Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 386 – Heavenly Book Pavilion

rlocks are no match for weak divine rank gods because the other party have divine countries with a steady supply of divine force.”

“The strongest Warlocks, no matter in which boundary, should be able to suppress existences of the major planes.”

“To become a strongest Warlock, you need to walk the strongest Warlock path. For that, you must obtain a semi-plane seed in a primal chaos state and implant it into your body in the Great Warlock boundary. The semi-plane will grow alongside you before eventually evolving into a world. With world force, you can compete against gods who have divine force to rely on.”

“Warlocks with a world of their own are the strongest Warlocks, and they possess infinite evolution potential.”

The mist and haze hovering over Yang Fengs mind were removed because of that remark, and his understanding of the Taboo Text deepened: “So, Warlocks with a world of their own are the strongest Warlocks.”

On the Feisuo Plane, Yang Feng has already found out that demigod rank powerhouses who is fully integrated divinity and divine force were extremely powerful and virtually invincible in the same rank. He had been wondering how human Warlocks could compete with freaks like that. Now he understood that only human Warlocks with a world inside them were the most powerful beings.

Yang Feng frowned, musing: “Semi-plane seed in a primal chaos state, such a treasure can only be found in the Astral Boundary. With my current strength, its very dangerous to enter the Astral Boundary, and I can even perish due to the slightest misstep.”

The Astral Boundary was an infinite and strange existence that linked to countless planes. Each plane had nodes linking to the Astral Boundary. In theory, it was possible to move rapidly from one planet to another from within the Astral Boundary.

In fact, the planar passageways of the major powers were twisting paths similar to wormholes opened in the Astral Boundary by powerhouses that linked two planes.

There were many dangers in the Astral Boundary, like the dangerous and aggressive abominations born from the union of gods and other races, aggressive astral boundary life forms, aggregates of strange laws and phenomena that even gods could not understand, terrifying life forms banished into the Astral Boundary by powerful spells, astral boundary giant beasts capable of devouring planes that even gods could not contend against, and ancient races that existed in the deepest parts of the Astral Boundary since ancient times. In the Astral Boundary, even god rank experts would be in grave danger, and they might even die.

Inside the Astral Boundary, the laws were chaotic, ever-changing, and dangerous. Great Warlock rank powerhouses had very low chances at survival in that dangerous place. Yang Feng didnt want to enter the Astral Boundary only to be killed.

“When the stronghold evolves to a level-2 stronghold, Ill be able to build Battlestars! At that time, Ill be much safer exploring the Astral Boundary with a Battlestar as a base.”

“It takes ten units of the super alloy immortal kunluo gold for the stronghold to evolve to a level-2 stronghold. Let me see where I can find this treasure.” Yang Feng willed and imported all the parameters and forms of the super alloy immortal kunluo gold into the golden book.

The golden book glittered and found the immortal kunluo gold that Yang Feng could not find it the Turandot Subcontinent, and poured all the information into Yang Fengs knowledge.

The immortal kunluo gold that Yang Feng could not find in the Turandot Subcontinent, he easily found information on it in the Heavenly Book Pavilions golden book and the ways to get it. This was the advantage of joining a powerful major power.


As Yang Feng scanned the sect missions, his eyelids kept jumping about.

The missions to acquire purple sage demonic gold were extremely difficult, and basically only Moonlight Warlocks could accept them. With Yang Fengs current strength, if he accepted one such mission, he was certain to die.

When Yang Feng saw the last mission, his eyes lit up and he showed a smile of excitement: “This mission suits me!”

In fact, the Demonic Realm was a realm that encompassed the 3rd floor of the Cangzhi Planes underground world and below.

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