Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 391 – Smashing the Devil Locust Swarm

Chapter 390 – Devil Locust Swarm

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Sitting on the bridge, Yang Feng ordered: “Set out!”

A mechanical adjutant standing beside Yang Feng ordered:


The robot crew quickly reported all kinds of parameters, and then pressed various buttons.

The mobile fortified stronghold ejected terrific streams of air in an instant. Shaking slightly, it rose into the air and slowly flew toward the dark depths of the Demonic Realm.

Yang Feng swept the robot crew with a glance, and his eyes flashed with regret: “What a pity, if only the crew wasnt made up of robots. I should recruit some beautiful women from the Turandot Subcontinent. By then, the mobile stronghold will be more lively.”

“Its flying!”

“That big thing is flying!”

“Is he looking to die? The sky in the Demonic Realm is thousands of times more dangerous than the land.”


Gathering at the exit of the Furious Lion Fortress, numerous Warlocks watched the mobile fortified stronghold take off, and commented.

Lu Xiongsheng watched coldly the slowly rising mobile fortified stronghold, and then sneered: “Idiot, in the Demonic Realm, the sky is the most dangerous place. Its foolish to fly straight into the sky.”

The mobile fortified Stronghold, on the bridge.

Zhang Zhiqiao wrinkled her eyebrows and warned: “Yang Feng, the sky in the Demonic Realm is very dangerous. If you fly the mobile fortified stronghold into the sky, it will attract freaks with keen sight. The sky here doesnt belong to us human Warlocks.”

In the past, the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks subdued strong races from countless planes, among which were numerous flying races. Many races were forced to hide in the underground world. They were called darkness races by human Warlocks. After uniting, the strength of the darkness races was great, and they even held complete dominance of the Demonic Realms sky.

Apart from Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses, who were comparable to gods, no one dared to fly in the Demonic Realm.

Yang Fengs eyes lit up, and he revealed a smile, saying: “Interesting. This way, wont it save me the time looking for them?”

Luo Luer snorted: “You talk a big game. Lets see what your mobile fortified stronghold is capable of.”

Yang Fengs eyes lit up, and he showed a smile of excitement: “Theyre here! My merit points are here!”

In the endless darkness, dark clouds appeared in the horizon.

With the mobile fortified strongholds various scanning systems, holographic projections of the dark clouds appeared on the bridge.

The dark clouds consisted of freaks about 1,4 meters tall with a locust-like head, a humanoid torso, two sturdy thighs, six slender but full of sharp blades arms, and a pair insect wings on the back.

“They are devil insects, devil locusts! Although they are only level-1 extraordinary life forms, but with their mouth parts, they can even slowly devour Moonlight Warlock rank skin. The most terrifying thing about them is their fecundity. With enough resources, a pair of devil locusts can breed 100,000 devil locust larvae in a year. Besides, their growth cycle is very short. It only takes 10 years for them to mature.”

“The devil locusts move about in the millions, and there are even 100-million-strong swarms. They are horrible monsters that can even devour Starry Sky Warlocks! Yang Feng, retreat into the Furious Lion Fortress. There is a powerful barrier in the fortress, its able to resist the offensive of the devil locusts!!” When Su Fangyan saw the devil locust holographic projections in the air, her face suddenly turned pale-white, and she exclaimed.

The eyes of Zhang Zhiqiao and the remaining beautiful members of the Lily Mercenary Group showed a dignified look.

Yang Feng asked: “Cant we use large area of effect fire meteorological spells to deal with them?”

Level-1 extraordinary life forms like devil locusts feared fire meteorological spells the most. A powerful fire meteorological spell could wipe out most of them.

Zhang Zhiqiao responded: “This is the Demonic Realm! The surrounding heaven and earth is filled with demonic qi, abyssal qi, and energies of other planes. In such an environment, even Moonlight Warlocks can hardly conjure large area of effect fire meteorological spells.”

Although meteorological spells had a large area of effect, but they were not without weaknesses. An area had to be filled with elemental particles to be able to use specific meteorological spells.

Without being able to use the power of heaven and earth, even Moonlight Warlocks might be forced to retreat in the face of countless devil locusts.

“Devil Locusts!”

“Thats a devil locust swarm!”

“Damn it! Now it will be difficult to leave the Furious Lion Fortress for a month or two!”


When the Warlocks in the Furious Lion Fortress saw the devil locusts in the sky, their faces fell, and they quickly retreated into the Furious Lion Fortress.

The mobile fortified stronghold, on the bridge.

After listening to Zhang Zhiqiao, Yang Feng was excited instead of scared. He burst out into laughter and ordered: “How amusing! Attack, wipe them out!”

Numerous streams of air erupted from the mobile fortified stronghold, and the stronghold suddenly soared and slammed toward the devil locust swarm like a meteor.

Face pale-white, Luo Luer let out a scream: “Are you mad, Yang Feng?”

Looking pale, the Lily Mercenary Groups beautiful Warlocks silently recited incantations, and enchanted themselves with one defensive spell after another, ready to break through out of the encirclement.

The dense swarm of devil locusts suddenly plunged down and swept toward the mobile fortified stronghold.

At the Furious Lion Fortress, all eyes were focused on the mobile fortified stronghold and the dense swarm of devil locusts.

Suddenly, flame throwers sprayed endless flames from inside the mobile fortified stronghold, turning the stronghold into a fearsome, sun-like fireball.

Crackle! Amid crisp noise, untold numbers of devil locusts sprayed by flames turned into fireballs and fell from the sky.

The devil locust threw themselves at the mobile fortified stronghold like moths drawn o a flame. Releasing crackling sounds, they turned into fireballs and dropped from the sky like a rain of fire.

“Awesome! That alchemy weapon is awesome!”

“That alchemy weapon is really fearsome!”


Looking at the battlefield in the distance, the Warlocks at the Furious Lion Fortress revealed looks of shock, and murmured.

Countless people surrounded the Triumph Citys Merit Stele at all time, watching the changes. Once a dazzling geniuses appeared on the Merit Stele, numerous major forces would invite the genius to join them.

Luo Hongyi looked at the Zhang Zhiqiaos name at the top of the Merit Steles monthly list, and her pretty eyes surged with scorching light full of of fighting spirit: “Senior Disciple Sister Zhiqiao, I will break through and become a Starry Sky Warlock on the Demonic Realm battlefield, and then surpass you on the Merit Steles monthly list!”

“Look, theres a name climbing at a crazy speed! It just popped up, and it already rushed to the 80th place!!”

“So fast, the guy named Yang Feng is climbing so fast. His merit points jumped from 30,000 to 50,000! How fearsome!”


Exclamations suddenly sounded around the Merit Stele as the agents of major forces waiting to discover genius wagged their tongues, staring at the changes on the stele.

“Yang Feng! Is it that fellow?” Luo Hongyis heart stirred, and she thought of the scene of Su Fangyan coming to welcome Yang Feng. She look closely at the stele.

Eyes flashing with astonishment, Luo Hongyi stared at Yang Fengs name jumping about on the stele: “9th place, no, 8th place, so fast! What on earth is he doing? How did he gain 200,000 merit points so quickly, and hes still going strong!”

“250,000 merit points, what a scary guy!” There was a crowd of Warlocks around the Furious Lion Fortresss Merit Stele staring at Yang Fengs name on the stele with shock in their eyes.

“270,000 merit points, his merit points have grown so fast! Amazing!” There was also a crowd of Warlocks around the Violent Lion Fortresss Merit Stele staring at the Yang Fengs name on the stele.

“350,000 merit points, he has climbed to the 4th place on the monthly list! What a formidable fellow! And the merit points are still climbing!!”

“400,000 merit points! He finally surpassed Zhang Zhiqiaos merit points for this month and reached the top of the monthly list!! How fearsome.”

“His merit points are still growing, awesome!”


The Warlocks of the Mad Lion Fortress, Red Lion Fortress, Wind Lion Fortress, Flame Lion Fortress, Green Lion Fortress, Black Lion Fortress, and Blue Lion Fortress stared at Yang Fengs name on their respective Merit Steles and commented full of expectation.

Due to word of mouth, countless Warlocks of the Triumph City and the nine fortresses shocked by Yang Fengs sudden rise rushed over to surround their Merit Steles.

400,000 merit points, that huge amount of merit points could be obtained by killing eight Starry Sky Warlock rank freaks or 400,000 level-1 Warlock rank freaks. The Demonic Realm was full of demonic qi, abyssal qi, and other plane energies. As such, it was difficult to cast large area of effect meteorological spells. Even if it was a Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouse going all out, they might kill 100 or 200 level-1 Warlock rank freaks with an attack at most. In the Demonic Realm, even a Starry Sky Warlock rank going all out would not be able to kill 400,000 level-1 Warlock rank freaks.

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