Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 384 – Immortal Huang Palace

Chapter 383 – Back to the Gloom Cave

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Numerous battle robots descended from the sky and formed one mechanical corps after another.

With a light jump, Yang Fengs mechanical avatar leaped out of an armed helicopter and landed on the ground.

Yang Feng was surrounded by Carolina, Clarissa, Dephilia, Shayenna, Joana, Romulaj, and other Great Warlock rank beautiful and enchanting women, painting a blissful scenery.

When traveling the Turandot Subcontinent and requiring fighting power, Yang Feng would summon all the Great Warlock rank beauties under his command. This was his hobby.

He scraped the resources and bodies of knowledge of the Turandot Subcontinent, and at the same time, gained a lot of valuable bodies of knowledge from the Demonic Fighting Strength. With the help of that knowledge, Carolina, who was stuck at the pinnacle Great Warlock rank, finally crossed the barrier that trapped numerous geniuses of the Turandot Subcontinent half a year ago became a Starry Sky Warlock.

Carolina glanced around and frowned, asking: “Yang Feng, why did you bring us here?”

The Obscure Mountain Range was a barren and forsaken piece of land. Carolina, a bigwig at the summit of the Turandot Subcontinent, would never have cast her gaze at this place.

Yang Feng smiled in response, saying: “Below us is the base of the ancient Warlock organization Gloom Cave. I want you to purify the strange phenomena inside the Gloom Cave.”

Due to the life energy of strong Warlocks, various strange phenomena arose in the Gloom Cave. Warlocks were the best people to deal with these strange phenomena.

Carolina glanced at Clarissa and the other Great Warlock rank powerhouses and uttered in slight dissatisfaction: “Wouldnt it have been enough to bring just one of them for such a trifle?”

Yang Feng smiled and took the lead to go to the headquarters of the Gloom Cave: “That would draw things out too much. Besides, if all of us come together, we should be more at ease. Lets go!”

The beautiful and valiant Great Warlock rank experts smiled enchantingly and followed Yang Feng into the Gloom Cave in small groups.

Even though they were Yang Fengs subordinates, but these beautiful and strong Great Warlock rank experts split into several small groups according to their race and degree of friendship, which were locked in constant strife among themselves.

The Turandot Subcontinent has completely fallen into Yang Fengs grasp, and even 50% of the underground world has fallen under his control, providing countless precious resources each year. For someone to get more resources, someone else had to get less. As such, these women were locked in a perpetual struggle.

As soon as they entered the headquarters of the Gloom Cave, the somewhat dim vast space seemingly exuding a gloomy, oppressive, and suffocating aura appeared again in front of him.

“Someone is here!”

“They‘re our fertilizer!”


A dozen human-faced peaches bouncing around carrying a strange, evil aura came to surround them.

“A bunch of low-level strange phenomena!” Carolina chuckled, a flicker of contempt in her beautiful eyes. She extended her lily-white hand, and a radiant rose filled with pure and holy light appeared in her hand.

Sacred light was released from the radiant rose, and spread into the surroundings, instantly purifying the dozen human-faced peaches.

The sacred light released by the radiant rose spread in the area and purified the suffocating aura.

Evil spirits uttered miserable screams, and then disappeared.

Where the light passed, all weird phenomena were purified.

Dephilias beautiful eyes flickered coldly, and she silently recited an incantation and pointed with her finger. A snowstorm suddenly appeared and covered the land in snowflakes, purifying the strange phenomena and evil spirits alike that were difficult to kill with physical attacks.

“Divine spell A Cleansing Light!” Eyes cold, Shayenna pointed with her finger, and black divine light dropped from above and landed on evil spirits and strange phenomena alike, cleansing and purifying them.

Divine spells, even those created by darkness gods, had extraordinary effect when it came to purifying evil spirits and strange phenomena. After all, the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks were the enemies of gods. Human Warlock experts used their life energy to produce various powerful strange phenomena. Faced with those strange phenomena that could not be explained with common sense, without counter divine spells, gods would have been defeated long ago.

With many beautiful Great Warlock rank experts stepping in, there were no accidents along the way, and all evil spirits were purified.

As if a walk in the park, Yang Fengs party effortlessly reached the planar passageway.

When Carolina saw the tightly shut bronze gate, her complexion changed, and she exclaimed: “This, is this a legendary planar passageway?!”

Dephilias pretty eyes glimmered with scorching light, and she spoke full of expectations: “Planar passageway, a passageway leading to another plane.”

Virtually all the Great Warlock rank beautiful women stared at the bronze gate with a scorching look in their eyes.

Planar passageways were very precious. On the Cangzhi Plane, only the Demonic Fighting Sect and other major forces owned them.

After the collapse of the Cangzhi Planes Warlock Dynasties, most of the planar passageways were destroyed.

After inserting one superior magic stone after another, Yang Feng smiled and made an inviting gesture to Carolina: “Thats right, this is a planar passageway!”

Carolina smiled, silently recited an incantation, and pointed at the bronze gate, and cyan magic light entered the gate.

Click! Click! The huge bronze gate opened slowly, revealing a deep and winding passage formed by countless weird symbols that was big enough for only one person to enter.

Yang Feng stepped into the passage and walked toward the other end.

Waiting outside the planar passageway, Carolina and the other women watched with serious looks in their pretty eyes.

The planar passageway led to an unknown plane. If it turned out to be the Ancient Demonic Boundary or the infinite Abyss, it would be very dangerous.

Besides, not all planes were suitable for human survival. Some planes were made up of a sun, where only sun elves could survive, and which only Warlocks who were as strong as gods could roam freely. As for Starry Sky Warlocks, they would be instantly burned to death once they entered these planes.

During the eras of the seven Warlock Dynasties, numerous sun-like planes were controlled by human Warlocks. Through those planes filled with endless light and heat, the Cangzhi Plane could obtain an almost infinite source of energy and all kinds of precious resources.

When he came out on the other side of the planar passageway, Yang Feng saw the dazzling treasury filled with countless valuables.

After scanning the surroundings, he found a hidden passage leading outside.

Yang Feng strode into the hidden passage and crossed a mottled and broken path. At the end of the path, he pushed open a bronze gate and walked out.

With a flicker of black light, Yang Feng appeared in a cave without any light.

“Sure enough, its the Feisuo Plane!!” The smart microchip inside the robot Yang Feng possessed released fluctuations that spread about. After about an hour or so, he received the feedback from the optical computer inside the movable fortified stronghold buried in the Red Earth Wasteland.

In the Read Earth Wasteland, the ground of a certain place suddenly lifted open, and an aurora lightning python flew out and shot toward the border between the Beastman Empire and Elven Empire in a streak of light.

A few days later, in a barren land filled with rocks, the aurora lightning python plunged into a valley and shot into a mountain.

When the aurora lightning python hit the mountain, ripples surged, and it strangely passed through the rocks and flew into a dark cave, where it landed in front of Yang Feng.

Yang Feng took a dimensional badge from the aurora lightning python. When he opened the dimensional badge, he discovered that there were warp gates inside, three among which were first-rate warp gates.

Yang Feng glanced at the warp gates, smiled, and turned back. He crossed a wall, then pushed open the bronze gate and went through the planar passageway. He returned to the headquarters of the Gloom Cave.

“Yang Feng, what is on the other side?” As soon as she saw Yang Feng, Carolina immediately stepped forward and asked with great curiosity.

The eyes of the rest of the women lit up, overcome with expectations.

Planar travel, even if it was on the Cangzhi Planes continent, it was a luxury that only a few people could enjoy. Even in the Great Cloud Dynasty, most of the people never left the continent, with only a few pinnacle human Warlocks being able to explore and travel to other planes.

For human Warlocks, who had an adventurous spirit and were filled with curiosity, other planes and worlds were of tremendous interest.

Yang Feng smiled and said: “One of the 36 primary material planes, the Feisuo Plane.”

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