will of the great Dawn Lord. Hereby, I proclaim you guilty and sentence you to be sealed by countless chains!”

Light of dawn emerged from the cleric Ramat and formed a domain of light.

With every word the cleric Ramat uttered, the space around Yang Feng coagulated a bit, as if invisible fetter locked space.

Yang Feng seemed to have sunk into an invisible swamp of air, and he slowed down a lot.

Light of dawn fell from above and formed into chains winding around Yang Feng and burning him.

His eyes shimmered with pain, and he unleashed Black Dragon Morph. In a flash, he turned into a quasi-Starry Sky Warlock rank ancient black dragon, and a vast dragon might spread with him as the center. He struggled frantically.

A glint of ridicule flickered in his eyes, and Millet sneered: “Idiot! Even I, a pure ancient black dragon, could not break away from these chains, so how could a bastard like you do it?”

As Yang Feng struggled with all his strength, the response he got was the chains transmitting terrific power that burned him and purified the power inside him. The terrific ancient dragon power that could destroy mountains and sever rivers could not break free from the chains.

This divine spell cast by cleric Ramat was called Sealing Chains of Dawn, it was one of the nine pinnacle divine spells of the Church of Dawn, and its might was boundless. With his fearsome pinnacle demigod rank strength, when he cast this divine spell, even true ancient black dragons could not struggle free.

Yang Fengs thoughts revolved, and he employed his ultimate trump card at once. Boundless abyssal power poured into him from the magical mechanical cloak, prompting him to transform into a 4-meter-tall bakt fiend baron exuding terrific demonic might that spread into the surroundings.

As soon as Yang Feng transformed into a bakt fiend baron, he felt the power of the light of dawn emitted by the chains turn more terrifying. Every inch of his body was burned crazily and purified frantically, and a sharp pain rose from his soul, making him roar like a fiend in pain.

Abyssal power and divine power of dawn of the Dawn Lord were in opposition to each other and mutually restrained one another. Abyssal power could pollute divine power of dawn, and divine power of dawn could purify abyssal power.

Yang Feng transformed into a bakt fiend baron was in unbearable pain. As if it contained all the evil power of the world, abyssal power gushed out of him, and was frantically purified by divine power of dawn.

The fiend baron heart inside the magical mechanical cloak was being drained of abyssal power at every moment, which could not be restored by absorbing the vigor of heaven and earth. Only by devouring the power of abyssal great fiends could the abyssal power be restored.

Yang Feng gritted his teeth, then took out twelve crystal vials with divinity of massacre and opened them, and the twelve divinity of massacre entered his forehead and merged with the divinity of massacre in his sea of knowledge.

Red Earth Wasteland, within the Half Blood Beastman Country, Yang Fengs idol opened its eyes, and vast divine power gushed out of the idol. The vast divine power was conveyed toward Yang Feng via the nether law.

Inside the temple, Katherine, who was now a pope, opened her eyes and looked at Yang Fengs idol and shouted in a solemn voice: “The great God has issued a divine decree. Everyone, come to the temple to pray.”

“Great Lord Ian, you are the sole divine guardian of us half blood beastman.”

“Mighty Lord Ian…!”


Bell tolls reverberated in the Half Blood Beastman Country. All half blood beastmen headed toward the square in front of the temple, then closed their eyes, knelt on the ground, and prayed devoutly.

Pious divine power entered the temple and, via the idol, crossed the void and entered Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs eyes shone with red light, and a red domain of massacre suddenly burst out. Strengthened by the fearsome divine power, Yang Feng broke through the white chains formed from divine power of dawn like a sharp arrow, then strangely appeared before the cleric Ramat and sent a claw stabbing at the other partys heart.

His speed was exceedingly fast. The other two clerics had just caught sight of Yang Feng, when they were immediately overwhelmed by the bizarre domain of massacre, their hearts were overcome with killing intent, clouding their minds, and they threw themselves at Yang Feng like beasts.

Yang Fengs embodiment of a bakt fiend baron scooped out the heart of cleric Ramat with ease, and terrific abyssal power flooded his opponent‘s body, and crushed him.

Their minds eroded by the domain of massacre, the other two clerics punched at Yang Feng. However, as if they hit the hardest of walls, severe pain assaulted their hands, and their faces contorted in pain.

Yang Feng slapped the two clerics on the head, crushing their heads.

Virtually in the blink of an eyes, the three clerics of the Dawn Lord met their end at Yang Fengs hands.

A scepter, a scripture, and a spear fell into Yang Fengs hands.

Although the divine spells of the three clerics were so powerful that they could even suppress ancient black dragons, but they themselves were very weak. As soon as they were enveloped by Yang Fengs domain of massacre, they were doomed to die.

“No!” Millets eyes showed a look of dismay, and he screamed in grief. The frightening divine power of dawn in his head erupted and burnt his head to ashes in a flash, and his headless body dropped from the sky.

Yang Feng willed the abyssal power to withdraw, and he recovered his human form.

“Dammit, the faith power accumulated so far has been exhausted. Besides, it seems that the body on this side needs to enter closed door cultivation to gain insight into how to control divinity of massacre. Otherwise, the body on this side will turn berserk.” Eyes shimmering with frigid killing intent, countless ideas revolving in his mind, Yang Feng turned into a streak of light and shot into the imperial palace of the Black Dragon Country.

The Cangzhi Plane, Turandot Subcontinent, inside the Warlock College Antalya, a liquid metal robot bearing the semblance of Yang Fengs true body opened its eyes and spoke in a low voice: “I now have enough strength to go explore that planar passageway.”

The Obscure Mountain Range, in the Gloom Cave headquarters, there were many battery and laser cannons built by now. If anyone came out of the Gloom Caves planar passageway, they would be blasted to smithereens, and even Starry Sky Warlock rank experts were no different.

Numerous heavy duty transport aircraft filled with bladed robots, gunner robots, artillery robots, phantom hunters, and many other types of combat robots flew over from the distance.

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