Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 389 – Mobile Fortified Stronghold

Chapter 388 – Zhang Zhiqiao

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Yang Feng answered: “I want to go to a fortress where I can kill freely without affecting your arrangements. The amount of merit points I need to earn a kilogram of purple sage demonic gold isnt small.

A carefree smile on his face, Yuan Yi uttered elegantly: “Then the Furious Lion Fortress will do! Su Fangyan, take care of it.”

Su Fangyan made a military salute: “Yes! Major General!”

Yang Feng stood up and uttered: “Theres no time to lose, Eldest Disciple Brother. Ill be going now.”

Yuan Yi waved and smiled, saying: “Fine, have a nice trip.”

After they went to leave, Yuan Yi looked at Yang Fengs back, and the corners of his mouth raised: “Youngest Disciple Brother, I hope you can give me a nice surprise.”

After leaving the Black Ink War Zone headquarters, Yang Feng and Su Fangyan boarded a magic chariot and headed towards the Furious Lion Fortress.

Su Fangyan spoke: “I didnt expect the Major General to be your senior disciple brother. I think you should wait another year, and then ask the Major General to lend you another kilogram of purple sage demonic gold.”

Yang Feng asked, curious: “Why?”

Su Fangyan replied with a smile: “Purple sage demonic gold is the most precious mineral in the Black Ink War Zone. Its exchange rate is 500,000 merit points per gram, which is equivalent to killing 10 Starry Sky Warlock rank freaks. You need 500 million merit points to get a kilogram of purple sacred demonic gold. With your strength, I dont know how long it will take you to kill so many freaks and accumulate so many merit points.”

“Right, on the Merit Steles monthly list, the first place is held by the Bright Moon Schools Zhang Zhiqiao. She is the most outstanding young genius of the Bright Moon School in the past 10 years. Shes a personal disciple of the Bright Moon Schools Great Elder Zhang Xinmeng, and possesses Starry Sky Warlock rank cultivation base. Nevertheless, her record is 630,00 merit points in a month.”

Yang Feng contemplated for a moment before asking: “500 million merit points is indeed a bit much! Right, are there Moonlight Warlock rank freaks at the Furious Lion Fortress?”

Su Fangyan replied: “Moonlight Warlock rank freaks have indeed appeared in the Black Ind War Zone in the past, but they have been wiped out by Lord Yuan Yi. It the past decade, there have been no Moonlight Warlock rank freaks.”

Yang Feng continued to ask: “Apart from Moonlight Warlock rank freaks, are there enough ordinary freaks to kill? After all, 500 million merits points isnt a small amount.”

“In the underground world, the most troublesome to kill arent the top freaks, but the low-leveled freaks whose numbers have no end. According to our intelligence, the underground worlds darkness races have also opened planar passageways leading to other planes, sending a steady stream of all kinds of low-level cannon fodder here, consuming our strength.”

“Reportedly, the 4th floor of the underground world is filled with all kinds of freaks. Major General Yuan Yi and the other generals once joined forces to penetrate into the the underground worlds 6th floor. The result was that they consumed a lot of strength by fighting the countless freaks, and were finally forced to return to the 3rd floor. Furthermore, one of the generals died on the 6th floor.

“Basically, you dont have to worry that there arent enough freaks to kill. Apart from the nine major fortresses, other places are overrun by freaks. Unless you destroy the planar passageways leading to other planes, its virtually impossible to kill all the freaks.” Su Fangyan responded with a smile.

The Furious Lion Fortress was 400 kilometers north of the Triumph City.

With the Triumph City as the center, the 9 major fortresses formed a barrier with an area of about 160,000 to 180,000 square kilometers that was occupied by the humans – the Black Ink War Zone.

In the era of the 8th Warlock Dynasty, the Dawn Dynasty, human Warlocks occupied a total of 36 floors of the underground world. They destroyed countless planar passageways established by the other races, proclaimed themselves hegemons over the underground world, and extracted countless precious resources from the underground world.

After the collapse of the 8th Warlock Dynasty, the human Warlocks rule over the underground world began to crumble. In the end, the whole underground world fell into enemy hands. After tens of thousands of years of development, the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks have gradually recovered some lost ground.

The Furious Lion Fortress covered a vast area. Atop the city wall, there was a total of 36 nine-story-tall Warlock Towers which resonated with each other and opened a strong barrier.

Within the Furious Lion Fortress, there were 9 ten-story Warlock Towers erected, forming an internal defense perimeter of the Furious Lion Fortress. Even if the 36 Warlock Towers atop the city walls were destroyed, there would be still the Warlock Towers inside to rely on.

There were large purification towers everywhere inside the Furious Lion Fortress, purifying the powerful life energy released by the Warlocks, and preventing the life energy from merging with other substances and giving rise to strange phenomena.

Yang Feng glanced around and discovered that any random person possessed level-2 Warlock rank cultivation base at least. Even ordinary soldiers possessed level-2 Warlock rank cultivation base. Great Warlock rank experts could be seen everywhere, and there were many Starry Sky Warlocks.

With Yang Feng in tow, Su Fangyan came to a hotel and entered a luxuriously-decorated room.

Su Fangyan warned with a worried expression: “Yang Feng, as you havent formally joined the military, you can only fight as mercenary. Mercenaries can also accumulate merit points by killing freaks. Ive found you a good mercenary groups. Go first with them and learn how to fight on the battlefield. After a month, if you want to be on your own, leave the mercenary group. But in the first month, you must learn well. The battlefield experience of these mercenaries is invaluable.”

Yang Feng smiled and didnt refuse Su Fangyans good intentions.

What Su Fangyan said was reasonable. On the battlefield, some geniuses without practical combat experience would frequently be killed by others before they could display their real strength. Even geniuses had things to learn, and had to gain experience to grow better.

The door to the room was pushed open, and five very beautiful female mercenaries in unique dark tight-fitting combat uniform strode inside. In the lead was an exceedingly beautiful woman who looked to be 23 or 24 years old with glossy skin, hair combed into a ponytail, and a curvaceous figure exuding an ice-cold and unapproachable temperament.

Of the other four women, one was a beautiful girl with a gentle, round face; another was a beautiful, vivacious girl with dyed chestnut hair; yet another was a sexy and alluring girl; and the last one was a beautiful girl with an oval face exuding the aura of a classical beauty.

The four beautiful girls were all unique and outstanding beauties, but they were completely suppressed by the brilliance of the leading beautiful woman, looking like faint stars surrounding a bright moon.

When the five beautiful women entered the room, their eyes fell on Yang Feng.

Su Fangyan smiled sweetly and said: “Let me introduce you. Yang Feng, this is Zhang Zhiqiao, the leader of the Lily Mercenary Group. Zhiqiao, this is Yang Feng, the junior disciple bother of Major General Yuan Yi. Please help me take care of him for a month.

Zhang Zhiqiao uttered indifferently: “Hello, I am Zhang Zhiqiao, leader of the Lily Mercenary Group. This is the vice-leader, Wang Bing, this is Luo Luer, this is Zhang Qi, and this is Zhao Jing. During the following month, we will teach you how to survive on this battlefield.”

Yang Feng spoke apologetically: “Hello, I am Yang Feng. Thank you very much for your good intentions. However, I think I just need a guide to tell me where there are more freaks as I want to earn 500 million merit points as soon as possible to exchange for a kilogram of the purple sage demonic gold. Im afraid I wont be able to cooperate with your Lily Mercenary Group.”

The youthful Luo Luer couldnt help mocking, meaning well: “500 million merit point, are you kidding me? With your Great Warlock rank cultivation base, you want to earn 500 million merit points? Youre so naive. You think this is a game, or do you think your opponents are just some ordinary mobs you can slaughter at will? Dont be naive. In the Demonic Realm, the weakest small fries all have level-1 Warlock rank strength. Besides, those small fries form hundreds-of-thousands- to millions-strong legions. Even Starry Sky Warlocks can be devoured by those small fries if a little careless.”

The gentle Wang Bing with a round face frowned and said softly: “Senior Disciple Brother Yang, although Luer was a little crude in her words, but what she said is all true. The freaks in the Demonic Realm shouldnt be belittled. Many Great Warlocks died to those small fries. With their nearly endless numbers, they are even more dangerous than some Great Warlock rank freaks.

Yang Feng responded confidently: “Thank you for your kindness, but I have my ways to deal with them.”

Luo Luer spoke in irritation: “Senior Disciple Sister Zhiqiao, lets go. This fellow does not know how tall the heavens are and how thick the earth is. Just let him have a nice taste of the horrors of the Demonic Realm. We have already given Major General Yuan Yi enough face, but this guy doesnt know whats good for him. The Lily Mercenary Group is busy anyway.”

Zhang Qi and Zhao Jing showed a look of approval in their beautiful eyes.

Zhang Zhiqiao waved her had, and Luo Luer stopped talking.

Zhang Zhiqiao said indifferently: “Yang Feng, the Bright Moon School and Fighting Demonic Sect are allies. Let me see how you deal with the Demonic Realm. If there I find no issues, you can act alone.”

Of the ten major sects, the Bright Moon School and Demonic Fighting Sect were allies, their relationship very close. Many female disciples of the Bright Moon Sect married male disciples of the Fighting Demonic Sect.

It was due to this relationship that Zhang Zhiqiao was willing to take on the task of babysitting Yang Feng.

Yang Feng made a prompt decision: “Fine! Without further ado, lets go now!”

Zhang Zhiqiao turned around and left the room with the other beautiful women of the Lily Mercenary Group.

Su Fangyan massaged her forehead and sighed, and then followed them outside: “Major General, your junior disciple brother is really a headache!!”

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