Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 388 – Zhang Zhiqiao

Chapter 387 – Major General Yuan Yi

Translator: Xaiomoge

During the times of the 8 Warlock Dynasties, the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks captured other race powerhouses from countless planes, took them away from their homeland, and put them to work.

Every time a human Warlock Dynasty collapsed, the other plane races would escape into the underground world. Over the years, the underground world has formed a force that could contend with human Warlocks, and the place they congregated was the Demonic Realm.

The Triumph City was a human city on the 3rd floor of the underground world. It was a logistical supply center for the fortresses ahead and a city for soldiers to rest.

Located in the center of the Triumph City was a central elevator running through the floors of the underground world. It was the lifeline of the city. From the central elevator, a continuous flow of supplies and soldiers moved into Triumph City, which were then further transported to the fortresses.

Hunting hellions, demons, and darkness life forms in the Demonic Realm was a very dangerous job, but the rewards were also very generous.

Many ambitious young people of the Great Cloud Dynasty would come to the Demonic Realm to hunt hellions and exchange merit points for various secret methods and cultivation resources. Every year, countless geniuses would rise and become famous in the Demonic Realm. At the same time, there would countless young people die unknown at the mouths of the darkness races, turning into heaps of bones in the wilderness.

The door of the Triumph Citys central elevator opened, and imposing and spirited young men and women walked out.

Yang Feng came out alongside the young men and women.

“Look, thats Luo Hongyi, a genius of the Bright Moon School!”

“What? Is that the genius Luo Hongyi who joined the Bright Moon School and reached the Great Warlock boundary in less than five years?”


After the first voice sounded, the young men and women in the area focused their gazes in one direction.

Yang Feng also turned to look and saw a tall, sexy, beautiful girl with a cold and arrogant expression, hair combed into a ponytail, and snow-like skin in a red dress with a longsword at her waist striding his way.

Luo Hongyi was surrounded by a number of outstanding young men and women who seemed to be eclipsed by her, and were not worth mentioning.

“A disciple of one of the 10 major sects indeed!”



Voices full of envy and jealousy sounded about as the young men and women looked at Luo Hongyi as if looking at a noble princess.

After looking at Luo Hongyi, Yang Feng smiled and strode outside.

“Thats the major of the Furious Lion Fortress!”

“Did she come to meet Luo Hongyi?”

“The major is so beautiful!”


Wearing a silver uniform with a major insignia, a beautiful and heroic female officer that looked like she was 27 or 28 years old came their way. The young men and women who came out of the central elevator stared at her, and then their gazes full of envy fell on Luo Hongyi.

The human Warlocks coming from the 10 major sects were valued wherever they went, to which those young men and women have become accustomed to.

Luo Hongyi raised her eyebrows, and surprise flashed through her beautiful eyes, then she revealed a smile and went to greet the other party, full of confidence.

Suddenly, Luo Hongyis smile stiffened. Ignoring her, the beautiful and heroic major directly walked up to Yang Feng.

The beautiful and heroic major came to Yang Feng and said with a sweet smile: “I am Su Fangyan, a major of the Furious Lion Fortress. Excuse me, are you Yang Feng?”

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “Yes, I am Yang Feng.”

Su Fangyan uttered with a smile: “Major General Yuan Yi asked me to welcome you. Please come with me.”

Yang Feng nodded: “Okay!”

With Su Fangyan leading the way, Yang Feng strode outside.

“Yang Feng? Whos he?”

“Yang Feng? Who the hell is that guy? Where did he come from? How come the Major General Yuan Yi sent someone to welcome him?”


Looks of astonishment on their faces, the young men and women commented.

Yuan Yi was a Glorious Dawn Warlock and had the position of a major general of the Great Cloud Dynasty. Naturally, he had a very high status. At the same time, he was the top commander of the Demonic Realm war zone. The fact that such a bigwig sent someone to welcome a nobody like Yang Feng was naturally very shocking.

Luo Hongyi wrinkled her eyebrows, and her beautiful eyes revealed a thoughtful look: “Yang Feng, who is he?”

From inside a anti-gravity hovercar, Yang Feng looked out through the window and watched the scene in the Triumph City.

Inside the Triumph City, there were casinos, bars, bath houses, massage parlors, and other places of entertainment, with people coming and going. It was a very bustling sight.

Although the Triumph City was within the scope of the Demonic Realm, but as it was protected by a dozen fortresses, it was very safe. In here, the average salary was very high, equivalent to ten times the salary of working in cities of the same size in the surface world. As such, the Triumph City had no lack of manpower.

Su Fangyan showed an ambiguous smile and said: “Triumph City is an entertainment hub. If you want to relax, you can come to the Triumph City, Yang Feng.”

Yang Feng smiled softly and changed the subject. Pointing at a 10-meter-tall stele surrounded by many people, he asked: “Whats that, Major Su?”

“Thats the Merit Stele! In the fortresses, merit points is everything. You get one merit point for killing a level-1 Warlock rank freak, three merit points for killing a level-2 Warlock rank freak, 10 merit points for killing a level-3 Warlock rank freak, 100 merit points for killing a Great Warlock rank freak, 50,000 merit points for killing a Starry Sky Warlock rank freak, and 500 million merit points for killing a Moonlight Warlock rank freak.”

“On the Merit Stele, the merit points of the top 500 people in the nine fortresses of the Black Ink War Zone are recorded. It is divided into four lists – the daily list, monthly list, annual list, and overall list. Young geniuses like to come to the Merit Stele to look at the lists and see what geniuses were on the rise and major powers send people to follow the lists and recruit geniuses on the lists. Many commoners who climb on the lists get noticed by the major forces, changing their destiny.” Su Fangyan explained with a smile.

Yang Feng scanned the Merit Stele with a glance and showed a glimmer of interest.

The anti-gravity hovercar crossed the streets lightning-fast and landed directly before the magnificent Black Ink War Zone headquarters.

Su Fangyan took out a jade card and extended her hand forward: “I am the Furious Lion Fortresss Major Su Fangyan. I was ordered to welcome Yang Feng.”

Magic light radiated from the headquarters and fell on Su Fangyan and Yang Feng, confirming their identities.

Within a few breaths, the magic light faded away, and Su Fangyan led Yang Feng into the Black Ink War Zone headquarters.

When Su Fangyan arrived before a study, she looked at the door and said: “This is Su Fangyan, may I come in?”

“Please come in!”

The door to the study opened.

When Yang Feng stepped through the door, he saw Yuan Yi in a silver uniform sitting on a chair with a book in his hand. Although his looks were ordinary, but due to the neat uniform, he seemed somewhat capable and handsome.

On the major generals chair sat a beautiful and intelligent woman with her long hair combed into a bun and a pair of glasses in a silver uniform expressionlessly handling all kinds of documents that should have been handled by the major general.

Yuan Yi smiled and got up, saying: “Youngest Disciple Brother, how come youre here? Do you want to join the army? If you want to join the army, youd better get promoted to a Starry Sky Warlock first. Otherwise, its too dangerous. Although its true that there are many allies from the Fighting Demonic Sect here, but there are also many enemies. If they learn that youre one of Teachers personal disciples, they wont let you off.”

When Yuan Yi spoke, Su Fangyan and the intellectual beauty who was buried in work looked deeply at Yang Feng.

Yang Feng responded solemnly: “Eldest Disciple Brother, Im here because I want to make a treasure using purple sage demonic gold. I heard that I can use merit points to exchange for the purple sage demonic gold here, so I came.”

Yuan Yi asked lazily, “Purple sage demonic gold? I still should have some. Lu Zhen, have I finished my quota for the purple sage demonic gold?”

The woman called Lu Zhen by Yuan Yi reached out, grabbed a small bag from the void, and threw it into Yuan Yis hand: “Major general, you still have nine kilograms of purple sage demonic gold left. To get more, you must wait until next year.”

Yuan Yi immediately tossed the nine kilograms of purple sage demonic gold to Yang Feng and uttered with a smile: “Is nine kilograms of purple sage demonic gold enough?”

Yang Feng was moved.

Purple sacred demonic gold was an extremely rare treasure in the Cangzhi Plane. In the Fighting Demonic Sect, you had to kill a Moonlight Warlock rank expert to get a kilogram as a reward. Yuan Yi giving him nine kilograms of purple sage demonic gold was equivalent to giving him the reward for killing 9 Moonlight Warlocks.

Yang Feng answered gravely: “Its one kilogram short! Eldest Disciple Brother, I want to kill hellions on the battlefield and use the merit points to exchange for the remaining purple sage demonic gold. As for the nine kilograms of purple sacred demonic gold, Ill pay you back as soon as possible.”

“Naturally, the purple sage demonic gold is my welcome gift to you.” Yuan Yi didnt care. He continued with a smile: “However, its good that you came to gain experience. The best way to temper people is on the fierce battlefield. Which of the nine major fortresses do you want to go to?”

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