Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 390 – Devil Locust Swarm

Chapter 389 – Mobile Fortified Stronghold

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The inside the Furious Lion Fortress was brightly lit, just like a city that never slept. Outside, on the other hand, there was no light, and darkness covered the land, looking like there were countless terrifying beings ready to devour people.

It was in this environment that human Warlocks fought fierce battles against other race powerhouses and all kinds of demonic creatures. In this environment, human Warlocks had to equip special perception secret treasures, take elixirs that could enable then to see in the dark, or get enchanted with night vision spells.

In this dark environment, unless they possessed a unique bloodline, human Warlocks were at a disadvantage. Besides, the dark environment would enhance the fighting power of many darkness races, such as dark elves, kindred, fiends, and the like.

Two magic chariots stopped at a square in front of the exit of the Furious Lion Fortress, and Yang Feng and company alighted.

“Thats Zhang Zhiqiao of the Lily Mercenary Group!!”

“Its that Zhang Zhiqiao who has dominated the Merit Steles monthly list for four month in a row!”

“Shes so beautiful!”


On the square, human Warlocks from different mercenary groups showed looks of excitement when they saw Zhang Zhiqiao and crowded around her.

Zhang Zhiqiao has surpassed countless male geniuses in the Black Ink War Zone and dominated the Merit Steles monthly list for four months in a row. In addition, she was a peerless beauty of the ten major sects Bright Moon School. All that netted her many young human Warlock fans.

“Whos that? Why is he together with the Lily Mercenary Group?”

“Doesnt the Lily Mercenary Group not recruit men? So how come they are together with him?”

“Damn bastard!”


When they saw Yang Feng with the Lily Mercenary Group, they focused gazes filled with malice on him. However, the Warlocks managed to stay rational. No one came to challenge Yang Feng. After all, for a man to be able to follow the Lily Mercenary Group, he was either very strong, or had a very remarkable background.

“Zhiqiao, who is he?” Following a voice full of jealousy, a tall and handsome young man of about 25 or 26 years of age dressed fashionably, exuding terrific Starry Sky Warlock rank aura walked over.

“Lu Xiongsheng, he is the one who dominated the Merit Steles monthly list before Zhang Zhiqiao. Hes a super genius from the Lightning God Sect, the number one genius of the Lightning God Sects younger generation, and one of the 12 personal disciples of the Lightning God Sects Sect Master.”

“He is Lu Xiongsheng! A super genius of the Lightning God Sect! He got 450,000 merit points that one month. Hes only below Zhang Zhiqiao on the Merit Steles monthly list. What a strong life force!”


Solemn gazes focused on Lu Xiongsheng as people commented. Many female Warlocks gazed at the good-looking Lu Xiongsheng with admiration in their eyes.

Just like Zhang Zhiqiao, Lu Xiongsheng had an extraordinary status, and was strong and good-looking. He was a god in the eyes of many female Warlocks.

Lu Xiongsheng strode over, eyes flashing with endless arrogance. He glanced at Yang Feng, and his eyes flickered with contempt as well as disdain. As an advanced Starry Sky Warlock, he could kill a Great Warlock with a slap. He looked down on Great Warlocks like Yang Feng.

Zhang Zhiqiao answered indifferently: “This is Yang Feng, hes from the Fighting Demonic Sect.”

When Lu Xiongsheng heard that, he curbed his conceited mannerism. Looking at Yang Feng, his eyes shimmered with graveness: “The Fighting Demonic Sect!!”

The Fighting Demonic Sect was one of the ten major sects of the Great Cloud Dynasty, its influence monumental. Besides, the commander-in-chief of the Black Ink War Zone was Huang Yihes eldest disciple – Major General Yuan Yi.

Despite how arrogant and conceited Lu Xiongsheng was, he swallowed the words he wanted to say after he heard that Yang Feng came from the Fighting Demonic Sect. Forcing a smile, he said to Yang Feng: “Hello, I am Lu Xiongsheng of the Lightning God Sect.”

Yang Feng looked at Lu Xiongsheng, who was arrogant just a moment ago, but now had forced out a smile, feeling amused. He responded indifferently: “Hello, I am Yang Feng of the Fighting Demonic Sect.”

No longer paying Yang Feng any attention, Lu Xiongsheng turned to gaze at Zhang Zhiqiao, a scorching look in his eyes, and he uttered confidently: “Zhiqiao, this month, I will kill more freaks, surpass your record of 630,000 merit points in one go, and smash your dream of placing first place five consecutive times.”

Luo Luer spoke with a smile: “Senior Disciple Brother Lu, Senior Disciple Brother Yangs goal is to earn 500 million merit points within one year. Isnt your goal a tad too small?”

The corners of Lu Xiongshengs mouth rose, his eyes showed contempt and disdain, and he mocked: “500 million merit points within a year? Senior Disciple Brother Yang, you have a really lofty goal! Even many generals cant compare to you!”

“500 million merit points, that Yang Feng wants to get 500 million merit points in one year, hes too full of himself.”

“Even if hes a genius of the Fighting Demonic Sect, its fundamentally impossible to get 500 million merit points within a year! Besides, hes just a Great Warlock!”


On the square, genius Warlocks from the Great Cloud Dynasty looked at Yang Feng with contempt in their eyes. As someone who fought here all year round, they naturally understood the terrors of the Demonic Realm.

On the Demonic Realms battlefield, where even Starry Sky Warlock experts died frequently, Great Warlocks had to form mercenary groups to survive. Faced with the siege of an overwhelming number of freaks, loner Great Warlocks would quickly run out of strength, and then get devoured by the freaks.

On the Demonic Realm battlefield, even Starry Sky Warlocks fundamentally operated in small squads. This way, they could gain better battle experience in this dangerous place.

In the eyes of the genius Warlocks who came from all over the Great Cloud Dynasty, for Yang Feng to want to earn 500 million merit points within a year on the Demonic Realms battlefield, he was a lunatic.

Ignoring Lu Xiongsheng, Yang Feng strode outside the Furious Lion Fortress.

After he was 100 meters away from the Furious Lion Fortress, Yang Feng pressed a special dimensional badge on his chest. Following a brilliant light, a level-1 mobile fortified stronghold 100 meters in diameter, coated in a layer of divine blood steel armor, and covered in cannons appeared before everyones eyes.

The densely packed cannons informed at a glance that the level-1 mobile fortified stronghold was a terrific killing machine.

“What is that?”

“What is that thing?”

“Is this some advanced alchemy weapon?”

“Could this be the latest alchemy weapon of the steel Lu Ban [1] City? Why havent I seen it before?”


The genius Warlocks in the Furious Lion Fortress looked at the level-1 mobile fortified stronghold with eyes full of shock, stunned. They had never seen such an alchemy weapon, nor have they ever heard of such an alchemy weapon.

Luo Luer stared at the mobile fortified stronghold with eyes opened wide, musing: “This alchemy treasure looks terrific! No wonder that fellow is so confident.”

Zhang Zhiqiao looked at the level-1 mobile fortified stronghold that suddenly emergence, and her pretty eyes flickered with shock: “How come he has such a treasure?”

Su Fangyans beautiful eyes flashed with admiration: “The Major General Yuan Yis youngest disciple brother sure is extraordinary!”

Lu Xiongsheng looked at the level-1 mobile fortified stronghold with a dignified glint in his eyes: “Is this the reason behind his confidence?”

A door of the mobile fortified stronghold opened and an escalator suddenly extended and landed on the ground.

“Lets go!” Yang Feng stepped onto the escalator and boarded the mobile fortified stronghold.

Following suit, Su Fangyan and the members the Lily Mercenary Group stepped onto the escalator, and then entered the mobile fortified stronghold.

Once inside, apart from Yang Feng, everyone else looked around in curiosity.

The 6th Warlock Dynasty, the Golem Dynasty, created golem legions. However, due to the influence of the previous five Warlock Dynasties, although the Golem Dynasty also researched machinery, but their development direction was completely different from the xizu.

After the collapse of the 6th Warlock Dynasty, most its technology had been lost. At present, although there still existed some products that integrated mechanics and Warlock knowledge on the Cangzhi Plane, but in terms of mechanics alone, they could not compare to xizu technology.

Luo Luer looked at the interior of the mobile fortified stronghold full of sci-fi flair and couldnt help but ask: “Yang Feng, what weapon is this?!”

The beautiful women of the Lily Mercenary Group stared at Yang Feng in curiosity. Even the unapproachable and ice-cold Zhang Zhiqiao couldnt help but to prick up her lovely ears.

Yang Feng smiled and led the women to the bridge: “This is a mobile fortified stronghold, it is one of my strongest weapons. Its most suitable for a large-scale battlefield like the Demonic Realm.”

When they entered the bridge, the women saw the mechanical crew sitting in cockpit seats and screens emitting light that formed holographic projections depicting the scenes around the mobile fortified stronghold.

Luo Luer couldnt help but praise: “How amazing!!”

The eyes of the other women flashed with excitement as they looked around the bridge. On the bridge, every place was full of sci-fi aura, which was completely different from the aura of the Cangzhi Planes Warlock civilization. Everything felt novel to the beautiful women.


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