Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 386 – Heavenly Book Pavilion

Chapter 385 – Personal Disciple

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Huang Yihe uttered: “Yang Feng, under my roof, only the most outstanding people can become my personal disciples. Disciples in name can challenge personal disciples in the same boundary. If a personal disciple loses three times in a row, they will be demoted to the position of a disciple in name. You have just become my personal disciple and are yet to receive my guidance. As such, you can refuse the challenge of the disciples in name once. Do you want to refuse?”

Yang Feng smiled and said: “Since I have become your personal disciple, I will certainly not refuse the challenge of my Junior Disciple Brother, Teacher. I will give my Junior Disciple Brother some pointers.”

The eyes of the young disciple in name burned with anger, yet he still spoke in a courteous tone: “Aquarius Countys Wu Ziming, pinnacle Great Warlock rank cultivation base. Please instruct me, Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng. Excuse me, Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, when do you have time?”

Yang Feng smiled and uttered in reply: “Why bother waiting, lets do it right now.”

“Alright! Ill prepare the stage for you!” Huang Yihe smiled slightly and waved his hand, and a strange spatial fluctuation rushed out. Awide arena appeared between him and the seven praying mats.

Yang Feng and Wu Ziming appeared on the wide arena.

“Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, I wont stand on ceremony!!” Wu Zimings eyes congealed, and he bellowed and operated a secret method of the Fighting Demonic Sect. His body filled with powerful life fluctuations and suddenly expanded by a size, and a golden armor converged on him, looking like a golden god of war.

One of the six personal disciples, a tall and sexy girl with devilishly beautiful looks and a heroic temperament smiled and uttered: “Not bad. For Wu Ziming to cultivate the Fighting Demonic secret method to this stage, he can be considered to be an ordinary genius.”

Another one of the six personal disciples, a handsome young man with a frivolous temperament supplemented with a smile: “Wu Ziming cultivated the Fighting Demonic secret method to the Golden Battle Demon. Although it hasnt reached the point of inviolability, but many level-4 spells already have no effect on him. Even weaker Starry Sky Warlock rank freaks are not his opponent. Our new Youngest Disciple Brother seems to be in trouble.”

Yang Feng smiled, and his body surged with a trace of primal chaos, which seemed to split open heaven and earth. Exuding a strange aura that preceded all creation, he stepped forward.

In that instant, except for Huang Yihe, everyones countenances changed greatly. Yang Feng disappeared from their perception. However, they could still see him with their eyes. This weird feeling nearly made them spit out blood.

Wu Zimings countenance changed greatly as well. Radiating golden light, he unleashed the Fighting Demonic Fist Art. A copious amount of golden light surged, and a fist carrying mountain-toppling, sea-draining force locked the space and slammed toward Yang Feng.

The brilliant golden light contained traces of spatial law, which covered the void. Within the golden light, even abyssal great fiends could not use Blink to escape.

That strange golden light instantly engulfed Yang Feng, and he collapsed.

Wu Ziming suddenly had an absolutely horrifying feeling: “Shit!”

“Junior Disciple Brother, you let me win!” Along with a tranquil voice, a palm passed through Wu Zimings life force cover and lightly pinched him on the neck.

Wu Zimings face changed dramatically, and he retreated briskly like an arrow shot from a bow, looking at Yang Feng with an expression of horror.

“Thats enough.” Huang Yihes voice suddenly sounded. The warped space was instantly restored, and the distance between Wu Ziming and Yang Feng was shortened to less than ten meters.

“Thank you for the pointers, Senior Disciple Brother!” The arrogance on his face gave way to respect. Wu Ziming gave Yang Feng a respectful salute, and then returned to his praying mat and sat down.

“This is your identity card. From today on, you are my personal disciple.” A black jade card flew out of Huang Yihes hand and landed directly on Yang Fengs hand.

Yang Feng responded respectfully: “Yes! Teacher.”

The 72 disciples in name sitting on the rear praying mats looked at the black jade card that represented the status of a personal disciple in Yang Fengs hand with eyes full of envy. Although it was only a small black jade card, but it stood for great power and status in the Fighting Demonic Sect.

Huang Yihe was one of the four great elders of the Fighting Demonic Sect and possessed a frightening Bright World Warlock rank cultivation base. No matter which plane it was, he would be considered a pinnacle powerhouse. As for his personal disciples, they were untouchable within the Fighting Demonic Sect.

After handing the black jade card to Yang Feng, Huang Yihes body collapsed and dissipated at once.

“Youngest Junior Disciple Brother, Im your Eldest Senior Disciple Brother Yuan Yi. This is your Second Senior Disciple Brother Bi Qiang, Third Senior Disciple Sister Liu Rong, Fourth Senior Disciple Brother Xi Nan, Fifth Senior Disciple Brother Zhu Hui, and Sixth Senior Disciple Brother Zong De.” Ordinary in appearance and stature, a young man with a mild temperament stepped out of the first praying mat and introduced himself and the others to Yang Feng with a kind smile on his face.

Bi Qiang was a burly man with a long blade scar on his face, looking like a bandit. Liu Rong was a sexy, devilishly good-looking woman with a heroic temperament. Xi Nan was a man with a frivolous expression, looking like a playboy. Zhu Hui was a handsome man with a dull-witted look on his face. Zong De was the most handsome of the bunch, and had short hair; if he wore a suit, he would look like a handsome, overbearing chairman from the movies.

Yang Feng uttered with a smile: “Greetings, Senior Disciple Brothers and Senior Disciple Sister.”

Yuan Yi sighed, saying: “Little Junior Disciple Brother, seeing as this is our first meeting, we should go to the Intoxicated Immortal Abode to have a celebration. Unfortunately, Im now stationed in the Demonic Realm suppressing demons who are becoming restless. In fact, all your Senior Disciple Brothers and Senior Disciple Sister are stationed in various places suppressing different freaks. Therefore, we will have to postpone the celebration until the next time.”

“Theyre not real, yet I dont feel anything amiss. This is a technique or spell more powerful than holographic projection, how amazing!” Yang Fengs heart shook and his eyes shimmered with astonishment as he couldnt tell that Yuan Yi and them werent real.

As Yang Feng and the others chatted merrily in the reception hall, the disciples in name looked at them enviously, and then took their leave from the reception hall.

During the chat, Yang Feng gained a rough sense of their cultivation bases.

Yuan Yi was the Eldest Disciple Brother and had pinnacle Glorious Dawn Warlock cultivation base, Bi Qiang had junior Glorious Dawn Warlock cultivation base, while Liu Rong and the other three had Moonlight Warlock rank cultivation bases. All six of them were as powerful as gods and fiend lords.

In the Great Cloud Dynasty, level-1 to level-3 Warlocks were merely soldiers, Great Warlocks were able to serve as officers, Starry Sky Warlocks were experts, and Moonlight Warlocks and above were powerhouses, true powerhouses known throughout the Cangzhi Planes continent. In other planes, they would be gods treading in the secular world.

A Moonlight Warlock was enough to start a sect. Even to the ten major sects like the Fighting Demonic Sect, the birth of a Moonlight Warlock was a reason for celebration, sending out numerous invitation to various major forces to be congratulated.

In the Fighting Demonic Sect, Great Warlocks filled the streets and Starry Sky Warlocks were commonly seen, yet Moonlight Warlock rank experts and above were very rare. Every Moonlight Warlock held a very high position within the sect.

After chatting for a while, the figures of Yuan Yi and the others shattered and disappeared before Yang Fengs eyes. They were pinnacle human warlocks and had a lot to do every day. For them to make an effort to socialize wit Yang Feng was already giving him face.

After Yuan Yi and company disappeared, Yang Feng left the reception hall with the black jade card in hand.

Wang Zhilan leaned on a jade pillar outside the reception hall. When she saw Yang Feng walk out of the hall, her beautiful eyes brightened, and she showed a sweet smile and walked up to him: “Senior Disciple Brother Yang, since youre new here, why dont I show you around?”

Yang Feng smiled and said: “Alright! Ill have to trouble you, Junior Disciple Sister!”

Wang Zhilan smiled and led Yang Feng inside the Immortal Huang Palace.

Inside the Immortal Huang Palace, there were 72 noble palaces, which were the residences of the 72 disciples in name.

Additionally, there were also 28 mountain peaks in the Immortal Huang Palace, which were the residences of Huang Yihe and his personal disciples.

After reaching the Starry Sky Warlock rank, disciples of the Fighting Demonic sect would usually go to the most dangerous places to gain battle experience. Huang Yihe used to have 28 personal disciples, but only six survived in the fierce fighting.

“Greetings, Master!” When Yang Feng arrived at a mountain peak, thousands of servants standing respectfully at the foot of the mountain saluted him.

Wang Zhilan uttered with a sweet smile: “Okay, Senior Disciple Brother Yang, see you later! Have a good rest.”

Yang Feng responded with a smile: “Okay!”

After Wang Zhilan left, Yang Feng entered the mountain peak, where he found a secret chamber and began to study the black jade card.

Yang Fengs spirit force entered the black jade card. Black light entered Yang Fengs forehead from the black jade card, and information on taboos and rules, and the authority of his current status in the Immortal Huang Palace poured into his mind.

Two days later, Yang Feng came to the Heavenly Book Pavilion in the center of Imperial Huang Palace.

The Heavenly Book Pavilion was a holy land that only Huang Yihes personal disciples were eligible to enter. It contained countless precious books and records Huang Yihe collected, and there was no lack of secret methods that could be cultivated until the Bright World Warlock rank. Additionally, there were all kinds of cultivation experiences left behind by former generations of the Fighting Demonic Sect. Anything taken out from there and placed in the Great Cloud Dynasty would cause countless people to compete for it.

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