Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 39 – Killing Bandits

Chapter 38 – Dragon Blood Elixir

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“2,000 Knight rank golems, thats not something we can digest! Moreover, I dont want to provoke a fearsome person like the Steel Lord who can even kill level-2 Warlocks. Please go back!” Gria turned to look at a person clothed in a black robe standing in a corner whose face couldnt be clearly seen and said coldly.

The Eye of Demonic Snake, the Fang of White Bear, and the Fernandro Family had three level-2 Warlocks join hands and go to the Black City to kill the Steel Lord. The outcome was – two dead, one heavily injured. This weighty news had spread to virtually all major forces of the Turandot Subcontinent.

As long as a family had a level-2 Warlock keeping watch, it was qualified to establish a small principality. Even in the Warlock College Antalya and the other six major forces, level-2 Warlocks were important members of the senate, parliament, or council.

The Steel Lord could kill two level-2 Warlocks. No matter the means he had used, this achievement was enough for him to be ranked among the peak experts of the Turandot Subcontinent. No one was willing to provoke such a powerhouse without cause or reason.

Because he was escorted by 2,000 bladed robots, Yang Feng hadnt met any troubles on his journey so far. Anyone who wanted to deal with him must think twice.

The black-robed person said in a husky voice: “One vial of Dragon Blood Elixir! Ill give you a vial of Dragon Blood Elixir if you comply with my command. With the vial of Dragon Blood Elixir, youll have hope to make a break through and promote to a Firmament Knight.”

“Dragon Blood Elixir!!” Grias eyes flashed with greed and excitement.

The Dragon Blood Elixir could only be concocted by level-3 Pharmacists with very high attainments in pharmacology. In addition, one of the main ingredients of the Dragon Blood Elixir was dragon blood.

Adult dragons not only were rare, but also had strength and wisdom not inferior to Great Warlocks. It was exceedingly difficult to slay a dragon. Naturally, the Dragon Blood Elixir was very rare.

The effect of a vial of Dragon Blood Elixir was similarly astonishing, capable of increasing the chances of a pinnacle Sky Knight rank powerhouse like Gria to promote to a Firmament Knight by 20%. Without the Dragon Blood Elixir, the Sky Knight Gria had little chance of advancing to a Firmament Knight.

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, eyes glimmering with a scorching light, Gria uttered gravely: “Ill have to inspect the Dragon Blood Elixir first!”

The black-robed person took out a vial of blood-like dark-red elixir and opened it, and a tiny dragon-shaped phantom flew out and emitted traces of dragon might.

Gria took in a deep breath and regained his calm, and then creased his eyebrows tightly, saying: “Its indeed the Dragon Blood Elixir! However, the Steel Lords kin has 2,000 Knight rank mechanical golem guards by his side. Even if we gather everyone in the Hunting Fangs Wilderness, we still wont be his match.”

As a pinnacle Sky Knight rank powerhouse, even when faced with 100 golems, Gria could still come and go as he pleased. But if he went against 2,000 Knight rank golems, that would be seeking death. Even if all bandits of the Hunting Fangs Wilderness joined forces to face the 2,000 Knight rank golems, only death would await them.

The black-robed person said in a hoarse voice: “Thats not an issue! I can kill him if you can draw the majority of his guards away! After I kill him, this vial of Dragon Blood Elixir is yours. With it, once you are promoted to a Firmament Knight, you wont have to stay in this desolate place anymore.”

Grias eyes flashed with a strange light, and he said in a low voice: “Thats right. So long as I promote to a Firmament Knight, I wont have to stay in this desolate place.”

Firmament Knights were formidable existences who could contend with level-2 Warlocks. No matter where they went, they would receive recruitment solicitations from major forces. If a Firmament Knight went to a principality, they could become that principalitys state guardian Knight and enjoy endless glory and riches.

The gap in status and comfort between the bandit leader of the Hunting Fangs Wilderness and a principalitys state guardian Knight were worlds apart.

Gria spoke resolutely: “Okay, my subordinates are at your call.”


“Has it finally begun? Interesting, it seems that the Hunting Fangs Wilderness is about to present me with many more benefits.” Yang Feng suddenly looked up into the distance and revealed an ice-cold smile.

Gars asked somewhat inquisitively: “Big Brother Yang Feng, did something happen?”

Yang Feng smiled slightly and went outside: “Lets go! Come with me to watch a good show!”

Confused, Gars and the other aristocratic youngsters followed Yang Feng outside.

At this moment outside the camp, one bandit troop after another was rushing over from different directions. Extending without end, the large numbers of bandits were a shocking sight to behold.

Looking at the large numbers of bandits, Gars legs went soft from fright, and he exclaimed: “Bandits!! Why are there so many bandits?! Did all of the Hunting Fangs Wildernesss bandits come here?”

Looking at the countless bandits, the faces of the other aristocratic youngsters paled, and they trembled, terrified.

The mysterious black-robed person has gathered all of the Hunting Fangs Wildernesss bandits, their numbers exceeding 10,000 people.

Although the Hunting Fangs Wilderness belonged to the Senarus Principality, but it was the common border between three principalities. Wicked and vicious criminals of the three principalities fled into the wilderness and formed one bandit group after another. This time around, virtually all of the Hunting Fangs Wildernesss bandits were gathered by the black-robed person, forming this terrifying force.

Mounting a pitch-black demonic wildebeest, Gria emerged from the dense crowd of bandits, then stared coldly at Yang Feng and company and said loudly: “I am Gria, the leader of the Thousand Kills Group!! Yang Feng, the nephew of the Steel Lord, please come with us! Our master wants to see you. Well be in charge of your safety!”

Gars complexion suddenly changed dramatically, and he spoke in a shaky voice: “The leader of the Thousand Kills Group, hes the Thousand Men Butcher Gria!! Hes a pinnacle Sky Knight rank expert! He once escaped from under the pursuit of two official level-1 Warlocks! Hes the Hunting Fangs Wilderness most cruel killer! What bad luck! Were in big trouble this time!”

The remaining aristocratic youngsters showed looks of fear in their eyes.

Even a large principality such as the Fernandro Principality only had a single Sky Knight rank powerhouse. Sky Knights were formidable beings who could rival level-1 Warlocks. A Sky Knight could easily massacre a 100-strong elite squad. Such a powerhouse wasnt an existence they could withstand.

Yang Feng sneered: “A Sky Knight? Gria, surrender now, and Ill spare your lives! Otherwise, you and your subordinates are going to be buried here today.”

“Gria, why are you talking so much nonsense with this useless guy?! Charge!! Kill him!!” The eyes of a 2-meter-tall, bald man shimmered with a ruthless glint, and he pointed at Yang Feng with a huge machete and bellowed.

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