Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 385 – Personal Disciple

Chapter 384 – Immortal Huang Palace

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Carolinas eyes shone with excitement, and she spoke in a trembling voice: “The Feisuo Plane, a place where you can freely ascend to godhood and become a god.”

The eyes of the many Great Warlock rank beautiful women revealed excitement. If they could ascend to godhood on the Feisuo Plane, they would gain a lifespan of at least several millions of years, or even immortality and immortal beauty.

The countenances of Shayenna, Joana, and other Legend rank dark elves change slightly, and their pretty eyes shimmered with fear. It was on the Feisuo Plane that the dark elven Goddess Lolth, who had left a shadow in the deepest part of their hearts, dwelt. They were deeply aware of the Goddess Lolths terror.

Yang Feng smiled and uttered: “Yes, its the Feisuo Plane.”

Yang Feng went on to say: “Okay, lets go back! At present, the gods are still paying attention to the Feisuo Plane. Its still not time for us to enter. In a few years, once the planar tide is in full swing, the sight of the gods will be obstructed, and they wont be able to spy on the entire continent. Thats when you can make a trip.”

The Great Warlock rank beautiful women looked at each other, their eyes burning with intense, bright sparks. They were rare, pinnacle geniuses of the Turandot Subcontinent, and with their keen senses, they could tell the unspoken implication within Yang Fengs words. Presumably, he intended to ascend to godhood on the Feisuo Plane. By that time, they also might be able to become gods of the Feisuo Plane and gain immortality and immortal beauty.

Ignoring the beautiful women around him, each with their own axe to grind, Yang Feng returned to the Rose Garden.

Yang Fengs mechanical avatar took turns residing at the headquarters of the Turandot Subcontinents former five major force, and his favorite place to live in was the Rose Garden due to the large number of beautiful girls, which were a delight to look at, like a beautiful scenery full of youthful atmosphere.

In the deepest secret chamber of the Rose Garden, there was a first-rate warp gate 10 meters wide and 20 meters tall full of metallic flair.

Behind the first-rate warp gate were 365 thick energy conveying cables connecting to 365 elliptical energy conveyors about two meters in diameter like blood vessels.

Yang Feng came to the front of the first-rate warp gate and pressed a button.

The warp gate connected to the more than 360 energy conveyors lit up, and the energy conveyors frantically pumped energy into it. The high energy crystals inside the energy conveyors shattered one after another.

The first-rate warp gate opened slowly, and a weird twisted wormhole appeared inside it shortly after.

Yang Fengs mechanical avatar stepped into the weird twisted wormhole and suddenly appeared in a secret chamber of the Black Dragon Country.

In the Black Dragon Countrys secret chamber, there was also a first-rate warp gate. There was a person sitting opposite the warp gate, it was Yang Fengs clone.

“Success! With the first-rate warp gate, I can indeed shuttle freely between different planes!” Yang Fengs mechanical avatar and his clone looked at one another and showed satisfied smiles.

The first-rate warp gate could let Yang Feng shuttle freely between the two planes, meaning that the distance between the two first-rate planes, the Cangzhi Plane and Feisuo Plane, was effectively reduced to zero. If he were a planar merchant, he would be able gain terrific profits.

A few months later, Yang Fengs true body came to the Rose Gardens secret chamber with the first-rate warp gate. After operating the warp gate, he stepped into the wormhole and appeared in the Black Dragon Countrys secret chamber.

Yang Fengs clone smiled and tossed a jade card to the true body

After leaving the secret chamber, Yang Fengs true body went to a remote island and crushed the jade card.

In the instant the jade card was crushed, it turned into a vortex and swallowed Yang Fengs true body.

The feeling of vertigo slowly faded away, and he appeared before a golden gate.

The two guards, one fat and one slim, standing in front of the golden gate looked at Yang Feng in surprise.

The eyes of the fat old man flashed with surprise, and he said after a moment of silence: “Great Warlock! His cultivation speed is really fast! No wonder he can kill demigod rank freaks!”

The fat old man pointed indifferently at Yang Feng, and a red light entered him: “Yang Feng, you have passed the assessment! According to the agreement you have with Huang Yihe, you are now his personal disciple!”

A spatial fluctuation enveloped Yang Feng, and he instantly faded away.

A vast palace radiating multiple colors was suspended above boundless clouds white as snow, looking like the dwelling of an immortal.

Three characters, Immortal Huang Palace, were horizontally inscribed on the palace.

A red light shone, and Yang Feng appeared in front of the Immortal Huang Palace.

The palace gate opened, and a graceful and beautiful Oriental girl with long black hair in a snow-white dress walked up to Yang Feng, a bright smile on her face: “Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, I am Wang Zhilan, one of Teachers disciples in name. Please follow me, Teacher wants to see you.”

When Yang Feng looked at Wang Zhilan, his pupils constricted, and shock appeared in his eyes: “Starry Sky Warlock! Such an expert is merely a disciple in name? Hes indeed one of the great elders of the Fighting-Demonic Sect.”

The delicate- and harmless-looking Wang Zhilan was merely a disciple in name of Huang Yihe, illustrating how stringent Huang Yihes disciple requirements were. If it was him before he entered the Feisuo Plane, Yang Feng wouldnt be able to see through Wang Zhilans real strength, only thinking that she was an ordinary human beauty.

Wang Zhilan sized Yang Feng up as well, curious. A refreshing smile on her face, she led Yang Feng into the Immortal Huang Palace, talking all the while: “Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, you were only a level-2 Warlock before you entered the Feisuo Plane! But in less than five years, here you are a Great Warlock, and you even killed a demigod rank powerhouse! Thats amazing! Even among the Fighting-Demonic Sects Senior Disciple Brothers and Sisters, there arent many who can kill a demigod from another plane.

Yang Feng responded with a modest smile: “It was just luck. After destroyed their totems, they could no longer use divine power, and were subsequently besieged and killed by me and my helpers. If these demigods could use divine power, I might not be able kill them.

Despite the smile on her face, Wang Zhilan was greatly shocked: “They! He killed more than one demigod!”

Any given demigod rank powerhouse was comparable to a Starry Sky Warlock powerhouse with their own trump cards. For a Great Warlock rank expert to kill a Starry Sky Warlock was extremely difficult, let alone kill a demigod rank divine life form. Yang Feng killing a demigod rank powerhouse had already caught Wang Zhilans attention, but now that she became aware that he killed quite a few demigod rank experts, she was shocked.

After crossing numerous winding corridors, a reception hall appeared in front of Yang Feng.

In the middle of the hall sat an old man in blue robes. He was Huang Yihe, one of the Fighting-Demonic Sects four great elders.

There were praying mats placed inside the reception hall. Of the seven praying mats placed at the front, six were sat on by 6 young men and women.

Behind the six praying mats, there were 72 other praying mats. There were also people sitting on the 72 praying mats, with only one being empty.

Looking at this scene, Yang Feng mused: “This doesnt look right! Yesterday, it was still a Western fantasy, and now it has become an Eastern fantasy. Who knows what the Western World is like!”

Of the human Warlocks who founded the 8 Warlock Dynasties, the Time Lord. Taboo Lord, Demonic Divine Lord, Star Lord, Death Lord, Golem Lord, and Magic Note Lord, these seven Warlock Emperors were unparalleled powerhouses born in the Eastern World.

The 8th Warlock Dynastys Dawn Lord was an unparalleled expert born in the Western World. As someone who was born in the Western World, the Dawn Lord, was never popular in the Eastern World. In the Western World, however, the masses worshiped and revered this Warlock Emperor.

Before the 8th Warlock Dynasty, the Eastern Worlds cultural ethos could be found everywhere one Cangzhi Plane, and the Western World even took pride in the Eastern Worlds aristocratic etiquette. After the 8th Warlock Dynasty, the situation changed, and the Western and Eastern World civilizations began to clash with each other.

On the Cangzhi Plane, ancillary subcontinents of the Eastern World were full of customs and practices of the Eastern World, while the ancillary subcontinents of the Western World were full of customs and practices of Western World.

The Turandot Subcontinent was an ancillary subcontinent of the Western World. As such, it leaned toward a Western Medieval magic society.

As soon as Yang Feng entered the reception hall, gazes of jealousy, envy, and curiosity focused on him.

Huang Yihe spoke: “Yang Feng, you passed the assessment. According to the agreement, I will accept you as a personal disciple. This is your seat”

Faint light rose from the seventh praying mat in the very front.

“Yes, Teacher! Disciple pays his respects!” Quick-witted, Yang Feng walked up to the praying mat, sat down, and then paid his respects to Huang Yihe according to the custom of becoming a disciple.

Huang Yihe pointed to the young men and women on the other six praying mats and said: “These are your six Senior Apprentice Brothers and Sisters. Later, you should get along and deal with enemies together.”

Yang Feng responded: “Yes! Teacher! “

On one of the 72 praying mats, a tall, handsome, and confident young man of about 18 or 19 years of age stood up and saluted Huang Yihe in a resonant voice: “Teacher, I want to challenge Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng! May I have your permission?”

Looks of curiosity and excitement focused on Yang Feng and the young man immediately.

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